Unemployment hits Malawi youths


There are fears that Malawi will have a delinquent society if unemployment among young people in the country is not addressed.

The British Council, UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities expressed this worry in Lilongwe during the launch of Lilongwe Pitch Night, an initiative that will bring awareness of the many innovators and budding entrepreneurs in the city of Lilongwe.

Speaking during the ceremony, director of British Council, Reena Johl said 67% of Malawi’s populations are registering a low GDP whilst at the same time 75% of Malawi’s most productive population, the youth are unemployed.

youths malawi

Unemployment hits youths in Malawi. (File)

Johl added that this figure continues to rise due to the output of yearly graduates from tertiary and secondary institutions and if this crisis is not addressed Malawi will face recession and production of delinquents in our society.

However, Johl said Malawi is now gradually beginning to recognize that entrepreneurship is the solution to a viable career path and an alternative to formal employment.

“In direct response to these challenges, there is need for an entrepreneurial revolution to showcase the youth’s ability to contribute to the economic growth of this nation through their innovation and talent that can be commercialized and contribute in the various industries. That is why as the UK’s international cultural relations organisation here in Malawi British Council is actively involved in initiatives such as Lilongwe Pitch Night and Zitheka!,” said Johl.

The Lilongwe Pitch Night, which is being organised in collaboration with Jubilee Enterprises, mHub and Avant-Garde, will be a monthly event where 3-5 pitchers step up on the platform and pitch their businesses or innovations.

Among others, in the events there will be an approval and support panel to offer guidance and mentorship to the young business leaders of tomorrow. Each event will further be addressed by a key note speaker to motivate up and coming entrepreneurs.



  1. job opportunity is a crucial thing to every citizen worldwide and this has to be considered blatantly by regime officials,viable measure has to be done like this steps embark to be focused hope Malawians citizens shall prosper in development.

  2. Munthu ukakhala pa job osanena kut amalawi amafuna za mu ofes zokha ayi,iweyo osasiya ndkukapanga zinazo bwnj? Aliyense amafuna job yaulemu zimangovuta basi.

  3. People are bearing children like pigs who can provide jobs to all of them?.And most of them are not educated none skilled.People must think before they speak.

  4. Many youths have educated but you are failing to employ them. Yet most of the civil servants (About 70%) are aged to ran things smooothly. Please, consider this

  5. De problem z dat a lot of vacancies, dem du write ” shud hv 5/10yrs experience or hu hv worked wit any oder organisation…” so weh can a yut hu hv just graduated can get dat experience? nde kut nd achina Goodall omweo azngolembedw ntchito coz dem hv got experience!!!!

  6. There’s no unemployment problem in this country but lack of desirable jobs is prevailing not only here in Malawi but also in many other countries.The problem is that we,youths,belittle some jobs considering our qualifications.If somebody says “I need someone to be my shopkeeper”.A person with a degree or whatsoever above it cannot apply for that post thinking that it doesn’t suit him.That’s our biggest blunder!