South Africa gets tougher for Malawians


Several buses traveling from Malawi to South Africa were denied entry at Beitbridge on Thursday.

Sources who spoke to Malawi24 on condition of anonymity said the buses affected were Monolurama and Business Times.

The buses were accused of carrying passengers with invalid traveling documents.

BeitbridgeOne passenger on a Business Times bus said their bus was intercepted by home affairs and police officers at a roadblock few kilometers from Beitbridge.

“The home affairs and South African Police officials stopped us and confiscated our passports saying that they had fake stamps. They returned us to Beitbridge border post and instructed those on duty to cancel our 30 days stay in South Africa,” said the passenger .

The passenger also said that officers on duty were calling them one by one for interviews.

“After interviews they escorted all people who failed interviews even if you have a valid passport. About 25 new travelers were denied entry here at the border,” he added.

Malawians with valid traveling documents are allowed entry into South Africa only if they have ZAR3000 (About MKW 114000) as a sign that the visitor will survive in South Africa for 30 days and return to Malawi.

This only applies to travelers from Malawi.

Calls to Business Times and Monolurama bus offices in Johannesburg went unanswered.



  1. pali zabwino palinso zoyipa. kukakhala kuti zimezo sizimachitika bwenzi mdziko muno muli Nyambadwe yokha. Ndilande bwezi ili ku soweto. Anthu ambiri tikufunako ku RSA. koma tikuopa nkhanza za eni dziko. tipemphe a ACB akakhale mmaborder kuti tisamavutike kulowa ku RSA.

  2. We need action fellow citizens, this is too much we are suffering. What kinds of relations are there between our country and these other SADEC countries if they abuse us like that? Even these very same bus companies are robing us especially their drivers by taking money from passengers that they will help them on the way. This is really bad and if we don’t act, this will get even worse.

  3. Money talks nowadays who do not know that? Why to send the buses back, is the bus needed also a visor or the people who were in that poeple?

  4. Nobody forced you to stay in southafrica.if u think u can’t withstand the circumstances go back home.sakukakamiza kukhala kuno.bwanji kukamba zopanda pake.

  5. I was surprised at Mozambique boarder when they asked me to pay R100 and I asked them for what because my passport was fine they answered me M maso muli gwaaaa that its for computer use kkkkkkkk .I refused to pay they gave me my passport without stamping it. After that I went to another officer explained what happened to my surprise to hear that I must just the amount for them to stamp my passport. Day light robbery

  6. guys let’s remind our comrads tht November n December is nt easy to pass beitbridge, to those who r ready to cum here, if u dnt v R3000 pls u better wait dec to pass

  7. Tiziwera ma thankala!!!!!asaa have we ever denied them entry into our country?kijijijujujijijji come to malawi if you want we like your country!!!

  8. Tiziwera ma thankala!!!!!asaa have we ever denied them entry into our country?kijijijujujijijji come to malawi if you want we like your country!!!

  9. Nepotism in malawi government thats why south afrika government pressing us down.the jobs are there bt they dont to give chance to youth.i got degree bt am a gardener here in southAfrica

  10. Nepotism in malawi government thats why south afrika government pressing us down.the jobs are there bt they dont to give chance to youth.i got degree bt am a gardener here in southAfrica

  11. kusamva amalawi muziona. you want to get easy money imean how many to to south and get rich? mukuthawa nthaka kuno moti we should work hard here and get rich and tell our children kuti alimbikile sukulu no. buzy bola silikutithandiza do you want goverment to distribute free money? you go to john and assist thei economy to grow do dirty jobs just to get money to buy dvds,tvs, bicycles, laptops and radios,fridges,blankets and cellphones and you say zikuyenda. why can’t you stay here workhard and get themm here azikutenidi koma

  12. kusamva amalawi muziona. you want to get easy money imean how many to to south and get rich? mukuthawa nthaka kuno moti we should work hard here and get rich and tell our children kuti alimbikile sukulu no. buzy bola silikutithandiza do you want goverment to distribute free money? you go to john and assist thei economy to grow do dirty jobs just to get money to buy dvds,tvs, bicycles, laptops and radios,fridges,blankets and cellphones and you say zikuyenda. why can’t you stay here workhard and get themm here azikutenidi koma

    1. Have you worked hard yourself and got rich. I am not in SA and perhaps richer than you but i just want to let you know that you are making foolish comments here! is it a way to tell the world you are insane! who told you its wrongs to go out and find a well paid job. who told you that in peasant farming there is money, foolish. where else in the world would you expect a masters holder to be getting MK135,000 (3500 Rands)? useless my cousin z not educated but he doubles my salary by working there what is wrong with you? I Wish all of you making nonsense to shut up your beaks if you have nothing to say! don’t you these very same people bring Forex this nation?You go to hell. have you heard the president saying who want more move forth?

