Malawi 24

No Mr President, this country is chaotic, collapsing and failing!

It might be because Peter Mutharika lives under the sea that he does not see that the Malawi is falling. Or it might be that he is so drunk with power that the signs of a failed state around him do not make any impression.

In his address to journalists yesterday, Mutharika lamented that the way they write about the country one would think that the country is chaotic, collapsing and failing. He said this is an erroneous view. Too him, the country is not chaotic nor is it collapsing, neither is it failing.

‘Professor clueless’

I think Mr President is wrong. This country is everything that he doesn’t want it to be.

Come to think of it, in this country people are subjected to 12 hours of electricity and 12 hours of darkness. Others even worse. To compound that it means in a month, most Malawians are experienced two weeks of uninterrupted electricity and another two months of darkness. If that is not chaotic, then what on earth will be chaotic?

I know Mutharika apologists will rush and say that has always been the case yet we have always survived. But, reverse to two years ago when the Cashgate thief was in charge. Despite all her savage stealing, she still gave us electricity. Yet now, with Professor Clueless in power, all we hear concerning electricity is in 3 years’ time. And you want to tell me that is a sign of a state that is orderly? I refuse to believe that.

Malawi’s state is in before the start of time. While there is no electricity, there comes its twin shortage: water!

I know of places where water comes out once a month, twice a month or never at all. This is chaos by every other definition. It is not as if this is order. This is chaos. Women moving about in the streets every morning and evening are not signs of an orderly state. They are the signs of a chaotic state.

President Mutharika would have journalists write everything flowery about his banana republic he is running. It will be a lie for the members of the press to write that Malawi is still standing when hospitals are faced by food shortage and terribly drug shortages. At a time that the main referral in the centre, Kamuzu Central Hospital is closing down its laboratory services, it will be a deep injustice to say the country is standing.

It must only be in a failed state where VIP anti-corruption officials are killed yet the government remains quiet. In which state that is standing will such a thing be tolerated? I can tell you of two: Somalia and Malawi.

Mutharika currently runs a state in which security has become a privilege of only him. Even his Vice President had his house broken into, one of his ministers also suffered a similar fate. In the face of such insecurity, can anyone stand up and say the state is fully functional?

Before President Mutharika ascended to power, Malawi’s education was worse. Now with the reforms blindly implemented, it is way before worse. It makes little sense to hike fees in the levels of education yet remain clinging to a senseless malate and fertiliser subsidy that serves nobody but party supporters. We should be honest and call that chaotic gesture what it is: it is chaotic operating in a chaotic and collapsing state.

Last week the reports were that doctors whom we spent a huge sum on training have started fleeing the country because government cannot employ them. Does anybody need to look any further for signs of a chaotic, collapsing and failing state other than that?

We might not have demonstrated when Mayaya and co took to the streets. However, that should not be taken as an endorsement of Mutharika’s chaotic, collapsing and failing administration. We have simply lost trust in the leaders of those CSOs that suddenly went blind when Joyce Banda presided over the worst thieving regime in history. We no longer trust them but it does not mean we endorse this chaotic administration.