Revealed: Chakwera holding Tanzania’s aid to Malawi


It has been established that leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarus Chakwera is holding some aid Tanzania has for Malawi as he waits to disentangle after being voted to rule the country.

Sources close to MCP high office told Malawi24 on Wednesday that Chakwera is holding such aid because he sourced it from Tanzania himself despite remaining in the opposition seats in the Nationals Assembly.

The source reminded this paper that the opposition leader once revealed this during the recent campaign rally he conducted in Nkhatabay.

“He said that he discussed with many countries to help Malawi. Most of them including Tanzania proved they are ready to help but he seem to be holding them,” said the source pleading for anonymity.

Our reporters who attended the rally indeed heard Chakwera telling the gathering that he talked with Tanzania on rolling in Mtwala water corridor in the Northern region and he was answered positively.

Lazarus Chakwera, Malawi Congress Party President

Chakwera: In scary deals with Tanzania.

He said Malawi will not spend a lot because Tanzania accepted to fund the project in East Africa while Malawi will only fund some works in the country.

“It will be cost saving doing so. I believe that thing will help Malawi a lot,” said Chakwera.

He went on to trash the Nsanje inland port which he branded useless and a waste of resources as it is only used by children as a ground and not its intended purpose.

The Mtwala water corridor was a brain child of late Kamuzu Banda but was turned down by multiparty leaders after he died. Chakwera believes this was unfortunate regarding the impact the corridor would have in the country.

“The corridor was initiated by our founding Malawian President Dr Kamuzu Banda but due to change in power, some who took over dropped it. This was very unfortunate,” he said.

He therefore highlighted that indeed he did some talks with other countries on how they can help the country once he becomes Malawi President.

Meanwhile some quarters have blamed Chakwera on his tendency to hold the aid and also for launching campaign rallies so early.




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  3. I’m just reminded of a well known and veteran Malawian journalist who once said: “We can fabricate a story today, make money the following day, and apologize the other day.”

  4. I’m just reminded of a well known and veteran Malawian journalist who once said: “We can fabricate a story today, make money the following day, and apologize the other day.”

  5. I’m just reminded of a well known and veteran Malawian journalist who once said: “We can fabricate a story today, make money the following day, and apologize the other day.”

  6. I’m just reminded of a well known and veteran Malawian journalist who once said: “We can fabricate a story today, make money the following day, and apologize the other day.”

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  11. The Writter is right: “Chakwera Is Holding Aid For Malawi Congress Party:::::: & Not Malawi as a Nation.” This is what Chakwera said himself at the rally!!!!! Check with adimn……….

  12. Open eyes guys….Chakwera is laying here,he thinks we can be blindfolded by his campaign tricks,hence if Tanzania is serious,let them come forward but stop hallucinating,we are cut and dried with MCP

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  22. Even the Nsanje port was also a Kamuzu project. Go the Malawi Achieve you will find the information. So even abusawa don’t know this. Amatcher politician.