MCP wants Mutharika to vacate State House

Lazarus Chakwera and Peter Mutharika

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has asked President Peter Mutharika to leave Kamuzu Palace with immediate effect over comments the president made yesterday that MCP did nothing in the 30 years the party was in power.

“They were in power for 30 years and they did nothing,” said Mutharika at the laying of a foundation stone for the Lilongwe West bypass road in the Capital City. “Now, they [MCP and Lazarus Chakwera] are jealous because we are doing things that they failed to do.”

Peter Mutharika
Ignorant Mutharika

In response, several MCP sympathisers took to the social media with dismay at Mutharika’s sentiments, asking him to vacate his belongings from all the presidential palaces constructed during the one party era.

“Who built the Kamuzu Palace, where he is currently residing? Who constructed the Main Road 1, from Nsanje to Chitipa? Who built the capital hill offices?” reads a post published by Maravi Post, one of the local online papers.

“His remarks are insults to Malawians who are still using infrastructures left by Dr.H.Kamuzu Banda. Mr. President, its high time you get things right which might build trust in Malawians hearts that your in control. Malawians want drugs in hospital. Malawians want electricity all day long” ” added the paper widely known to be pro MCP.

A majority of people who also commented on the article we published yesterday accused Mutharika of being ignorant.

“Mukhululukireni sanali kuMalawi kuno. Ndiye sakudziwa chimene akunena” commented Patrick Moyo. Likewise, Paul Wellingstons wrote “U dont knw d history of malawi I guess, u evn doubt if u knw d meaning of visionary itself, khala ndi umbuli wakowo”.

Others pleaded with Mutharika to desist from hate politics.

“Am sick n tired of political bickering instead of finding out ways of bailing this country of ours out of financial turmoil. It’s high time we buried our political differences and focus on development” commented Austin Mndala.

There was no immediate comment from DPP and government officials on whether Mutharika will take the advise and leave the Presidential Palaces.



  1. Admin, special request, I wish to say mwadzuka bwanji to my friend at state house, nyapapi bwampix mphwake was the late big kahuna. Zikomo

  2. ndikhoza kunena mokweza kuti kumalawi timakhala bzy nd ndale osati chitukuko coz tikanakhala kut til after development tikanadikila 2018 kut tizayambeso campen than being bzy opposing than helping de rulling party.


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  4. Nde mukamati ur tax built zinthu zutchulidwazo,are u not paying taxes now??panopa msonkho wanu ugwira ntchito yanji?sakupanga za mzeru olo,ntchito kutithira malovu poyankhula.TEAM CHAKWERA.

  5. Nothing good comes easily…….this mcp guys talk like the can change things overnight trust me God gave malawi what we have now for a reason and time will come when malawi will appreciate and thank God for Dpp

  6. Kuopsa kwa utsogoleri osasankhidwa nd Mulungu : Amakhala omva zake zokha , osachedwa kukwiya ndkumamenya ma tebulo , amayankhula zopanda nzeru . Apa ndie Peter wafkapo

  7. Anthu osaphuzla zakaendetsedwe kadzko ndchoncho,sadzwa kut tl nd ufulu kwatulutsamo chfukwa ify a M.C.P ndfy alandlord awo bt asamale zatbowa kwambr.

  8. Muzimvesa amatititu mcp,ndiye ngati state house nd all what u pointed out zinapangidwa ndi mcp achoka or today.what i know,mcp ndichipani ndiye ngati chiri chipani chinamanga zosezo achoka.kumvetsa nkwabwino

  9. Africans we don’t appreciate what someone has done even yourself if you help your friend or a relative they forget,so an African needs education

  10. why are you fighting all the time,just do ur job what we voted you for cos if u dont well tjen next tym you will never ever seen me voting.

  11. lets wait and see,bretherin! listen to me this had already prophecised in the Holly scriptures, of the last days no one in human being shall satify our needs isay not even one.The blessed is the one who give himself an account on his deeds.we need to ask selves some important questions like :if idie today will the paradise be my destiny? what have idone today to please my God.Secondly we need to ask what our family shall eat,others are just the devils know what,satan is ruling these days.may we ask God to open your eyes to have awider vision.and open your ears that you can hear he who whispers.amen.

  12. Kma bwafu ameney asatiyankhulitsepo pambali apa apanga chna iwowo apa kuti azikamba zopusa ine siwandale kma mzika yaMalawi MCP inapanga zambiri mdziko muno, alowa liti iwowo m’boma kma zodamdaulitsa mzingt momwe tifikile 2019 tikhla ayani GOD help Malawi !

  13. but sometimes although you are apolitician there is aneed to acknowldge other peoples ability,rather than critising. Mcp did alot of things including developmental activities. Lets respect one another. Im not an Mcp afilliate but as atrue malawian citizen. Kamuzu abolished the stupid federation and slave trade.Tinali ndani ife popanda Kamuzu and Mcp as aparty.God loves people who say good things about others not just bein boostfull.Lets unite and develope our beloved country UNITED WE STAND DEVIDE WE FALL.

  14. Ndipo ineyo sindimava bwino ena akamati kamuzu palibe chomwe adapanga…….ineyo panthawiyo kunalibe koma mabulding ambili amene boma panopa likugwilitsa ntchito womanga ndikamuzu…..tapitani kunkhokwe kukanengo,masecondary xool nde pafupifupi malawi yonseyi,nseu wa m1 umene panopa ukufunika kukoza makamaka kuukuza udamangidwaso nthawi imeneyo ndiye ndizambili zimene adapanga kamuzu zotiso ena alelowa sangakwanitse chifukwa lawo ndidyela basi.

  15. MCP is right he should leave this immediatly hau there nosense thing koma akukhala mozomangidwa za mcp and top of dat walephela kulamla dziko peter

  16. Stupid congress uthink u are talking to ur child???…My tax.built statehouse so who are u to demand mutharikas vacation at the statehouse????….Mcp will never rule malawi take it u fools

  17. Enanu mumangonyoza kuti kamuzu amapha anthu, kodi chasowa bwa nanga pa 20 July anthu amene aja kamuzu adadzuka nkudzampha? Nanga nkulu wa malawi bureau uja bwa? Nanga akuba mukumawaoctha aja amabwela ndikamuzu? Osamangolankhula ngati munkamuona akupha azimbuyanu, muluzi amene ankakuuzaniyo m’mesa adali secretaryganal wakamuzu? Thawi zina osamangothandizila afumu kuledzela, chimene mungadziwe sitidzpezanso mtsogoleli okonda dzikolake ngati DR H KAMUZU BANDA! Onsewa alamulila after kamuzu mbala zokhazokha!