  13. I don’t care ! The Malawian government was in the forefront to have South Africa isolated during xenophobic violence ! Now poor Malawians are going to suffer the consequences !

    1. Shame on you boeta.Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut? Who doesn’t know that you are not yet free? When did you attain independence or Republic status? Who is driving your everything? Just keep quiet because you are yet to be free

    2. We know very well that we are not yet free because even the ANC is oppressing us . We know that all too well . But we are better off than you . Since you gained independence 5 decades ago , what have you achieved ?

    3. Your big mouthed government was telling the Malawians to leave South Africa and went in bed with Nigeria to have SA isolated . Why is it allowing its people to come here now ?

    4. That country isn’t yours, you are also migrants from point A to point B whites are on top of everything.It was a big mistake when some areas like transkei ciskei Transvaal were incorporated into SouthAfrican.That country was built most by foreigners,our uncles through Wenela and Theba when you were busy sharpening asegai s. Go through your authentic history you will know the truth.The history you know was whitewashed . Let’s share the cake known as Azania

    5. What do you mean when you say better off? Do you own a land? Those poor people own land and the work hard to feed themselves.Where could you have been without SASSA? Try to cross the borders and see what people are doing with the little they have.There are some areas in SouthAfrica where people are still drinking water from the river,no electricity and no good roads.I have driven on gravel roads in SouthAfrica.I know provinces that are rich and I have been to the poorest provinces.For your own information I know that country . more than you.I can drive from CapeTown to Limpopo via Alldays through alternative routes without paying toll gate fees

    6. @Tau, I don’t think its a wise idea to say you can be better off without other people from other countries, thats a blue lie. South Africa also needs other things from other countries and on its own its economy cannot grow. Those buses not only carry poor people as you label it, they also carry business people, students and so on. Business people buy things in SA and helping to grow your economy and even the people they deny entry also contribute to the growth of SA’s economy in one way or the other. Africa is for all of us so I agree with Harold, let’s share its spoils!

    7. I know North West 100 percent,I know Free State 100 percent I know Lesotho via Qachasnek or via N8 through Bloemfontein I know Pharaborwa I know Cape Point I know Alexander bay Springbok Vredendal Citrusdal Brandvlei Calvinia in short I know SouthAfrica.

    8. @Mike Roderick … I didn’t say we can be better off without other people . We get along very well with people from other countries . I was saying SA is better off than Malawi , in response to what Harold has been saying . I was quite right when I said the Malawian government was in the forefront to have SA isolated . But I know that many Malawians love SA .

  14. Before we lay our blame on the RSA GVT we should know that rules and regulations for foreigners to enter into a country must be adhered to regardless of the poverty levels of the one entering into that country. Passengers boarding bus to Southafrica are told to have a valid passport and R3000. This should also be wake-up call to the would be travellers to ensure that necessary paper work is done before departure. Those already there should think about venturing into entreprenuership. Wishing all travellers safe and memorable journey.

  15. We are get used to that shit and by the end of the day we cross the boarder and i wonder some ppl here never been in SA and they open their mouth with stupid opinions or comments.

  16. It looks like many of us are in the About what happens on the ground in South Africa, . You are so many quick at blaming our brothers and sisters who you call undocumented and you don’t know what restrictions are in place.Let me start with section 22 Permits.
    You are required to apply for this permit only at Messina,Marabastad (Pretoria ) or at Johannesburg reception offices,where you can take maybe 3 days because of congestion and other delays.That permit is either 3 or 6 months if you are lucky.So imagine you applied at Messina / Mussina and you are staying in CapeTown which is 1942km away ( CapeTown to Johannesburg is 1402 km,Joburg to Messina is 540 km) and you are required to renew your paper where you got it and you are not working. If you got your paper in CapeTown you can’t renew it in Johannesburg even though the offices are on line.
    It’s very difficult for a Malawi unlike Zimbabweans because they have a cheap and special Permit (ZDP ).If you go to apply for a permit,you are required to show them a return ticket or a three month bank statement. showing that your income is R8500 per month multiply that with 40 to find how much in Malawi Kwacha. What job or business can give us such a huge sum per month here? Ask SouthAfrican Embsay in Kang’ombe House if am lying. We have many SouthAfrican ladies in Malawi married there in Malawi,they are failing to go home with their husbands because of these punitive laws. You can’t have a spousal or a Life Partner Permit if you are not rich. So am once again appealing to our government to sit man on man with their counterparts down there.I think before the end of this year we will hear good news being announced on this matter because I know our government is a listening one. Malawian were respected during one Party regime because bwana Kamuzu was a no nonsense man even though he had a bad side as far as human rights records we’re concerned. We need our respect back .Long live Malawi

