Bizarre! Spirit ‘orders’ villagers to exhume dead body in Mzimba


Astonishing atmosphere swallowed up Kasindi village in Malawi’s Mzimba district when people witnessed exhuming of a dead body of a man identified by village headman Kasindi as Richard Moyo who died in 2011.

Information sourced by Malawi24 indicates that the decision to exhume the body was made after the deceased spirit ordered his relations to do so.

Daudi and Lizzie Moyo who are the deceased son and daughter respectively told this publication that they have always been meeting their father’s ghost which used to lament the delay in exhuming his body and rebury it to a graveyard he told them before dying.

Graveyard:Body exhumed.

“While in South Africa, it appeared and told me to come home and speed up the exhuming process or face unspecified punishment,” said Lizzie.

Grandsons echoed the same experience adding they would spend sleepless nights chatting with their late grandpapa who was telling them to advise their parents to speed up the process of burying him to the desired place or he won’t stop troubling them.

“They did not follow the rituals he told them before dying thus the experience. But with the exhuming and reburying of his body to where he wanted we foresight relief,” said one grandson.

This comes amidst debate on whether superstition should really be recognised or not. However Malawi24 can independently establish that in most societies in the country, people still believe in the existence of witchcraft.

Just recently another man who died in 2007 resurrected in Kapote village in Nkhatabay while claiming his relatives killed him to work as a slave in South Africa. In Karonga an angry mob killed a couple on suspicion that it had crocodiles that were used to kill people on its behalf for ritual purposes.

But George Thindwa, Executive Director of Association of Secular Humanism insists that such beliefs are senseless and people who believe in the same ought to be punished by the laws of the land.

“It’s very unfortunate that as a civilized nation, we still cling to things that do not exist. Those are just mere fallacies,” said Thindwa.




  1. wt zomwe ndaona dzulo, am no longer doubting that witchcraft exists

  2. Umfiti ulipo kuyambira kale kale n gakhale Yesu munthawi yake anakumana nawo anthu ochita zimenenzi ife ndayani kuti tikane mudzaziona mukadzakumana nanzo

  3. It happens guyz if we follow our cultural beliefs. Ine ndikazafa muzakandiike komwe kuli Kamudzu Banda apo bii muzaona zinthu zooopsa!!!

  4. ilila itambika kuchoka ku politics manje bayenda ku Christianity bt ku nyasaland awe mwandi ungachimweka, ,,

  5. Nothing strange,in South Africa many ANC Veterans and MK Soldiers are being exhumed from the countries they died whilst fighting for the freedom of their country during the Apatheid Regime are being reburied in South Africa

  6. Mmmh koma umbuliwu, is this your first time to hear that? Don’t you know some other people who were removed from their first grave? What about John Dryden of UK and others who were also exhumed. Zaumburi basi

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha zachamba ka ndye bwanj????? Anamuona akadali moyo kapena ndmafupa kkkkkkkkkk coz amagulisa kwambiri Chamba

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha zachamba ka ndye bwanj????? Anamuona akadali moyo kapena ndmafupa kkkkkkkkkk coz amagulisa kwambiri Chamba

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