    1. Chipani chimene sichinaphepo muthu ndichiti? Chifukwa tikakamba za muluzi matafale bwa? Dpp chasowa,nkulu wa acb nanga 20 July bwa? Chanu chimene sichinakhetseko mwazi ndichiti? Izi nzowona ndimaso anthu zinazo nzngomva

  18. Castigates aren’t part of politics but because we’re using “Ndale” not politics, let it be. Fools speak about other people’s achievements in politics but the wise keep their pace without mentioning even what they’ve achieved in their term(s). A salute Dr. Hestings K for he achieved much and his fruit of labour we’re still enjoying likewise Dr. Bingu M. he did a commendable job. It’s up to those following them to continue building not pulling down in the name of defamation, what “ndale” does, it will kill us. It’s high time that Malawians learn to accept and speak the truth so that we achieve our goal as a country. Whether you’re a member of party A or party B or party C, etc. acknowledge what others have done and correct wherever possible even when you hear your fellow party member is saying a wrong castigate. 50 plus years into independence but we still live in 18th or 19th century, it’s pathetic. Time to reason…

  19. If he don’t come out I will take him out with this. Iwe kuti ufike pamene ulipa unamenyera ufulu ndiwe kuyankhula mopusa bwanji tangopangani zoti nanuso mawa amalawi adzakuyamikeni basi

  20. ngati mungawerenge bhobho pa mwambapo alemba kuti MCP. sadanene kuti CHAKWERA. Amalawi bwanji kusayimvesesa nkhani mukawerenga. osangothamangila kunyoza.

  21. Penapake timangovutika ndi athu ovela apm ndi achakwelawo akumwa ma juice limodzi. Inu kumalowelela nawo zaziiiiiiii! Basi.

  22. Mbalame za wanthu how can a state president just vacate state house is this country having no governing rules u must be kidding MCP Munthu wamulungu Chakwera mwatani kodi haha

  23. Inu apresident aMCP dziwani zoti nyumbazo sizanu,komanso ino sinthawi ya kampeni ai nthawi imene ija inadutsa,inu mudikile mu 2019 mudzakhalabe otsutsa boma mpaka muyaya

  24. The president must ideed resign ave never seen afool like this one(APM) leave the office for others mwina ana a xul in universities will be offered loans xul zanji zophunzira anthu olemera okhaokha ena osauka kumasiya sungakhale ndi mzeru a foolish president its my wish utafa pompano like ur bro mwina xul tiphunzileko amphawife….

  25. Mukhululukireni #Nyaphaphi adasowa chonena paja alibe fundo zeneni kuteroko amaonangati wanena za nzeru kodi achina khwiya apanda mano nkamwa angalankhule zoveka

  26. You guys just leave these people. Disorientation to place classifies them as being mad. Kamuzu did several good things which other young parties can not see.

  27. If MCP did nothing its ok tamva , what about UDF? How can a sane person compare what life 50years and the Morden digital HD of 2015. Stop it guys and go back to your drawing board. Kamuzu did the best compared to any these so called democratic thieves. Chamba eti.

  28. Kamuzu adapt agogo anga inu nd abale anga onse old mutation dumu nkhawa sitingayerekeze kuvotera mcp.mwana wa kabwira ndi hypocrisy ya chakwera ukuwonjezera mkwiyo wanga MIZIMU yakwiya

  29. MCP kodi ndi kachani?? Peter Mutharika ndi president chifukwa choti anthu akefe tinamvotera not MCP choncho ngati kungakhale kumuchotsa tizamuchotsa tokha osati anyeragudu a mcp ayi, ndini a mcp vomerezani kuti panopa ikulamula ndi DPP mpaka 2019, ndipo mudikire mpaka 2019 muzasitse mfundo zoti anthu azakukondeni , osati zongotola ngati zomwe mukufunazo, komanso ndizokaikitsa kuti mcp izalamula muno, chakwera bwerera ku ubusa ukapitilize kudya zopereka zathu. DPP WOYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  30. zaka zichulukilenj koma timiseu 5 basi. aaaa! osamangot kamuzu kamuzu! za chan? mbuz ya munthu,.akanasiya kae azungu akanatukula dzko lino. kuchoka pamene amatula pansi udindo mkulu ogona azkaz a eniyu kufka pano eee,dzko latukuka magetsi,miseu,magalimoto….so on n so forth.

  31. I think Mr Chakwela is like an EMPTY TIN WHICH MAKES MORE NOISE THAN A TIN FULL OF WATER. Why his rensponse or comment to anything about Peter as a President is to tell Peter to resing or vacate from State house? Does it means that there is no other words he can speak than the above the two?

  32. APM akuonjeza. Instead of developing the country, he’s busy looking 4 excuses.What is he afraid of? No tym 4 comparisons

  33. The issue here is that fighting mcp based on history does not work at all. We were all there in mcp. We all failed. It is not a party that failed the whole Malawi failed. Now being led by old people like you is that you do not match with the modern era politics. Too much history in you boss… I wonder why we choose old people with old ideas…..that’s why you can go back all the way to fight 30yrs of mcp.why not now…?

  34. Ngakhale anthuwa ndi a ndale koma tiyeni ife a malawi tisayike maganizo athu kutengela mbali yomwe tili kapena chipani chomwe tili koma tibweletse maganizo otukula ndi kumanga a malawi pamodzi.andale adzibwela ndipo azipita,tiyene asatigawe ife a malawi.

  35. Hmmm kupanda kamuzu bwezi peter iwe palibe pomwe ulipo nzeru ulibe ukasowa choyankha osamangokagona bwanji aaah unamangapo chan chooneka kumaso kwaanthu …bulshit

  36. ruling/leading its isn’t math problem… [email protected] u solve and find an answer pompo pompo no,, it take alito tym so let alone DPP rule and u wait abit longer to see how they develop de country of Malawi u got t MCP!!!!!

  37. Achoke falawo pampando ana ayizalayeli akuvutika ok , mukamuuze peter mutharika chakutichake ok,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,ok ngat akufuna kutsatila Bingu anene ndizotheka kusowetsa

  38. Anthu ake ndinu nomwe, tere mwayambapo kunenanena za president. Zinazi ngakhale muzasankhe munthu otani, kaya wachipani chanji. Still problems r there, musayembekezere kuti pazasankhidwa president yemwe azakondwerese anthu onse, never . Malo momalengeza za ufumu wa Yehova mukukangalika kumanyozana za ndale. Wanzeru akumbuke. Palibe munthu wa dziko lapansi azalamulire kusangalasa anthu onse okhalapo, koma Yesu yekha ndiye.

  39. Kkkkkk koma ndiye ziliko chaka chino. MCP inachita zazikulu zedi pansi pa ulamuliro wa Dr H Kamuzu Banda. A Bingu nawonso anachita zazikulu poba ndalama zija adabisa kuchipinda zija komanso kumanga Casbranca ndinso Mpumulo wa bata. Kamuzu ndi amene adamanga nyumba mukukhalayo Bwana President. Pepani ndithu mwano ku mwano.

  40. Nonse ndianthu akuba palibe wabwino abusa abusa musalire mpando inu lanu ndigome osat zomwe mukunenazo mcp inapita ndi kamuzu inu ndan?achina jessy kabwira kabwira akupeperesan pompano akhala akujoina dpp mudzandvomereza

  41. Ndale tiyeni tipange koma kumangokhalira kukangana mpakana liti amlawi? Bas kukacha bwebwebwebweeeeeee ngat dzitsiru bas chonde tisiye zimenezo.