    1. All i can say am a proud malawian staying here in sa neva worked in malawi coz of de politics in de companies if u dnt knw anyone in the company nothing for u how do u think i will survive as of nw am able to send ma baby boy to a better school am able to finish my education here and have a better future for my familly yes the challengea are there bt its beta than just to stay home and have nothing to do there at home and do miseche with others for those who have jobs if u go proper ways and follow their regulations u can find good jobs they are agencys u go to for wotk so please before u judge have a beta understand

  17. Malawians needs food, Malawians needs free education from the primary school’s to the university, they need better paying jobs so that they must stop going and being killed in south Africa by xenophobic attacks, Malawians needs better houses, sanitation and health care. Yet the president of the country is busy wasting tax funds with his trips local and international, yesterday another function today another function, I told you and I’m telling you again that its about time to teach these politicians a lesson, boycotts the national elections, because voting is nothing but a suicide for you and me, you have been voting for them since 1994 But what changes do you have in your life? They have been stealing your money and when elections come you still vote for the very same corrupt men and women, Don’t vote again, revolution is the only option for the oppressed.

  18. Follow the rules. Let Malawi create jobs or opportunities for it’s citizens. They require you have permits and ZAR3000.
    They are only enforcing their rules

  19. This is from ourselves not RSA. Our late president said that Malawians should be producing K3,000 when going into RSA and this was done to control the influx of Malawians that are going to RSA. This was done to avoid expenses the country may incur when deporting them in case something happens there.
    The same brings these inconveniences especially to those traveling using these local busses.
    This is a chance of torture given to the people who are already tortures.
    Better remain here poverty will not kill us. Life surpass food and body surpasses clothing.

  20. Evn atamatipanga khaza sitizasiya joz ndi more .Dziko la kwa2ko ma office mwangozaza khalamba sakufuna kulemba achinyamata pomwe joz tikugwira ma dollor.

  21. Ine nxt week ndikulowa sizachamba zanuzo ngakhale mutabweza ma bus chotani anthu sangasiye kuvayako Njala yake imeneyi eish!

  22. Kaya aku joniwo ife kuno ku MotherCity kumatiyendera zathu kkkkk

  23. abantu akhona amanigi amalawi kuno akuyazi kumalawi azophuma azongena joz simanama mumalawi amaziwa iye kukhoma ma 6 injes bs kuti muone pano kwaemene Ali ndi satifiketi ndiambili Agogonela pano mukuziwa kale mwayazi inu

  24. kukubweraku kunvuta..hvy.
    panopa azimayi..omwe amabwera nd ku mw..kuno ku Durban. ..ayamba kuwalesa..monga usipa..makakana..matemba…

  25. Amalawi kwathu kuno ndslama ziliko chifukwa cho ti enaumathawa mlandu kuno kupiys ku joni ndikukayamdanso kubs kumeneko

  26. Coz of Economic crisis in my beloved country Malawi(Formerly known as warm heart of africa)But nowdays mmmmm with Albino killings,Political crisis,Critism,Regionalism,Lack of maturity in politics,Hunger sitituation,Economic hardship&many more.mmmmm God heal my country according to your will but not our will

  27. We are superstars that’s why they fear,look at their surnames kkkk all Malawians (Africa is one)

  28. Chikafa chinthu sichiopa kuvunda(kuola) a malawi tingoyamba kubwenzera nkhanza kwa nzika za kwna coz dey dnt want 2 respect our caliba y?

  29. amalawi chonde chonde tichenjele ngati passport zathu zili ndi dvuto, chonde chonde, pa border po pali zigawenga zakupha anthu. Mabus omweo ngati uli ndidvuto pa ziphaso zanu amakusisani ndikudusisani njila ina yakuchile, kumeneko mukapanga mwai amakutengani kukakulowesani chinyumba komwe apolice sakuziwako. Ndie amayamba kiimbila achibale anu kuti alowese 1500 rand ku account yomwe amapeleka, ngati mbale wako alibe ndalama nde kuti mwasiya simuzaonanaso nde kuti ndikuphedwa. Ngati mwapanga tsoka mukakhala 10 nde kuti mukafika 4 6 ataphedwa 4 atavulazidwa. Zonsezo zili pa Btbrige koma anthu safuna kunena chilungamo ai, ndipo ambili amene amapanga zimenezo ndi gulu lachichewa la chiyao limene limapanga zinthu ndi aku zim ndi mozq. Paulendo tiuzane chilungamo. Mutati mufufuze inu atola nkhani mumva zimenezi. Zanali kunaphedwa wina anatoledwa ndi apolice kusecha mthumba munali number za achibale ake. Njila yakuthengoko kuli ma skeleton a anthu, zovala zikwama zome eniwache anaphedwa.

