500 rendered homeless in Mzimba


A sombre atmosphere has engulfed Mzimba district, in Malawi’s northern region, where about 500 people are left homeless due to heavy rains destroyed their houses recently.

Malawi24‘s visit to areas of T/A Mpherembe, Chindi and Mabilabo on Saturday found some families living in churches without food and clean water.

They told our reporter they lost everything that at the moment they just live days without eating and taking bath.

“We have nothing as you can see here we are living in this church. We just urge well wishers to come in and help us with food,” said one victim at Kafukule area in the district.

The rainy season is back.

It can also be established that the heavy down pours, did not spear schools. Most of classes and hostels across the district were razed down while some were just un roofed rendering students stranded.

District commissioner Thomas Chirwa told Malawi24 that as government they learnt this with great shock regarding that the district is already likely to face hunger.

He expressed awareness on the casualties but then called upon well wishers to bangheads and help the victims citing government alone can not manage.

“All well wishers must come forward and help the victims,”said Chirwa.

Meanwhile before publishing this article, no one confirmed donating or receiving anything from well wishers.



  1. For the people from north if your eyes still closed it’s time to open them and look….it seems that the north has no president to look after their people who votes for better living. how long did this incident happens? What actions the government doses to the effected areas= zero… why because this happens to the north side as the region is already forgotten by the president of the country.

  2. u said the reporter visited the schene.. so he captured that picture of trees aaaa mukutipusisa eti. paja news iyi ikupezeka pa free data i forgot.

  3. Zisangochitika ku sanje kokha enanso aziwone atumbuka ndi anthu opanda ulemu

  4. Lord have mercy on us. Leave our politicking . Our brothers, sisters and parents need your intervention. These problems need divine help not a certain celebrated politician

  5. Ndithawi Ya Achakwelawo tawawuzenikoni athandizepo asamangotokota zopanda pake. nkomwe nkomwe mbali imeneyiso ndiimene ilipasogolo kunyoza m’sogoleli wadzikolino. ndiye mwina ka awaa!! dzingakhale bwino atatengapo mbali kwambiri. ngati mbali yowalimbikitsa Anthu ndicholinga choti muzawavotere mwa unyiinji,tiwone ngati angazawinee.

  6. Bad development bt good news is bwana #President_APM akonzakare ndikunena pano ma track 8 nd ndege 4 zachakudya zanyamuka kare zikudusa mu chkangawa kukawa thandiza abale athuwa..

  7. Zomvetsa chisoni kuti it happens tikulamuliridwa ndi foreigner mzathuyu moti palibe chomwe apange pamenepa kma akati kuthawitsira cash maiko akunja

  8. Pala bena mpoto bakumana namasuzgo ngeti ni agha boma paulamulilo wa Peter Mtharika wangachitapo na kanthu yayi kube ku mwera pompo pompo

  9. “rains did not spear schools” …… hede chienglish
    “due to heacy rains destroyed their houses recently”….

    Do you editors or auditors?????

  10. Pepani anyithu pangozi yomwe mwasanganayo tipemphe namalenga kuti akufumbatileni

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