  42. Andalenu ndinu zitsiru mwayamba kukumbana nokha nokha mwayesa dzikoli ndi la ambuyanu nonsenu kut tikufukuleni palibepo wabwino ndipo sazapezekanso ife ndi makasu anu? koma dziko lathadi. analakwa ndi john chilembwe kuthamangisa nsanga amzungu bwenzi dzikoli lisali chonchi. azitsogoleri alero lucky ov continuous mulibe mumataya mthawi ndi za ziiii akuvutika ndi athu wamba anakuvoterani

  43. Mmmmmm guys umapweka utsogoleri ukakhala kwa nzako.

  44. In 1993 when we voted for multiparty .some politicians went to Archbishop Chiona if he could lead a party ,but in his response he said the raw of the church is to advice not to rule .yona wasochera

  45. seriously that’s outrageous and a crazy way beyond cheap excuse from a man who is about to put Malawi in a very deep economic crisis Greece has ever seen. what the president has said its something which we would expect from a six years old kid or a foreigner who knows nothing about the genesis of economic development of this country. what MCP accomplished under the late Kamuzu Banda can’t be compared to none of the Presidents who have ever embraced the state house in Malawi.

  46. boma lilionse ndilakupha kaya bakili kunali ma young democrats bingu chimodzimodzi asamayankhule choncho even nyumba zomwe ambiri tikukhala za kamuzu ndi nthawi yomulemekeza osati kumunyoza pakamwapo paziyankhula bwino

  47. Munthu woziwa chochita sanganeneso zanthawi za ena amene anachita kale zabwino pa nthawi zawo ndipo anapita. Ngati ziri choncho ndiye akusonyeza kuti pulani iriyonse yopitilizira zosalazo kulibe mwa iyeyo.

  48. Kkkkkkkkkk…palibe wodzabweletsa kusintha kumalawi, koma kuonjezera Mavuto basi. Olo mutadzavotera awo ogona mtchalitchi wo ndi chimodzimodzi ndithu.

  49. How could you accuse the landlord to have achieved nothing in his lifetime while you’re infact residing in house. Peter nayenso, kunyansa nkhope, mtima ndi zonena zomwe.

  50. Kodi katumbu iwe shabb ukutichani? Kuzolowera kuba eti? Kodi chimene mumakana kuwerengaso ndichani? Siwufumu wakwanutu,chitsilu chamunthu uzilankhula zamzelu, ifetu tikuwuze chitukuko chambiri ukuchiwonachi ndi mcp, iwe ambuyawako peter wamangako chani? Kuzolowela kuba basi. 2018 mubeso mwava. Muyidziwa boko malawi. Vuto losapitanalo patali tchalitchi ndilimeneli. Mumuwone pulezidenti wanuyo akuphwasula zomwe adamanga mzake kamuzu, palimzelu pamenepa?

  51. Hahahahahahah is that really true? You want Peter to be out? Kkkkk who told you its Zamuyaya? Let him breath. Or ndili ine zaka 30 osamanga nyumba tiziti munthu otani… Mmmmmh ok, poti mwatero ndinu ovota achoke baxi, ndife osauka kale ndiye ndalama zizingothera zisankhotu. Wise up. Mumangotsutsa zopanda ntchito. Perekani maganizo kuti dziko liyende ghoooo. Atani munthuyu kuti akhonze? Ziiii !!!! Koma kudikila alakwitse. Hahahahahah bull shit. Opposition is not all about negativity. Its about balance … Si izi mukuzitengera pa mgong’o. Impeachment so ya chani. Pelekani maganizo anzeru oyendetsera dzikoli osati kudikila munthu apunthwe nkumati ‘timadziwa’ wake up

  52. MCP .Chipani chongokhalira kuyang’a Boma kuti likuchita chani? Mmalo moti nacho chitengepo gawo pachitukuko chomwe amalawi akuchitsowa.Kodi mukadakhala inu ndi amene muli m’Bomamo mukanatani

  53. Achakwela nanuso kusiya Bible pasi nkuyamba zinthu zadziko zausatanazi? Palipose ndizamabodza izi ist blinded by the devil? Ur wasting ur time in this

  54. eeeeeeee musatvutse mwava njovu zkamamenyana omapwetekeka ndiuzu ….kod inu simunena kut DPP Palibe yapanga anakuzan kut msazalowe mu paliarment musasokoneze ziko mwava muyambe ndinu oska lowa mu new parliament building mwava

  55. tatiyen tigonjelane guys ndife amodz plz! ndnu makape eti! tizngonva za inu daily? kusowa chochita et? chokani mmipando mwanu ndzakupatseni chochta kuden. mulibe mfundoeti!

  56. A Pulezidenti zinazi kumaganiza kaye musanayankhule Izi Ndizimene Amanena Atcheya Kuti Anthu Openga Mwapanga Bwanji? Zoona Ameneyo Mtsogoleli?

  57. Kulowa m boma kwa galuu ameneyi nd m bale wake uja evry thing chnge luk at weather ooh My God kozani munthu ameneyi Amen

  58. ineyo ndinataya thawi yovotela chimuthu chosatgandiza pitar chimonzimonzi manye oola alibe zeru ndipo ammene mukukamba za muthalika ndibwino ngati mwasowa chochita munzikangonyela uko

  59. mcp has no power to remove the president on position just wait your time will come to win the election,leave peter alone to rule this country peacefuly.God appointed him with full confidence that he’gona bring the real change in Malawi and when time come muthalika will vacate kamuzu palace,you idiot stay away from peter.

    1. Koma osamanyoza mumadziwa kudana mkulekana mau. Let him go ahead sooner or later you will see the results of speaking without editing

  60. anandikhaurisa ine ameneaja Guyz mukandona mukanandimvela chison ishiii ndpo sindizawaiwala mot uyu mukut azas yu asanapolexo pamchombo )koma izy nigaz ndithesa zonsez agaluwa ndiwapana mpaka achimina arila kut ngondo amawooo!!!!!! inuyo ndikumva kut chebingu kutarika waja watikitidwa2 uku khalan phee axy sitiwapana

  61. With immediate effect? Chakwera ndi anzake onse ndi agologolo ndithu. Ngati ndalama zomangira palace zinatengedwa m’matumba aamanu atuluka. Go to hell chakwera with your bloody mcp

  62. MCP did their part interm of development however sindikukumbukira ngati anapepesa pa nkhanza zomwe aMalawi analandira mu nthawi yawo. The truth remains aMalawi anali akapolo m’dziko lawo lomwe.

  63. guyz MCP amaipisa ndi anthu osatila aja2 ameneaja anari agalu achabechabe ndpo mzimu wa KB R.I.P osat agalu ena okuba mazila aja mizimuyawo ikandthidwa agalu achabechabe

  64. Kodi akachoka ndiye mudzalowa inuyo aMCP? Nanga ngati zitatero mudzakhala ndindalama ZANU ZANU ? M’malo moti muthandizane mzeru ngati mulinazo mukungolimbikila kuti achoke,Malawi sangasinthe ngakhale mutasintha chipani mmxxxxxxxx

  65. #Chakwera plz go back to Church ukavalenso mkhanjo unausiya uja coz mbali uli iweyo iz off~side simbali yako#PETER iz nt yo size ndi Proffessor and President wako pomwe iwe Dr kkkkkkk! Shame on you#Chatsika

  66. Kkkkkkkk! Point of collection #Mr Chakwera mphamvu zimenezi mwazitenga kuti zoti muzilamula chotere kuti peter achoke ku state house nyumba ndiyanu{landload} kapena ya Boma? And munena kuti inamanga ndi Mcp ai, koma Boma la Malawi.