    1. True true that’s really what is happening.Thank u for exposing dat.

  30. Ine mdangovaya katenga fridge,moti pano sindilakalaka monso ai.ndi business yanga ya #freezes_n_madzi ndimadyera yomweyo+kulipira rent k10000.pitaniko akabwerebwere inu.

  31. Joni ili paliponse bola kugwila ntchito ndi manja ako molimbika! God provides or uthakhala waulesi kujoni utha kupita kumabwerako ndi boxer yekha!

  32. Pliz malawi create jobs for your ppo …..south africa is creatng jobs for south africans not for foreignrs ….malawi chitamanyaz ,,muli anthu mmbomamu azaka zambili achotsetseni ameneo achinyamata apeze ntchito

    1. Osayiwala peter naye sakuennera kugwira job anafooka amenewa …tkufuna job tose sitingamalize xool mkudzapanga buznez …force retirements basss akuluakulu akapume

  33. I agree with Harold Brown Skinned travelling to s.a by bus is bad ..we keep giving the R50 n they r used maybe because ppo r desperate to go find greener pasture in s.a I once asked a Zimbabwean immigration officer wat the R50 is for n he ddipnt answer he shamefully stamped my passport meaning that they r just tripying to rob us.maybe our government must make initiatives to create more jobs in malawi

  34. Ma bus omwe akunenedwawo eni ake sima SouthAfrican kwa amene wayenda kwambiri ku SouthAfrica andivomereza kuti ma bwana a intercape amapezeka pa Beitbridge (Messina) mgalimoto ndi ma immigration officer a RSA.

  35. What is wrong with checking and strengthening regulations? Are we really serious with life? How can you allow a visitor who is not your relatives to come to your house without proper identification, transport money and a clear purpose for their visit? Please do not spread your disorganised and chaotic life to others ai. Zipangani kwanu kuno chisawawcho! If you are going to RSA adhere to the entry requirements or do not go there if can not meet even one!

    1. # Nditani,have you been to SouthAfrica? Ukanadziwa sibwenzi ukunena zimenezo. Ku SouthAfrica maonekedwe a khungu ndi mpamba anthu akulilira ukamanena choncho.

    2. I have been there several times, in several places using two different modes of transport that is by air and road. Atleast for what I have read here, my position is that there is nothing wrong and it must be encouraged. It has nothing to do with the colour of the skin. Pple must learn to observe regulations which are put to protect them. Mlwians have been used to shortcuts all the time and in the end they cause alot of problems. Travelling to another country is not the same as travelling to another city or town within your country ai. You go there to use other pples taxes, facilities and assets, listen to what they want. So prepare before departure!

    3. Iwe maluwa ngati uli ochitabwino don’t oppress pple who hv nothing bt they ar trying to find gud life. So don’t come wth stupid ideas most of Malawians that ar fight to come here in South Africa they ar frm villages. If goverment of our country felling to support them wat ar they suppose to do? No matter hw hard they cn streingthen their ragulation we shall nt stop.

    4. Maluwa u got a point. regardless of any circumstances be prepared when traveling abroad bcoz rules & regulations applies. Take the story above that the buses detained passengers were asked to conduct an interview & those who failed their visa were canceled. I myself I once come across with the situation last year but the interview was fair as long as u present R3.000 in cash, valid passport, bank stamp & receipt, adress of where exactly r u going etc & some were given 14dys stamp some 30dys, some 7dys & some being canceled depends on how u ans your interview individually, so before we put blams let’s face the facts. after all RSA is 1 of the highest crime rate countries.

  36. I have been appealing to our government about the treatment we Malawians get when we cross the borders for so many times but our government is adamant.Starting from Kamuzu bridge,we are treated like trash all the way to Beitbridge but nothing deplomatic is seen.If you think I am lying try to board a bus and cross the borders.Just after Mwanza or Dédza you enter Calomue or Zobue you are supposed to give R50 to an immigration officer who is paid monthly by the government for your passport to be stamped.After stamping the guard also wants R50 which is pure day light robbery! I am therefore appealing to our government to do something if they our government is serious.We are like dogs wherever we go in Africa and yet we say we are in SADC. To hell with SADC

    1. Man even pasport yopanda mavuto amakuuza upeleke R50,even our own boarder they ask money b4 they stamp the pasport.

    2. Very true even if your passport is perfect they demand something especially if you’re a Malawian. Poverty and royalty will kill us.
      Better to be in Malawi than to go to SA.
      I agree with you very much, the government is adamant.

