Chakwera threatens Daily Times

Lazarus Chakwera.

The news involving Malawi Congress Party President (MCP) Lazarus Chakwera over mismanagement of public resources at Parliament has taken another twist as party founders have threatened to dismiss Times Media Group Managing Director Leonard Chikadya.

According to a local online news outlet, the party is certain that the institution has some journalists who are Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathizers and who are working to demean Chakwera.

Lazarus Chakwera.
Chakwera: Remains angry.

The local paper has further divulged that Chikadya should be approving publication of negative stories about MCP and Its leader in any of the group’s subsidiary brands.

“Among the named journalists are Deogratias Mmana , Gregory Gondwe and Charles Mpaka.

“The family has been informed that some journalists at Times Group are being used as mercenaries for monetary gains to degrade the brand of Chakwera and MCP through the newspapers. This has angered the family who in turn have asked Chikadya to do something or face the chop himself, ” he said .

Recently, Chakwera, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, and his two deputies were accused of using vehicles worth MK 300 million at a time Malawians are lamenting of the current socio-economic downturn.

Times group also brought out the issue involving National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) condemning Chakwera for funding demonstrations against DPP.

But some political analyst have said that these stories are intended to cover up and divert people’s minds from Mutharika’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) saga.

Times Group, is owned by the Kamuzu Banda family and it publishes three newspapers namely: Daily Times , Malawi News and The Sunday Times . It also has Times TV and the newly bought Times Radio.





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  2. My question is who approved the budget to buy the so called vehicles and who signed the approval? Is it not the finance minister and the president themselves? So who Is to blame in this scenario? Be honest

  3. Atolonkhani tiyeni nawo amenewa asamawoneke abwino akamakamba zaanzawo iyayi. Adziwe kuti okumbira nzake dzenje amagweramoyekha.

  4. If u want 2 blackmail any Part u r nt gd journalist,even if it is de way 2 attract attention this is nt de way? Ngat u r belonging 2 a certain party mind ur pin cod of ur professionalism.

  5. kkk mwaziyambira kutali zolimbana ndi mamedia daily times mwaziwa lero kuti imalemba zabodza mmesa ndiyomweyi inkakuuzani za ku united nations inu mkumazitengera pamutu?ndie yaipa lero kamba koti yalemba nkhani yanu?

  6. I think Chakwera and Richard are threats to the government because its not on for the whole government which budgeted and allocated funds for the purchasing of those cars to the speaker and his deputies, leader of oppositon and other people who have not been mentioned here. Those are their benefits and they deserve it and why only mentioning the two instead of all including the two deputy speakers? Is it because they are from government side then they are angels, why do you want to fool Malawians on issues that are just straight forward and you are busy making noise of Chakwera and Msowoya dont you know that you are making them famous and celebrities? Instead of implementing development project basi daily tizingomva zimenezo mpaka MBC TV kuononga ndi nkhani zimenezo, musatibowe nazo please we are tired of that please.

  7. Oooooh paja dairy times ndi ya mcp kkkkkk mwana waluma chala cha mayi kkkk ….shame on the fact that u hv bribed some stupid and childish media houses u thought some individuals dont see the right thing to speak about?…U will never rule malawi…lazalo siya kuvina lekodi inatha pa 20Th may …Mbuzi ya chinthu…

  8. kkkkkk my be iam not understand, Admin u say Chakwela Threating to withdraw readership!!!!!?kkkkkkk DPP woyeeee!!!.

  9. inu amalawi24 simungalembe za chitukuko busy ndi politics asiyeni azinyozano nanuso atolankhani mwanyanya kudaniza azikuphani zilibe kanthu

  10. the headline is parallel to the actual story hahaha malawian journalists when are u going to learn. the headline is a catchy summary of the whole story and it shudnt be different from the outline

  11. Azibusa amasiku ano kuba ………big up a times group musamabise chilungamo mudziwawulura anyani amenewa akufuna adziba

  12. you Malawi 24 don’t twist stories, I have read carefully your article and there is no quotation which says Chakwera threatens the media, it is the family of kamuzu. Please be straight forward don’t dent the image of MCP leader. Is Chakwera the owner of Times TV?

  13. magesi ku malawi kuno alipo okwanila koma daily black out wy? Nthawi ya amayi zidachepa why? Kkkkkkkk. answer yopezeka moona mtima ndiya kuti malipilo ndi amene akuvuta tawapaseni 100 percent incriment a escom muone ma black out atha kapena achepa in so doing chitukuko chiyenda koma ndale too much. pa malawi aaaaa kaya kkkkk

    1. magetsi kuno kumalawi analowa ndale …….joyce banda anayesetsa ndipo magetsi samavuta ngati chotchi……………bingu =magetsi +mafuta….peter=magetsi+madzi

    2. kkkkkkk nde kuti mayi aja kumagesi anaikako mtima kwambiri eti! Akanapitiliza pano titaona kusitha kwambiri pankhani yachitukuko.

    3. not go and collect amayi anuwo bt we should focus on development issues man. escom plays abig low in development if u dont know being with powers i would prioties energey sect for vast delopment. by good pays to these guys who work with the sector kkkkkk @ david.

  14. vuto si chakwera bt boma. asithe malamulo aku parliament. magalimoto agulidwawa akhale apalamenti coz come 2019 magalimotowa asazatengedwe ndi amene akugwilisa ntchito panopa. coz aformer speaker anatenga galimoto imene akagwilisa ntchito at pamutengo ozizila. kkkkkkk malawi sazatheka.

  15. chakwera ndi mbuli…ngati akundiva chi mutu chake

  16. Your title is misleading Malawi 24! Nowhere is it mentioned in your story that Chakwera threated Times Group. Avoid sensationalisation of issues please……

  17. No one is an angel indeed. So Chakwera should not intimidate the media. The media is there to reveal the concealed evil things that politicians are doing!

  18. atolankhani muziganiza bwino musadapange chiganizo choulutsa nkhani zomwe mwalemba. Muzikumbuka za udindo wanu chifukwa nthawi zina ndinu mumayambitsa mikangano pakati pa anthu.

  19. Shupit! Osakambako zotukula dziko bwanji daily tizingomva mfwe mfwe wa DPP ndi MCP? When are you going to talk something sense zotipindulira ife ngati mzika??? Shatapu!

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