  67. Koma amw umbuli sudzatha odziwa Malawi sangamanyoze kamuzu ndi mcp. Kaletu Malawi anali otsogola or maphunzilo anali apamwamba.kunaliso mawalant odwala akatulutsidwa kuchipatala amakwela bus yaulele.bola limalipila pano or ambrance kukanika kukasiya malilo ati kulibe mafuta zamanyi basi chakwela oyeeeeee. Onse onyoza mcp adzafa imfa yowawa shit

  68. I think the Malawi leader dont think and are not wise bcoz they can not talk of Kamuzu Banda this time, after how many years has passed since maltiparty gets in? Instead of think of ways and means of taking the country forwad are busy point fingers which is not good. The leaders are there not to take that poor country to the next level but to a crapmalawi. And pple will keep on suffering whilst them are enjoying life to a fulles.

  69. Masautso Maholo this is last warning, mukamakambirana nkhani zanu zopusazi usadzatchulenso dzina la Mboni za Yehova wamva, uzidziwa kusiyanitsa nkhani zandale ndi zampingo, gulu la Mboni za Yehova ndi la chipembedzo si la ndale, zopusa eti, mxiiiiii.

  70. phanani kanganani tukwanizanani chomwe mungadziwe nchakuti eni akeo akudziwana pena amadyela mbale imodzi inu ndiine tikazitengelela tungozitayisa nthawi mmalo motukula mawanja a2

  71. Dzazi!! Ndichifukwa Chake Ine Osati Inu Ndati Ine Sindivota Ndimango Jambulisa Kamutu,,,,,phindu Palibe Ndimomwemo Mwayambapo Phokoso,akhaula Kwambiri Achewa Vitanjakuza Kwidu Ku Mpotu Toto Zazi Zokanganazo.

  72. Dzazi!! Ndichifukwa Chake Ine Osati Inu Ndati Ine Sindivota Ndimango Jambulisa Kamutu,,,,,phindu Palibe Ndimomwemo Mwayambapo Phokoso,akhaula Kwambiri Achewa Vitanjakuza Kwidu Ku Mpotu Toto Zazi Zokanganazo.

  73. Thik of yourself amene mudabetsa vote yanu kwa bambo wa tchiwunoyu ,,,, dziko kufika poipilatu zithu zikundula , dere is no hope kuti anthu agura fetrizer , anthu akugonyanyala ntchito coz no sarary up to day ,,,,,,, sitikutsutsana nanu kut Malawi wasitha ,,eeeeee wasithad ,,,,,, koma mwawonjeza ,,,, sindikudziwa kuti Uyu woyimba wakubalakayu mwamudyetsa chan ,????? Akuyimbeni nanu uuuu

  74. A Pulesidenti chonde tadzichepetseni pamaso pa anthuwam.Ngati simungakwanitse kutukulako Malawi wathuyo funsani ena akuthandizeni nzeru.Komanso inu otsutsa boma ntchito yanu sikuti muzingotsutsa chilichonse ayi koma muthandizeni Pulesidentiyo kuti dziko lathulo litukuke pang’ono pokha.A Pulesidentiwo akulephera kugwira ntchito bwino chifukwa otsutsanu mukuwaika pa theng’eneng’e kwambiri.Chonde gwiranani manja kuti dziko lathu lokomalo litukukeko.

  75. Ofunika Azilankhula Ndi Baba Tembo Osati Othawa Mpingoyu Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Chonsecho Akulandila Dollar Kwa Bwampini Yemweyo!

  76. Kkkkk oyamba anali ayao anatilamula kenako kupasila alhomwe ,ife alhomwe tikamaliza kulamula,tipeleka kwa anzathu achisena akamalixa,adxabwexera kwa ayao aja hahaha zaka kumadutsa basi tili phee!!!!! tiagalu kumakuwa koma osaluma hahaha!!!!!!!

  77. Angochokako ku nyumbayo cause sanamange abambo ako iwe ma phwefuphwefu anthu oti azolowera kudya nyama ya wanthu amangolankhura ngati opanda mutu.

  78. Kkkkkkkkk achakwera mwapezelapo mpata oti mukalowe ku state house kkkkkk shame on u mbava. Yayikulu osakalalikira anthu akumudzi bwa ? Look at him mbuzi ya munthu

    1. Hehehhe kma anthu ndinu osaona bwj kapena nanu ndnu abwafu nokhanokha et apa pali zomabhakura munthu apa zopusa kuyankhul kosathandiza kokhakokha nde kumenek MCP sinapange kanthu ndekt chn Chakwera akafune kulowa mboma tym isanakwane can u tell me how? Chilipo apa anthuwa akuyenera akuyenera aphunzire kulemekezan osati zomangonenen zopanda pake # Watson wayankhula bho

  79. ku malawi campaign imachitika five years yonse. Ku tanzania lero y za ndale zatha anthu akugwira ntchito molimbika. Tikhalira yomweyo a neba akutukuka. Non partisan…

    1. Chikuvuta ndi kunyoza mumuuze asadzanyozeso kuti Kamuzu palibe chomwe anapanga inu a kameja chipanda Kamuzu so mukadakhala ku Triangle ku Zimbabwe

  80. Bwampiniyu akunena zoona zinazo ayasa munda anapangako kale sono munthuyo musamude ai ,coz chizondi alipo kale ,pita ndendiuyo ndi presdnt kwasala anjiru kut aonese adyera onse kkkkkkkkkk bora dpp yatulutsa 5str ,bingu stadium,nkhokwe zipatala ,miseu,pot kusanje pano ndi pumiro wa ng’ona univrsty ku thyolo,chiliza cha bambo awo a chajwera omwewo cha malem hestngs kamudzu banda,kwinako malizani inuyo

  81. Koma kunena kuti malemu Kamuzu sanatukule dziko lino nkulakwa. A pulezident Mutharika akuonesa ngati atopa, sakuganiza zanzelu. Ndibwino achoke ku State House komanso atule pansi udindowo: iwo pa nthawi yochepa akusonyeza kulephera kwambiriiiiiiíiiiííí

  82. Let Mutharika recognise & respect Mcp leader late H. K BANDA by peacefuly vacatng de palace if his stands remain de same,or let hm die wth our massive demostrations 2 dat insult 2 our beloved Dr H k Banda,

  83. Chanzeru adacita a Mcp ndi kupha Gadama,chiwanga,matenje ndi sangala. Abusa onyengawo afera zayeni mulungu wakwiyira athawa mkhosa.SHAME ON U CHAKWERA suziwa ndale.

  84. inuso a mcp takuwonani mukufuna kulowela pa windo ku state house,bwanji mudikile 20 19 mukungopanga zinthu ngati chisankho chili mwezi wa mawa bwanji? mkuyamba kuva mau oti mcp palibe chomwe yachitapo?mukafuse bakili

  85. We are waiting u Mr.President kuti muchita chani pa mavuto omwe akula dziko lanthu. Mukulimbana ndizinthu zoti zilibe phindu.
    Alipo president adalamulira osachita chitukuko.
    Inuyo Mr. Predident misewu mukudutsayo mudakhozetsa ndinu before kukhala president??