    3. koma zimenezi penanso zayamba chfkwa cha ife tomwe a Malawi,the way we conduct ourselves towards an2 ena,mMalawi amatengedwa ngati ndi chitsiru No1 mu Africa muno,ifeyo tiri ndi vuto pena,miyoyo ya2 siyiri bwino,ndife an2 amsanje kowopsa,akuba,ankhanza komanso ndi opanda positivity ,nthawi zonse timafuna zifukwa pa ziri-zonse…ndi an2 angati mwabera ku RSA-ko powanamiza mankhwala,kuphwanya kumene ma shop a an2 ?kubera an2 mmisewu ndi powaguritsa an2 ?

    4. Ngati passport ili yamavuto mavutowo anachitikira kuti,ku Malawi,Mocambic Zimbabwe kapena ku SouthAfrica? Ine ngati ndapanga overstay ku SouthAfrica waku Malawi, Zimbabwe kapena Mozambique zikufumukhudza bwanji? Mu Zimbabwe ndi Mocambique amatipatsa 3 days, timadutsamo tsiku lomwelo tsono lawo ndi chani? Nanga poti ku Malawi amanena za overstay yaku SouthAfrica chifukwa kufuna kutibera dzuwa likuswa mtengo? Manyazi anawasiya kumudzi? Wina naye amadyera ma section 22 permits (Assylum papers)

    5. Indeed,it doesn’t start after crossing the border but right in Malawi. I was traveling from Blantyre to Johannesburg on bus.My first misery started right in mwanza just before the border post,there is road block manned by immigration. I was detained simply because I over stayed in south Africa and demanded I pay R500 just to pass through, I payed instead because I was rushing for the bus which left me ,upon reaching the border was greated with another R50 just to stamp my passport, getting into the bus ,I paid again R50,its the same story until you arrive at beitbridge.Our immigration officials are the most corrupt personal I have ever seen.

    6. Imagine how much you paid for passport and roads plus transport you can atleast do something back home but because things are bad back home we suffer all the way.

    7. @Harold Brown Skinned,ur right but you’ve started your story from far,its starts from applying the passport itself,even if u pay for express u have to fork out something or even just the forms

    8. So what can we do fellow Malawians to voice our concerns to the relevant authorities than just talking here? Its really bad and we need to be treated like human beings. Most of us will be going home and I suggest we can form a group here and mobilise ourselves and voice our concerns back home to the various embassies of the countries of SADC peacefully and our own immigration department. What do u think fellow Malawians?

  37. They say Kamuzu was a friend of Preston Botha and his apartheid government when the rest of Africa was against him,so we must feel the heat.Another thing is that our late president told the South African government that we must produce R3000 before entry because we are rich. We are the only ones in Africa that show money at the RSA point of entry.

    1. R150x40Mk =Mk6,000 per dayx7days= Mk42,000 x4weeks= Mk 168,000 per month.
      R120x40mk = Mk 4,800x7days=Mk 33,600x4weeks= Mk134,400 per month!!
      nde ena zimaposanso yapa plus ma overtym..mmmm

  38. they are not tough they jst don’t tolaret what we tolarate here kumangolora ziamwenye zizilowa mdziko amalawi kumasowa zintchito yet labour is being hired from outside countries mxiew ndizagenda tsiku lina

    1. hahaha ine kundivetsa kukoma pano basi aaaaaa ndikagwira ntengo wanji abale pa Malawi ntchito ikusowa ophunzira bwino ineyo ndiye ndiphulapo kanthu kkkkkk

    1. Ndili ndi passport ya ovestay sndikudziwa kt hw much transport 4rom MW to Joburg? Tell mi guys kwa amene munakwerapo/kudziwa

    2. Ambiri pano ndi K60,000. Including ya pa Beitbridge…… Za passport pochoka ku JHB To MW munadutsa bwanji pa Beitbridge? … Coz ya overstay pa BB amadinda Section. and u are subject to PAY R3,000.. Sungadutse nayo pobwera kuno till utalipira. Komano umatha kuwafotokozera ma Conductor a bus aja and amatha kukuthandiza ndi njira zawo but zambiri zimalowa. (cash)

  39. guyz tht z nt fair we nid 2 b united africa xenophobia z nat an option hw cn we mak 1 nation if we still killn 1 anothr less riise up africa jealously doent solve anythng” if we all cum 2gethr e cnt divide 1 ths z e key

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