Mutharika to hold campaign rally in Mangochi

MIsa Malawi

Malawi President Peter Mutharika will tomorrow conduct a political rally in Mangochi district, State House has announced.

The statement by State House says President Mutharika will outline some of his ‘achievements’ as the country basks in a deep economic recession under his leadership.

Peter Mutharika
APM to outline his ‘achievements’

The Malawi leader has come under heavy fire with Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera calling upon the president to resign.

Chakwera told Parliamentarians this week that the only achievement President Mutharika can point out is that “he has made the country bankrupt”.

Mutharika also told a gathering of economists yesterday that the current economic situation has left him puzzled. Under his leadership, the Kwacha’s depreciation rate against the US dollar has been pinned at 25%, a record since independence.



  1. This President is one thing which Malawi should have avoided. He does not know what is happening!! Mutu Sukugwira

  2. Ife amalawi tinamusankha pitala tokha, tsopano ino ndi nthawi yoti pitala agwiritse ntchito nzeru zake kuti atukule dziko lino. Bwana APM ino sinthawi yomalowetsa chala pamtumbo kumakanda pa nkolokolo ayi, Gwirani ntchito bwinobwino yomwe tinakusankhirani,

  3. Whc achievments:DEEPENING POVERTY?Introduction of policies/programmes tht HURT pple??A sensible leader can not HIKE FEES in a financial crisis lik this 1.I mean th increas is too much eg FROM K26,750 to btwn K45000 & K50000.If ths is not INCONSIDERATION,tel me.A failed leader wh doesnt knw y he is found @ State Hous.

  4. Opusa ndi omwe amapita mmisonkhanomo nkumakamuombera mmanja

  5. Goodall , can you control the internal trips especially these trips made by this dunderhead .

  6. With all due respect, the President had all the chance to tell all Malawians of his government’s achievement during the SONA. The cost of the rally should have gone to other commitments. Why should we then fault the opposition when they say negative comments about the SONA when the President is organising himself another podium to articulate the same issues he did during the opening of the August house? Something is really missing here and we are ashamed of accepting realities as Malawians of good will.

  7. Bwampini iwe ndee undimvesele bwn bwn ukabwela ndi xachamba kn nde paja ukutixiw kale wetu wangali 3koloko titchiutuka nimaganga mpikene mwe apitala.

  8. ngati kuli mtundu ochenjera ndi ayao, kusukulu mudapita koma umbuli mukadali naobe

  9. Mmene ikuwonekela nkhope yako tiwonge jere siwungakhale ochenjela,ataaa ukalimbana ndiayao uzingovutika mpaka muyaya,apm ndi nsogoleri wadziko lonse osati ayawo okha,proud to be yao

  10. mumuchape ameneyo osasekelera munthu oononga!

    1. Watch ur mouth, if u’ve nothing to contribute jst keep ur fingers crossed

  11. We.are always there fo u sir…..we love u…….2019 tiwina

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