  86. 31yrs no distrct hospt in BT,no any univesty in the north, no tar frm karonga-chitipa,no parlament bulding,no tar load 4ro CK- NSANJE, 31yr ng’ona basi

    1. Welengani ma kms amiseu yomwe anapanga kamuzu mupange divide ndi zaka zomwe walamula inuso mupange zanuzo miona kuti ndi zero pa ten. Ndimaboma angati omwe mwamangako zipatala inuyo nanga kamuzu wamanga zipatala zingati ma admark am EPA ma collage osati mukunamiza anthu kumasema mipini kusoka mphasa mwati collage zachamba eti

    2. Mmene mukubelamu pali chanzeru chomwe mutapange? Mankhwala nzipatala mulibe cival servant akulandila 30pin feteleza wafika 22 pin

  87. guyz osamangolankhula ngati #Bakha poti kukamwa kwake nkwakukulu,kod msewu wa M1 kuchoka ku BT-CHITIPA wamangidwa 2004? nanga queen elizabeth,kamuzu c hospital zinamangidwa ndi ulamuliro wa kundayu,muli ship mlake malawi anaseza ndiye podzayamba ndale kuno ku malawi,bwanji ngati mukuwona kut mfundo zikusowa osapita kwa ang’anga ndi malilime anu a lidadawo or kapena kungosiya kusiyana nkuti mulandire nazo infa yadzidzidzi, amalawi akayamba kulankhula mufuna mutiyambilepo ti ma bpto kenaka mufe,mwina mfundo mulibe,naya mfundo yapasonkhano:MUKAMALIZA CHALA MMWAMBA WANUYO,NDI ZAMBI MULINAZOZI ZOMALOZA MULUNGU NDI CHALA,MUZITI>KAMUZU ANAGWIRA NTCHITO NDIPO DR.BAKILI ANAIPITIRIZA NKUISIYIRA MMANJA MWA ACHIMWENE,MPAKA DR J BANDA,TSONO MUNDITHANDIZE KUT NDIPITIRIZE POMWE ADASIYIRA AMAYIWA,muziwalemekeza akuluakulu,mpando omwe mulipowo, nyumba mumagonayo,zonse anachitapo kale,palibe chachilendo, tele zonse mumalankhulazo amangokusekani,pot nthawi zonse zokamba za mwana zimaseketsa,pot kumakhala kuphuzira mfundo.

  88. Forgive this MTCHONA. He doesn’t have a functional head. He doesn’t what it took to have all these good structures in place. The problem of entrusting a prodigal son with a big responsibility of running government affairs. He thinks they dropped from hell. Anabwera opanda kanthu, pano watiberabera, wayamba kutilalatira…

  89. Ngati peter akufunsa kuti chipani chapangapo chani iye kukhala munthu oganiza apangapo chani?/monga munthu angafunse chinthu chosanena . mcp ili monga chikhwangwani choloza chabe even DPP ndichiphambano chabe . think kuti Bingu anapanga bwino kwambiri koyambira koma kumapeto omwalila ndiangati what about bakili UDF inayenda bwino kwambili kamuzu anayenda bwino kwambili ..nanga peter mkuganiza kuti alitha bwino zikoli pa duty yake? Najumphapo ine ndine mchewa cha .

  90. Mcp palibe inapanga pa zaka 30? Kkkkk, koma anthu enawa…even yo bro just imagin kamuzu adali idol wake, kusilira munthu wamkulu…kkkkk, kumalawi nde ayinso…ena nde mkumalulutira

  91. If my memory is collect,All I see in Mw rubbish mindset. During Kamuzu rule how bad he may have been.We had big companies operating in mw.DWS ,stagecoach, B&C,PEW, Changalume cement company. Sucoma, exchange rate pound to kwacha in 1992 was 1 to 4,chanco and poly, Bunda, all these were brain storming of Kamuzu. Unless some ppl here were not born by then,we can allow the to be stupid or ur refugees from Zim and Mozambique.

  92. NDIPO INE NDIMAYAMIKANSO MCP NDI KAMUZU chifukwa cha kamuzu central hospital.
    Mpakana lero chipatala ngati chamangidwa last yr.


  93. Agalu andale inu musatinyase mwamva dzingodyani ndalama zathu zamisonkhozo.Each&everyday tidzingomva nkhani za dzipani dziwirizi?How special are u gentlemen?Soon Yaghwe akuzulani coz it seems mwamera mizu &mwaiwala chomwe tidakusankhilani.Fotseki u are all failiars.Ndakwiya nanu mwamva

  94. Ndikufuna kutsutsana ndiinu a fresco chimango mukati chakwera akufuna kusaver satana ndiye kuti ndinu satana? Anthu timalakwitsa kuona ngati kulamuliradziko ndichikunja, ife tonnse ndife ana amulungu ndipo palibe satana chomwe anapanga kuti achilamulire. Bible limati vumbulutso ndizonse kutidziko liyende bwino zilindira ana amulungu(anthu opemphera ). Kutereko dziko kuti liyende bwino kukufunika anthu ngati achakwera wa anthu oopa mulungu. President oti zinthu zikavuta azitha kulengeza mapemphero akusala kudya adziko lonse munthu amene angapange zimenezi ndi chakwera basi. Zimenezi zimkachika in the old testament. Mulungu amasankha anthu oopa mulungu kuti azilamulira dziko osati izi zikuchitika apazi ndichifukwa chake zinthu zikutivuta ife amalawi kulora satana alamulire dziko what do we expect. Kupanga nawo ndale siusatana ayi fresco

    1. Komanso musaiwale Bible lomwelo linati kamba ka kusaona ntima kwa anthu anawapatsa dziko lapansi ku alamulilane okha, zikusonyeza kuti olamulila dzikowa ndi osakhulupilika pa maso pake pa Yehova, inu ndi ine lelo tifune fune ndi kuthanga Ufumu wake, ufumu wakuthau tiusiye, Amen

  95. muntu wakwatira mkazi wamasiye akukhala mnyumba adamanga malemu amuna ache iwenso nkumakhala nyumba yomweyo ndiye pambuyo nkumanyoza kuti malemu sanapange chilichonse chosenso mukukwatana pa bed la malemuyo.sikupanda mutu kumeneku malemu bishop zuza anamuuza mkulu wako kuti chindere chakufikapo ine ndikuti iwe nde gwaladi weniweni



  97. Some of theThings MCP govt did;
    Sanjika Palace,M1 road and all current major roads,Kamuzu Central hospital, Kamuzu International Airport, Capital hill,Civo stadium, Kamuzu institute for youths,Kamuzu Barracks, Reserve Bank HQ,Railway line which stopped operating after Kamuzu left,Kamuzu Palace just to mention but a few

    1. But for many years, he is not meaning that the did nothing but with numbers of years and the number of projects does not martch, give DDP 30 years see what can happen. There is issue of vehicles Chakwera nothing he have said but it is important issue to fellow Malawians rather than house issue. Hahahaha ndale za pa Malawi

    2. Emmanuel mpasiwa, like I said jus to mention a few.. zina ndi izi; University of Malawi chancellor college, polytechnic, bunda,college of medicine, all teacher training Colleges, Natural Resources college etc

    3. Zaka zatani zoona munthu wanzer atha kumafananiza momwe ndlama inalili ma 60’s ndipano ndmomwe ndlama inalili dat tym anapanga zambir

    4. Not forgetting the many atrocities committed and gross violations of human rights. I doubt if this son of perdition will rule nyasaland.

