Safe motherhood initiatives saves under-five children

Magret Ali

Safe motherhood initiatives in Malawi are being touted to  have reduced under-five mortality rate in the country.

This comes amidst reports by the United Nations Inter-agency group for mortality estimation which shows that Malawi’s mortality rate has decreased from 67 deaths per 1000 live births last year to 64 this year.

Government has attributed this to the implementation of safe motherhood initiatives in the country.

According to Global Motherhood report, Malawi’s notable progress proves impoverished countries are capable of keeping more children alive.

Magret Ali
Ali: More needs to be done.

Executive Director for Save the Children Fund Magret Ali said a lot need to be done in the country’s hospitals for the mortality rate to keep decreasing.

“There is a need for government to increase the number of health personnel in the country’s hospital in order to save under-five children,” said Ali.

She further said that in the country’s hospitals health personnel are over worked which is also perpetrating the slow decrease of child mortality rate.

However, the newly adopted Sustainable Development goals have set a target for reduction of child mortality rate to 25 per 1000 live births by 2030.


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