Five Malawi top league teams face the axe

dedza young soccer

There are contrasting omens for five relegation-threatened sides playing in the Super League of Malawi in the 2015 season.

Epac FC, Dedza Young Soccer, Airborne Rangers, Mzuni FC and FISD Wizards are all fighting for survival, with less than 8 games to play before wrapping up the season.

Bottom side Wizards won their second game of the season by beating fellow league strugglers Airborne Rangers to take their tally to 14 points, 5 adrift of 12th placed Dedza from the same number of games played so far.

dedza young soccer
Dedza Young Soccer in the race.

Truth be told, anything can happen in the race for survival. If Wizards wins all of their remaining games, their maximum points will be 38.

Wizards’s sudden improvement might be coming too late to save them from filling one of the bottom three places but, with their recent confidence sky-rocketing, none of the other strugglers can rest for a moment.

Dedza and Epac, in particular, must be worried because any mistake in their remaining 8 games could see them dropping to the bottom and if Wizards, Mzuni FC and Airborne does well in their upcoming games, three of the five teams will head back to the lower leagues.

The Soccer Saints started the second round brightly but they have dropped vital points from the games they could have accumulated maximum points and if they are to survive, they must win most of their remaining games.

Fisd Wizards
Fisd also struggling.

Epac are past masters of fighting against the drop and will hope to make strides in the remaining games. Another team fighting for safety will be Mzuni FC.

The students have had a mixed performance this season and they are leaving dangerously as they have played a game more than their fellow strugglers.

They are remaining with 7 games and will require to win all of their upcoming fixtures if they are to survive the chop.

In all fairness, the five bottom teams will battle it for survival and only two teams will remain in the top flight come next season.

The bottom three will be hoping to see Epac and Dedza dropping some points and vice versa.



  1. Am worried abt Southern region teams, each and every year new teams from Southern are out, they is something wrong in southern region.

  2. apa nde pavuta heavy. wina afune or asafune koma atatu ali paulendo basi.

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