    5. Malawi Congress Party is not a construction company and it has never ever under the sun entered into a construction contract with any company to build a national structure. This summarises to say that MCP has never built anything in Malawi for the past 30 it was in power. Atrocities! Human Rights Abuses! Makhadi! Nyakula! Poverty! Kutolera Madzira! Kupha Mboni Za Yehova!

  98. Peter nd manyi achabechabe,wangokhala Proffessor koma alibe nzeru,achoke mmene kukamuzu Palace ngakhalenso sanjika asakakhaleko azikakhala ku Ndata,mbuzi yamutsogoleri mmalawi muno sindinayiwoneponso,samadziwa history ya malawi chifukwa chot watchona kunja nthawi yayitari,, Nkhope ngat IBU.mbuzi!!!

  99. pama president pa dzaka ten ndikuphatikizapo zina chitukuko chake apanga koma mobela pa zaka zapitadzi akanapanga chitikuko aliyese bwedzi akumvetsa koma padzaka zadutsazi simungaudze kuti ama parliament ndie chitukuko mapangidwe anu achitukuko mudziwe kuti mkupha sogolo la ana otsti inu ngati usogoleri wakuvutani gawirani ena alongosole

  100. koma ife akumudzife zitithandiza?nvula ndiyi yayambayi koma makuponi kuli ziii. ndiye ife tisekerere zimenezi? inu muliko mukudya koma ife okuvotenife njala yokhayokha.dziwani kuti kumwamba kuli mulungu sangalore kuti ife tikhale choncho tsiku lina adzatidalitsa ngati mmene adachitira inu.zikomo

  101. Peter walezera sakuziwa chimene akuyankhula . lakukanika dziko iwe panya pako nafuma chalk chako ndine mtumbuka ine not nkhanga iyayi shupiti peter mthalika uli pa hold on koma sukuziwa.

  102. za ndale sizindikhudza komano penapake enafe ndi mbuli kwambiri ma comment anu ndiopanda mnzeru ndiponso omvesa chisoni,akuluakulu ngat ndilibe chonena bwanj kungokhala than kulemba zochitisa manyazi chonchi,tikakamba za Kamuzu tukamba za MCP nde palibe kusiyana pakat pa Kamuzu nd MCP

  103. Inu ndiye muzatani, MCP has been blacklisted. Chipani cha Mwazi chimenecho. A Chakwera kusiya kupanga save Mulungu ndikuyamba ku saver satana zoopsya kwambiri

  104. Akuluakulu amene mukuti bwanawa anena zoona ,mukuyenera kupita ku chipatala madotolo akakuunikeni bwinobwino ngati musakudwala matenda akuubongo, bwanawa pulaimale sukulu yawo adaphunzira kuti ? nanga adamanga ndani? Dedza sekondare sukulu imene iwo adaphunzira adamanga ndani ? ku chitolokosi kumene adapita kukalemba kuja kuti peter was here adamanga ndani? chabwino ngati sadapange kanthu nchifukwa chiyani Bingu anazipatsa dzina la Ngwazi ? nanga ndi chifukwa chiyani Bingu analemekeza kamuzu pomumangira manda? wamisala akavula inuso musavule poti anthu sazakusiyanisani

  105. kodi inu a nyakula mukuona ngati tilibe mu 1 party gvmnt.mukuti plezident achoke mu state house,kodi nyumbayo ndi yanu,inu opusa,mbuzi opanda nzeru!chomwe mudziwe ndichoti palibe kulamulira malawi opanda kuwina ku kuno tizingosinthana…kkkkk

    1. Hehehehehe. Merry zopelewela Zach MA cadet ngati mbwiyawo bwampini ndi chani wapanga ku Malawi kuposa kuononga zinthu

  106. Kamanga :wanena zoona abwampini amene tikwaoona apa wa ,kupanda Kamuzu zikaña kala zitsiru zenizeni ‘ Kamuzu anatipasa Capital city . ta pangani yanu city ; cha bwino . capital Hill yanu. chabwino State House ina pangani. Kuba basi.. Mukukanika kumanga njanji from Chitipa to Nsanje believe ifeana a Kamuzu to zamanga . mukhalila zomwezo.

  107. kodi kuMCP mesa kunali anthu onkhwima…anatha..abale tatilodzelani pwimbwiriyu…Musamuphe mungopanga zoti anyanyale mpandowu…asaaa..ndatopa ine..daily pickin bones on others..eeh Joyce Banda..eeh Kamuzu…kenako unena Achair,nkuzathera paBingu…konza zinthu2 nanga…goooo…!president my foot!

  108. Kamuzu sanamange state house,anamanga ndi azungu aku south africa posinthana ndi anthu kuti akagwire ntchito ku theba ndiye inu amcp musatinyanse

  109. zazii! basi kusowa zochita kumasokosera anthu amene anakuvoterani mmalo mowathandiza ambiri akumwalira kusowa thandizo lanu mpake mmalawi akusaukirabe, osatibowa!!

  110. I remember nthawi ya Mcp kunalibe njala tinkhadya ufa wa kenya koma lero or ndi Usa kulibe ngakhale kusowa kwa Mankhwala mu dzipatala zina mwaizo kunamagwidwa ma school zomwe zimamangwidwa zinali za Original not China wa lero Tinkamvala sapato three year not lero two dayz sapato yabooka ndikulila Malawi wakale not lero

  111. Ndale sikanyama koseweletsa, tiye kumunda tikalime. Apo biiiiiii mufela zaweni, coz or mwamodzi mwamene mukunyoza azitsongolelinu atati akupatseni dzikoli popanda ma vote, or week imodzi simungalamulile taaaaaaaaaa, amalawi munanakhala bwanji kweni kweni? Alway anthu osowa zochita amalimbana ndi tsongoleri wadziko, pamene opanga zawo amalimbikila zawozo kuti apeze chakudya chamawa. Tiyeni amalawi tiwasiye anadzozedwa ndikulamulawo atilamule. Sindimuchipani chilichonse koma sindimakondwela ndikumanyoza azitsogoleri adziko lathu.

  112. kamuzu amapita ku UK daily koma timiseu kumangopanga tating’o and it took him forever to do that … yah peter is right

  113. Dr Laz is anointed to lead Malawi soon, its amatter of appointed time (cairos, in Greek). Cool down, the Sovereign God is in control.

    1. “Wht one doesn’t knw doesn’t exisist”. The truth is tht the Sovereign God anointed David to lead His people but he waz under Saul’s leadership waitng for his cairos, the same God influenced John Chilembwe long years ago in Nyasaland, there are many anointed men and womenof God serving wth Jesus Christ in various fields of government. etc, He is God himself who appoint and ordain people into authority as His servants. Now I knw tht indeed, “We are all ignorant but in different fields”. But His truth ‘ll alwayz remain tht, as far God lives, He ‘ll continue controlling human afairs even modern politics and governments.

