Malawi Ambassador denies abusing taxpayers’ money

Brian Bowler

Malawi’s Ambassador to United State of America Brian Bowler has refuted allegations that he bulldozed his way to make Malawi government provide funds to enable him buy a state-of-the-art Lexus GX470, V8, 5.7 litre engine, worth K30.5 million.

Earlier this week a local media outlet reported that Bowler pushed government to release funds to buy a vehicle.

Brian Bowler
Bowler: Denies blowing money.

However in an interview with Malawi24 the ambassador downplayed the report.

“First of all government did not object to buy the car and we did that because the one that was there had breakdown. ”

“The car that my predecessor was using was very expensive it was over K50 million, looking at economic challenges that have rocked our country the embassy proposed that we should not buy a car at the previous price so that we can save some money,” said Bowler.

Bowler further said government had to assess the proposal for months before approval of the funds.



  1. Why would he spend such an amount when he knows where he’s coming from…???? The priority must be on the youth of MALAWI… And IA say that again…..

  2. tengani zonse zinatsalazi…mukatha mubwereso muzatenge toyota malawi yonse ija ndiyanu….mabongo ma vitz akugula anthuwa muzatengeso ndianu…..osaiwala dzimalore dzili marank mu muzatengeso osamakonda zabwino zokhazokha zatengen ndidzanu iyaaaa

  3. 30M for an ambassadors car insnt expensive, inu mumafuna aziyenda pansi? kapenda akamugulire ka TI? remeber he is in America, my boss drives a 78M vehicle here in Malawi

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