Malawian boy attacked by scary strange disease

Mphatso Jangiya

A 17 year-old Malawian boy is in great pain as he is suffering from a strange disease which doctors in the country have openly admitted failure to treat.

The patient, Mphatso Jangiya a form three student at Matandwe Community Day Secondary School is currently at Mzuzu Central Hospital waiting for well-wishers to lend a hand to him so that he can manage to go to South Africa for treatment.

In an interview, his teacher Kamuyanja Elayija told Malawi24 that Jangiya’s disease started as a gum problem since he was feeling cavity pain and his gum started swelling.

Elayija explained that the boy together with his parents have tried to visit all major hospitals in the country looking for treatment for the problem but to no avail.

Mphatso Jangiya
Mphatso Jangiya living in pain.

He said they have just been told that the hospitals in the country cannot cure the problem and they should to go to South Africa for treatment.

“It started as teeth problem some months ago and they went to Matiya Health Centre where they were referred to Zomba Central Hospital where he was operated.”

“But this helped nothing and they proceeded to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre and then referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe where doctors failed and told them that they should meet doctors in South Africa,” explained Elayija.

According to Elayija, Jangiya’s gums have bulged and he is struggling to eat and to speak.


Currently a well-wisher in Mzuzu who denied to be mentioned has lend a hand Jangiya with MK1.3 million out of One Million, five Hundred and Ten Thousand Kwacha needed.

The Jangiya family is seeking the remaining MK210, OOO (Two hundred and Ten) from well-wishers for their trip to SA since they cannot afford to get that amount on their own because victim’s father died and his mother is financially poor.

Elayija described Jangiya as a genius in class who passed his Junior Certificate of Education examinations with flying colors.

Jangiya comes from Mmina village, Traditional Authority Mwambo in Zomba district.

Call the following numbers to help +265 999 208 670/ 881 355 858



  1. Ngati madotolo alephera nde kuti mpofunika abwere aja amayenda m’malele aja amazitchula okha kuti ndi aphwake a Mulungu aja, achina Bushiri ndi azinzake. Panthawi yazovuta chonchi amabisala saonekera ayi amaopa ayaluka.

  2. Abale tikudziwa kuti Mulungu amachiza. Mnyamatayu akusowekera not only mapemphero komanso finances. Ndiye mukamangoti pita kwa abusa akuti…kapena akuti…sizimuthandiza. Mmenenso ndikuonera alibe mwayi wowerenga ma msg omwe mwalemba apawa. Koma kwa amene akuchimva mumtima mwawo angomutumizira ndlamayo whilst praying fo him. Ndatukwana ngati?

  3. The desease resembles bone degeneration, though it’s rare but the solution can’t really be done here in Malawi coz they have to remove all the affected part and replace it with artificial bones and restructure his face, with our resources, he can not get such a treatment here. let’s just hold hands Malawians, we can.

  4. No Any Disease Shall Stand Before Our Lord Jesus! Boy Be Healed In The Name Of Jesus Our Lord! There Is Power, Wonder Working In The Precious Blood Of The Lord

  5. Madokotala akwathu kuno ndi a china amwene FONGKONG enieni maka tianati timangochulutsa matama kwa odwala bt kulemba mankhwala amakulembera ena iwes utadwala zina mbola enieni its only God who is serving malawians…

  6. swelling chin?..mandible bones hav to be checked grossly…purpet if any fluid confined in fine needle asparation..bring them kuLaboratory..cud viral or bacterial infection…else neoplastic…

  7. More blessings to the man who donate 1.3m, I got nothing to donate but I will keep you in players. Our Almighty father in heaven will be with you in every step of the way.

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  9. ndili ndichisoni cha chikulu kwambiri poti chauta akuthandiza mnyira zosiyanasiyana.mulungu ndifumu achosa zowawa zonsa pa thupi lanu,amen

  10. anthu enanu muziyankhula ngati muli ndiuzimu,umunthu bwanji ukukusowani,ngati sumunga kwanise kuthandiza just remain tongue tied.ziwanda zachuluka mulape,GOD HELP THIS YOUNG BOY TO RECOVER IN JESUS NAME,AMEN

  11. My brother, God is the begst doctor he will help u in this tough tym u will be fyne dont lose hope, in jah-jah name evrything is posble

  12. No need to solicit funds for him…let all the ministers donate the money they get for doing nothing and bring him up here.!!

  13. May the good Lord touch you with the healing hand and receive it in the mighty name of jesus you are healed my brother……

  14. Ambuye dzanja lanu silalifupi mkhudzeni mwapadeladela nyamatayo koma khudzani aliyense amene akusowa mtendere chifukwa cha matenda ,ambuye mumayika njira Popandanjira palibe chokulakani

  15. ‘Illness that doctors locally say is incurable” that’s how poor our doctors are that couldn’t identify the disease? Why hiding the disease but exposing the amount required for medical treatment in South Africa.?

    1. thats what we call total proffesionalism. disclosure of a patient’s illness iz done at the cosent of the patient/gurdian, court of law, and if neither of the two has done so, then the doctors cannot disclose the illness/diagnosis (medical ethics)

  16. The problem is not that doctors has failed to treat that Young boy,but the fact is we don’t have doctors in Malawi any disease can be uncured in malawi what they cure is running stomach

  17. Just last month I suffered a similar diseases. My lower gun on the left started to swell and bulge like a balloon. However, I do make Kigel powder (MVUNGUTI) and started taking daily. After 2 weeks the disease healed. I am in Lilongwe. Call/WhatsApp 0999365245. I can try to treat him free while he is waiting for his trip to RSA. I am in Area 25 A.

  18. Instead of helping needy Malawians live these who are struggling with life, the so called head of state spends millions of money by raking a delegations of over 100 to the UN General Assembly. Our priorities as a country are upside-down. Shame!!!! Dzuka Malawi Dzuka!!!!!!!’m

  19. Lord Jesus. Help us to be free from these strange diseases. We know we have lost your way of righteousness. Please Lord. Heal this young man and end up this disease. We beg in you and we trust. AMEN.

  20. Mulungu ndie mwin chisoni iye ndiamene analega kumwamba ndidziko lapasi amuchilisa mwanau@km ziwa kt kwaiwe amene umati ndiwazelu mulungu akuposa Pamenepo@sibwino zathu mvuto likamugwela kumayakhulisa kwambili mawa chili kwaiwe

  21. Malawi24 you have a problem of writing stories coherently. Look here, people are understanding this story differently.

  22. Are the figures given correct.It seems the well wisher has donated more than what he needs to go to RSA if we go by what this report is telling us!!!

    1. the money that is needed now is for transportation, to my understanding as the statement reads “But the Jangiya family are seeking K210,000 for their trip”

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