University students cancel demos

Univesrity students called off an initial demo.

Student union bodies from Malawi’s public universities have cancelled their planned demonstration which were scheduled to take place at the parliament building in Lilongwe.

The demos at parliament were to be held with an aim of lobbying parliamentarians to intervene on government’s delays to issue tuition loans to needy students in public universities in the country.

Following a three day ultimatum which the student union leadership gave government, the Malawi government through the National Council for Higher Learning released names of successful students who have been granted university loans comprising tuition and stationery allowances.

Loan scheme for public university students has been marred with lack of enough funds as beneficiaries of past government loans have not yet squared their dues.




  1. Very good mumangotitukwana m’msewumu. Mbuzi nonse tax ya wina inu kumakhala ngati madolo musova

  2. Yy dis woz nt even sapozd 2 b cancelled, wanthu yawa wativuta nalema navo mwe!!!!

  3. Yy dis woz nt even 2 b cancelled, wanthu yawa wativuta nalema navo mwe!!!!

  4. Something will still come up and people will demonstrate, with a new reason. At the College of Medicine where there are 1400+ students, only 255, I repeat, 255, have been considered for the loan. I saw the list from Poly and I don’t think akwana 500. If the rest are not considered, ndithu….

    1. is everyone entitled to be given the loan? where will the money come from. Mukalandiranso loan’yo mumangoiseweretsa like nobody is pained to see you squander his tax money. amene ali private university ndalamazo ukuona ngati amatchola mumtengo. find means to get educated osamangodalira boma zili zonse (from primary education, to medical help in govt hospitals eish ai tiyeni tizizidalila patokha). Coz of this syndrome amalawi ali so lazy even akayamba ntchito m’boma amakhalira kucheza basi.

  5. so whom you think will help you,just go to court am worried with you poor parents students may good Lord help your hard times.

  6. Mmmmh y cancelling demos??? I cn c kut enanu apapa mumayika ma comment musanaganize coz u hv 2 think of pipo from remote areas kut they can’t afford 2 pay fees on their own so mukufuna ophunzira azingophuzira okha aaa

    1. It could be better that you understood the reasons 4 cancelling demo before comenting abwana. They are saying demos have been cancelled because they have been granted what they wanted & what could make them go for demos “release of names of beneficiaries on students loans” & NOT cowardness

  7. Anthu akumalawi mumapanga ma demo,after that istead kuti boma limve zonena anthu,goverment end up killing me,south africa akati ma demo oti akudana ndi china chake sungayang’ane kawili zimaopsa,and police they shoot with ruber bullets,komatso people they have rights,police ya ku malawi imathamangira kupha anthu.

    1. true!komanso a Malawi fe timangoonera za anthu ena akunja akamapanga zinthu zawo ndiye timaganiza ngati nafenso tingathe pamene our living standards are not at the same level

    2. Sissy, Marikana demonstration anthu amafuna R12500 basic salary, a Police anapha anthu 40. Andres Tatane ankasogolela ma demo okhuzana ndi nyumba za RDP, a police anamupha camera ikujambula, ndikukamba zochitika last year. ana a sukuluwa aonesa ukape, mukanjeza ma demo osapanga cancel mukatelo Boma silizakutenganiso serious.

    3. As for now boma la south silikupha anthu akamapanga ma demo apolice anawudzidwa aziuser ma rubber bullets,coz ma famies anthu omwe anafa ku malekana demend alot of money as a chipepeso,ndikunena pano ku cape town kunali ma demo ku fishooek weeks ago,apolice palibe yemwe anapha,but it wz selious u south africans,the pipo burn the police ven using petro made home bullets,palibe yemwe amapita ku tchito,amaseka miseu early morning.

  8. liers!!demos have been cancelled?,,but where do you these wrong informations?,,as i am talking now,demos are in progress,,now i see its true you give us wrong information as already claimed by other people,,,you now dont qualify in media industry,stop it!!!!!!

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