Malawi economic crisis hits Agriculture Ministry

Allan Chiyembekeza

As Malawi government keeps working under pressure as admitted by Minister of Finance, Goodall Gondwe a few weeks go, emerging reports reveal that lack of resources is affecting operations at the Ministry of Agriculture.

A source privy to Malawi24, within the Ministry says that this will likely delay this years farm inputs Subsidy Program (FISP) and some related initiatives.

He went on to tell this publication that so far the ministry has managed to supply only 72,000 out of 150,000 metric tones of the inputs representing five percent.

“There will be a slight delay because of lack of resources,” said the source pleading for anonymity.

Allan Chiyembekeza
Chiyembekeza: Says government is still trying to solve the problem.

Agriculture Minister, Dr Allan Chiembekeza echoed the same adding that failure by suppliers to deliver inputs is another set back.

However he expressed hope that the delay may not affect the initiative much as the ministry is working around the clock to deal with the same.

“Lack of resources and failure by suppliers to deliver in time are some of the setbacks,” confessed Chiembekeza.

Logistical report made available to Malawi24 indicates that only 38,000 out 1.5 million FISP beneficiaries can access inputs so far.

This has made Mzimba district commissioner Thomas Chirwa to urge the ministry to speed up the process citing further delay will mean government suicide.

Chirwa warned that places like Mzimba are hard to reach during rainy season due to poor road networks and other geographical factors thus government must try hard to supply FISP materials before that.

“Once rainy season fades in, it will be difficult for them to reach most areas here thus they must speed up now,” said Chirwa to Malawi24.

On the other hand this paper understands that despite such revelations, minister of finance Goodall Gondwe recently announced an additional 9 billion to facilitate the initiative.



  1. malawi akufunika president wolimba and wa experience kut azatthandze coz awa awa akulephera evn kuvomeleza to stepdown ngat zawakanka,c tym ya azawo kma uyo atleast every ministry kulibe ndalama,tym ya bingu fud wz plenty+ drugs, kma awa kulephela zoxe and yet ma malawians (who are sufferng} are clapng hands,,,i thnk ku chanco asegule Bachelor Dgr in Presdency kt mwna a2 azkhala nd xperience on hw to run a country lk ours’

  2. Time has now come that the TFI programme should be stoped.With this crippled economy,the government can’t afford to maintain it for a period of more than a decade.

  3. Chilungamo Chimamasula! Boma Ndi Bwino Kuwauza A Malawi Zoona.Ngati Subsidy Kulibe Nenani Mtundu Ulimbe Mtima, Come Out Of Ur Cocoon Pliz As Soon As Posible.

  4. Admi please on behalf of me ask this so called Agricultural ministry kuti ndi anthu angati omwe akupindula ndi FISP.anthu omwe ali osauka sakuthandizika ndi programe like nthawi ya Kamuzu, kunali bwino boma likanangositsa zipangizo za ulimi kuti aliyense azikagula yekha

  5. ankati mose walero ndi munthalika,pano aziti mose wanjala ndi munthalika….koma mtundu umeneu kaya ndi subsidy kaya ndi lokolo,,,dziko ilooo!!

  6. Onsadanda amw akusiya udindo ameneo …………ng’onowake uja amatibwanji. sanakapume……
    ..ndiye akanene kangalamba…..
    ..koitaita…thosefe tizingoti chinsilucho ….waucape

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