  114. Kulibe chipani chopanda mtsogoleri.
    Kamuzu anali mtsogoleri wa dziko komanso chipani.
    Ndiye uyu Bwampini akamati mcp siinapange kanthu akufuna kutiuza kuti chiani?

  115. Kkkkkk MCP mu parliament imati DPP palibe idachita pa zaka ten, inu nkuwombera mmanja pamene parliament building idamanga ndi DPP, zimakomera inu mukamanyoza?

    1. akulu ndinu abodza. dpp inachita zakupsa nthawi ya bingu. musamatenge zikuko zomwe zinapangidwa ndimunthu wina mkumati mwapanga ndinu. ntsogoleri aliyese amafunika azikhala ndi ntchito zake zomwe zizimuchitira umboni osati za uyu kaya mukuti apm bzy kunyoza ntchito za anthu ena ngati kuti iyeyo pali chanzeru ndichooneka chomwe wapanga chilowereni m’boma.

    2. MCP adaichotsa m’boma chifukwa atsogoleri ake adasokonekera, chitukuko adasiya kupanga, koma kulanda mphatso kwa anthu ndi kupembedza Kamuzu ngati Mulungu.

  116. Amalawi tatiyeni tithandiza tiwone zotukula dziko kamuzu anachitapo muluzi anachitapo bingu anachitapo aJB pang.ono nanga a APM mutani tikudikira osati kuwona kuwona za wina amen

  117. peter ndichindere chakufikapo coz munthu ukugona,kuyenda and kukhala pamalo pomwe MCP idamanga sungati idalephera kupanga chitukuko. munthu uyudi ndiwakufa mutu achoke apite kundata malo aanthu akufa.

  118. Kunena Kuti Dr Kamuzu Banda Kapena Mcp Siinapange Kanthu Ndimunyozo Waukulu.Ndipo Andale Inu Mutisamale.Chili Chose Muno Ndi Dr Kamuzu Banda.Mzimu Wa Dr Kamuzu Uwuse M’mtendere.

  119. He doesnt mean mcp dd completely nothing but the tym they ruled is not matching with the developments on the ground. If dpp is to serve for 30 yrs they can do mo than what mcp dd.

  120. Yea! Its Now Too Much.Sizimene Anthu Ankayembekezera Kuti Zingamakhalire.Bola Bakili Ndi Bingu Anayeserako Koma Izi Sizisiyana Ndi Za Wogwirizira Analephera Pachisankho Uja.Awiri Onsewa Leadership Alibe.

  121. mbuzi zambiridi eeeti! mbuzi zikusapota mbuzi inzawo yomwe ikukhala mkhola lolipeza nayamba kunyoza omwe anamanga kholalo.shu shu shu shu tuluka mkholamo!

  122. mbuzi zambiridi eeeti! mbuzi zikusapota mbuzi inzawo yomwe ikukhala mkhola lolipeza nayamba kunyoza omwe anamanga kholalo.shu shu shu shu tuluka mkholama!

    1. Amwene uyu uyu mukuti Ibu uyu sazatheka atuluke akamange state house yache ku Thyolo uko Kamuzu was not a fool kumanga state house nde lero azinyoza zoona,, walephera kupita ku TZ chifukwa chani, munthu woipa ameneyu bola m’bale wake Bingu aasaah!

  123. M 1 Road from Nsanje to Karonga I think.There was no tarmac road from Karonga to Chitipa for more than 40 years.I stand to be corrected

  124. At I nseu was nsanje to chitipa? Mr Chakwamba eti Ku Nsanje kunali nseu nanga kalonga chitipa kunali nseu. Chakwela wayamba kunsma

  125. Kodi iwo nanga nseu anakatsegulirawo ndi wao. Mmesa ndi chitukuko chomwe amnzao anayambitsa, apange zao anthu azione apa. Osamagotenga anthu miyandamiyanda wa UN ai.

  126. muntharika this, mcp that, wouldnt take us no where, talk about developments and really isues concerning malawians not these kynd of verbal war, ful of nosense.

  127. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,,,,,,, MCP is a Landlord and wants its tenant to vacate frm the house cz of insolence against his landlord ,,,,,,

  128. Let him go to Villa Casablanca but which road is he going to use to get there? Kamuzu did his part let us respect him. I will forever remain grateful to Dr H.K Banda. He was such a visionary leader.

  129. Abambo mukayambilenso ubusa basi iza zakulakani basi zinayamba ndi amalume z u tembo sction 65 nomber one bageat nomber two why ndive

  130. MCP completely did nothing! how could they have done anything as we are looking at how busy they were with nyakula and makhadi? Ayufi ndi Apayonia tho! Ng’ona zokhazokha ndani angaiwale? kupha SOLOBALA ndichikukonso abale? MCP lero? kwacha! kwacha! kwacha! Kuzolowera Kuthamangitsa Ndikupha Mboni Za Yehova Ngati Nkhuku eeh?

  131. MCP completely did nothing! how could they have done anything as we are looking at how busy they were with nyakula and makhadi? Ayufi ndi Apayonia tho! Ng’ona zokhazokha ndani angaiwale? kupha SOLOBALA ndichikukonso abale? MCP lero? kwacha! kwacha! kwacha! Kuzolowera Kuthamangitsa Ndikupha Mboni Za Yehova Ngati Nkhuku eeh?

    1. Akulu Mwayakhula Ngati Anzeru Koma Nzeru Mulibe Mufuna Mundiuze Kuti Makadi Anatha Chifukwa Chani Kahealthy Passport Kanu Mmayenda Nako Nanga Bwanji Ukakhala Ulibe Amakukamiza KuGula Mitembo Ikuvunda Mmamotuoury Kusowa Kwawoi Akanakhala Ndi Makadi Bwezi Akuvunda Zaziiiiiiii Basi

    2. Chiyembekezo, Khadi La MCP linali la umembala okakamizana koma ka health passport ndikosungira mbiri ya moyo wanu, zomwa mumadwala ndi thandizo lamankhwala lomwe mumalandira ndipo sizikhuzana ndi chipani chili chonse. A Mdala Chala M’mwamba Ine Ndilibe Nzeru Koma Achiyembekez? Kkkkkkk! Koma Mabwana Anga Inu!

    3. Not In Burundi But Rwanda The Luo People Says ”Amaholo Akaoiteka” This Is The Same As Saying “peace Be Upon You” Or “Asalaam Alaihkum” Or “Mtendere Ukhale Ndi Inu” But Am A Malawian.

    4. Khadilo ndilo labwino,kut izitithandizra kut ndife zika zadziko lino osat munthu kumangolowa mdziko lino ngat mozambique,zambia&tazania mmene akulowera mmaboda.

    5. Jonathan, Khadi La Kongelesi Linali Lachipanitu Ukuyesa Passport? Mwanawe! Khadi Lakongelesi Ndi Chidzindikiro Cha Nkhanza Zosasimbika Za MCP! kusimikiza kuti ngakhale a CHAKWERA ndi a nkhanza kwambiri. Mudamvapo Kuti Iwowo Apepesa Pa Zankhanza Zomwe Chipani Chawo Chidachita Nthawi Yomwe Chinkalamula? Iwowo Alibetu Nazo Ntchito Zimenezo Ndipo Samasamala.

