Old age forces Bonnke to cancel Malawi trip

Reinhard Bonnke
Reinhard Bonnke
Bonnke: Has cancelled his trip.

German-based evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is not coming to Malawi for his crusade which slated to take place Njamba freedom park in Blantyre, Malawi24 has learnt.

The 75 year old Bonnke who heads Christ for All Nations (CFAN) ministries, will not make it for his ministries due health problems inked to his  age , reports say.

The African Director for CFAN, John Daku has since confirmed the development.

Daku further said the ministries will be led by Daniel Kolenda from 5th to 8th November in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Bonnke first visited in Malawi in 1986.

He again visited the country in 1997 when he conducted a crusade at a place that is currently housing Chichiri Shopping Mall.

The Crusade that has invited neighboring countries to Malawi,  will conduct healing, prophecy, praise and worship sessions, among others.



  1. Zoonadi pumani man of God, mwachita zazikulu mu ufumu waMulungu. To you who make silly comments about men of God sitikudabwani, we know already that you’re agents of lucifer himself

  2. Bushiri of the 80’s.By the way Bushiri has performed another miracle.Farting and shitting in air!

  3. He knew he will not come, he must have been making name for this so called kolenda….. After all its free of charge then why not going….

  4. No problem we still anticipate the mighty works of our Lord to take place even in the absence of our beloved man of God Bonkie hope to be there for sure.

  5. If he was to cure malawi economy y can’t the hell he can’t cure himself he is a fage one

  6. If he was to cure malawi economy y can’t the hell he can’t cure himself he is a fage ine

  7. Long time when I heard about this Man, is still available? I remember He was TB Joshua of 1980’s till early 90’s

  8. Why did they have to con/ fool people with that poster?????

      1. Chizungu chakuvutanitu apa atsogo. Walk on air? Sukulu yanu yakayikisa. Musakhale amene mumabela MSCE ajatu?

  9. Thank God! The impostor is not coming to reap where he didn’t sow… When his Christ for All Nations was being welcomed in Malawi, Bonnke had been declared persona non grata in a number of countries for money laundering and dodgy exorcism and incitement against Muslims.

  10. What has happened to the many of God who lead my patients to death including my Zomba next door diabetic neighbour after praying for them and telling them that they were healed and did not need medication?

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