Petrol fire claims 5 lives in Chitipa


An inferno that gutted the compound of a businessman Adamson Mubanji who sells fuel in Malawi’s border district of Chitipa has killed five people and seriously injured one.

According to Chitipa Police, the incident happened when some drops of petrol splashed to a burning charcoal as Mubanji’s younger brother Frahah Mubanji was transferring petrol from ferry cans to bigger containers.

Chitipa Police Detective Andrew Kondowe said huge flames swiftly spread to all storerooms crammed with diesel and petrol drums.

Fires now order of the day.

“The bursting of full petrol drums forced the flames to further spread and blanket the residential house, catching house occupants absolutely unawares,” said Kondowe.

Kondowe further said that Frahal, Robert Chiona and wife to the businessman, Maria Mnkhodya, were burnt to ashes while Grace Mubanji and Nebert Panja were pronounced dead upon arrival at Mzuzu Central hospital.

Meanwhile, Chitipa Police Officer In charge Gray Chimphepi has warned that they will start confiscating all fuel sold illegally and drag owners to court.

All the deceased came from Mwanjalati Village, Tradition Authority (TA) Mwaulyambia in the district.



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  2. Palibe dziko limene kulibe ma Vander fuel chongofunika ndikusanala basi.go to ZA, CONGO, TZ, ZM, MQ, S.A.,BTW, Nigeria ndiye Malawi ndi ndani?

  3. Gvmnt please construct a filling station at songwe border we are loosing a lot of money to Tanzania through fuel smagoring ,it seem we Malawians thinks very shallow

  4. its time to start confiscating and drag these illegal fuel dealers to court.because this is what the police has since been waiting for.some must die first then they start taking action.too bad.

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    Koma ndiye Mumazikonda Bwaji?

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