    6. Inenso ndakhala ndikuyembekeza kuti mwina a MCP tsiku lina axapepesa pankhanza xomwe amkachita akulamula koma ayi ndithu,aTembo ndi aja mpaka anachita retire koma ayi ndithu sanapepeseko ku mtundu wa a malawi,nawonso aChakwera ndi awa sizikuwakhuza olo pang’ono,ndiye ife tixiti ndichani?hw can we trust u again?atsamunda anatizunza kubwera akuda anxanthu kutizunxanso eeeeesh

    7. Akongolesi Akuchedwa Kupepesa Pa Zonyasa Adachitira Fuko Lokondedwa La Malawi Ndiye Tiwapepetse Ndife Chifukwa Ndife Anthu Abwino Kwambiri, Pepani Kongelesi Takukhulukira Koma Sudzanunkhanso Upulezidenti! Wathera Ku Opozishoni Basi.

  132. Inu mukumalimbana ndi zithu za ziiiii moti muthandize anthu omwe akuvutika ndi njala lero mukulimbilana nyumba zachamba zimene ngati muli madolo bwanji osasisa sithu zomwe zikugokwela dairy

  133. Koma amalawi chifukwa chan timalephera kulemekeza zomwe ena anachita? Mcp anachita mbali yawo,UDF,DPP komanso pp . aliyense salephera kukhala ndizofooka, Bingu ndi amenene anachita chitukuko not peter ,kukweza misonkho? Fotseki

  134. Ndimaganiza Ngati Ndizimva Kuti Achakwera Mwayamba Kugawa Mbewu Ndi Fetereza, Kani Tizimva Zopusa Zanuzi Apa Mukanakhala Mukulamula Ndiinu Ndiye Mukanatani? Ngati Munalephera Kuyendesa Mpingo Uko Ndiye Muzingoti Nyonyonyoo! Apa Ngati Mungayendese Ziko Pachakuti Panu Musatibowexo Apa Ndizopusa Zanuzo Mxxxxiiii!!!

  135. Inu otsutsa tangogwilani pamodzi ntchito ndi dpp pokweza dzikolathu lamalawi.mcp anthu anu akudikilatu zimene munalonje kuti zichitike pa chigawo chapakati apo.tsano zimene mupangazi ndi chitukuko?inu apeter akaphya mtima mukuona ngati angakupatseni ndalama zachitukuko mdela lanu focus on malawi future not that.

    1. ukamava kt dziko tigawane chiyambi chake chimakhala maganizo apamtumbo ngati ukunena pamenepawa pamnyelo panu pamodzi ndi gogo wako wopanda manoyo

    2. koma adpp inu mitu yanu imayenda thts y ndimanena kut kaguru kawanthu kamene kanavoyera dpp mulungu akawalanga mukuzunzisa anthu osalakwa ku malawiko agalu inu iyaaaaaaa

    3. Inno olo titakupasa mutani nayo ngati mukulimbana ndi zopusa.sukudziwa kuti zipani ndi chabe at the end upeza kuti tonse ndife amalawi.iwe ukufuna president azivela zilizonse opusa iweti nsana anga mbawala.gwila ntchito molimbika u survive.

  136. he should learn to respect kamuzu Banda as other countries did such as kenya,south africa mention afew.dont worry he is like soul umfumu wake ndi man made jag its different from David.

  137. he should learn to respect kamuzu Banda as other countries did such as kenya,south africa mention afew.dont worry he is like soul umfumu wake ndi man made jag its different from David.

  138. Penapake #mr_bwampini muziyankhula ngati ndinu chimunthu chachikuluuuu,… Ngati mukuona kuti dziko lakukanikani its better kubwelera komwe kuli wana wanu ndi vidzukulu vomwee. Tisiyileni #malawi wathuyi puliziiii chonde #mr_bwampini tagwira nkhamaa zanu zopanda manozo

    1. Bwampiniyu anawina bwanji kuposa chipani chanu? Eni ake malawinu munali kuti mpaka mlendo ngati ameneyu apezeke akukhala Ku state house?? Vomelezan Malawi anthu sanadzuke akugonabe

    2. Kikikikikikikiki Bwampini linali buku lina chichewa ku primary koma zomwe ankachita Bwampiniyo eeeeh…Wandikumbutsa #Nelz

    3. Kikikikikikikiki Bwampini linali buku lina la chichewa ku primary koma zomwe ankachita Bwampiniyo eeeeh…Wandikumbutsa #Nelz

    4. Mwampinidi ameneyu asamachuluke zeru, ndani samazira kut alipampando cz anapita ku xul yazakuba? mwni mpandowutu analipo even God knwz

    5. munyoza, kulira, mutukwana koma mpaka 2023 apresident anuwo ndi mmbusa ngati xabwelera kuubuxako YEHOVA atuma ng’ona kuti iwameze ndikuwasanzila kunja kwa ndale ndicholinga akapitilize kutumikira zimene ndikunenazi udzachitila umboni masiku akubwelawa

    1. Aaaa iwe how many kilometres is from chikwawa to nsanje? U can’t compare the whole stretch from chitipa to chikwawa with chikwawa to nsanje. Thats just some crazy jock ur doin here, he constructed the road through chikangawa and chiweta the most difficult parts went it comes to road construction coz of mountains which r rocky and steep. Think twice bra.

  139. masaya akulile mwano anzathu mwakhwana zokhumba zamoyowanu bwana ayimunazipeza LEAVE MALAWI ALONE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE CRITISIZED HA HA HA wapangapo chani mwana wa …… iwe?

  140. Stupit politiciz pitani mamidzimu muzikagawa mbeu zomwe tikufuna apa tizimva kti mcp or dpp yakangawa mbeu osati xopusazo manyaka nose mtsiiiiii

  141. nde akakhala kti popeza Sanjika inamangidwa nthawi ya MCP?Koma azitsogoleri inu pena pake muziganiza musanayakhule ndithu coz even mwana izi sangayankhule ayi.

  142. I also nt agree about His Speech’KAMUZU wakhazikitsa zambiri muno like,KAMUZU stadium,M1,4rm Nsanje>Chitipa,Kamuzu Palace n’State House jst 2metion afew”#NGWAZI,was founder of our nation so He mst B,respected @His Vision,awa si akudutsa poyera awa,evn the Currency wz Strong,Wt hv u done 4u 2speak such Unscluprous words..?

    1. Smtyms we mst think b4 we do!Iye akukhala ku #STATE HOUSE which was built by MCP,ndiye akuti MCP ntng done’is the same 2say dat im nt UDF supporter yt ur in yellow dressing! This mst B,ajoke #peter

    1. Mumati kamuzu anali wakumalawi?hahaha umust b joking mi brother!!!!! Which tribe was he?10yrs UDF ruled was better dan 30yrs of MCP and mwachidziwikile DPP is better dan MCP y? One keeps on winning another,keeps on losing simple

  143. Sure Achoke Akakhare Ku Ndata Munthu Ameneyu Akupenga Akulimbana Ndi Za Ndare Mmalo Mogawa Ma Coupon Mvura Yayamba Kodi Angatidyetse Iyeyu