Malawi Government is under pressure-Goodall Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe and Peter Mutharika

Minister of Finance Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has admitted that the Malawi government is working under pressure, amid increased woes hitting every sector of the economy.

The revelations were made in Lilongwe during a high level dialogue between Cabinet Ministers and the Civil Society Community (CSOs) where the latter had demanded an explanation on the state of the Malawi’s economy.

In his remarks the Finance Minister also advised Malawians to express patience citing that current economic performance cannot be impressive with 30 to 20 per cent of the resources defended on.

“We must adjust to that level and that’s a problem because we need to embark on stringent adjustments and reforms in our expenditure of resources.

Goodall Gondwe and Peter Mutharika
What is wrong? Finance Minister Gondwe seems as asking President Peter Mutharika. (File)

“Production is not as high as it used to be, so we cannot expect to generate as much revenue from tax as the case was before. This low production is partly due to the ill weather conditions that hit the country in the last growing season,” said Gondwe.

According to Gondwe, government is among others, reprioritizing activities and mobilise more resources through tax reforms.

“A number of people who are not used to paying taxes will have to start paying taxes. We cannot afford a luxurious life under the circumstances,” reasoned the minister further adding that public resources would have to be used as intended and efficiently, ” he added.

Malawians are grappled with increased inflation, mass unemployment and widespread poverty.



  1. We all know that the situation is beyond our level of understanding. But don’t forget that there are alot of unemployed young poeple out there who can play a major role in the developing the nation, why sticking to old dudes like Ggondwe let the young dudes be given the post i.e 10,000 teachers are yet to be employed and you do nothing if the goverment have decided not to employ them, is it holding there certificates? Give them there certificates so that they look for a green pasture somewhere. In so doing these young men will lead to the development of the nation in one way or another.

  2. A real Malawian at this point will say NO PAINS NO GAINS. 2015 a year without donor support, a year of floods making it a year of hunger aswell. Zikufuna anthu okhazikika m’maganizo izi. See what global fund has done now despite some traitors went there with a damage.

  3. fire burn de bombocrat regime,xo where iz malawi?de peace country!ithink kwachuluka ndikuba!!ndizovva izi zimadana ndidyera ndichifukwa mukulephera!

  4. Kkkkkk! Yaikazi inali yamkaka eti? Yamphongoyo ndi professor ndiye anthu simunaphunzire njira zake. Kuyang’ana kungolokotu ndi style. Kadaulo ameneyo, kuyendetsa cham’mbuyo. Kkkkk!

  5. Yes, things are going bad now but I don’t blame the government nor anyone else. My hope is that soon we will be on better position. I do not recommend donors to assist us with huge sum of interest in return. and to my vie it is donors who have destroyed this country I don’t want them back. vuto lilipo ndilakuti anthufe sitiziwa kuti ma donors aja satithandiza ulele, timapasaso chiongola dzanja chambiri nkani mukuwaona ali olemela. amalemelera maiko osauka amu Africa. I should also urge the Government as it is going on Republic Reforms to also go through on sanctions that we have on economic. am saying this cause there might such sanction that is hindering from development of this country. a UN komanso a IMF ndi ma organization amene amaoneka pamaso ngati achisoni ali owononga to gain their pleasure over poor countries koma anthu ambiri sadziwa.

  6. Amzao 2yrs anasinthako zinthu koma amati ndimbuli nanga ophunzirawa asintha chani kutenga mudzi kupitanawo ku america mmm sitinati kulira amalawi utsogoleri uwu unayamba ndi kulira flag analira

  7. zinthu zakuba supindura nazo tiyen nazon musadandaulire ife tili kale ku exile ife or mwina tingokumaniza nd mozambik tanen muthamange anthu oipa inu.

  8. Goodall Gondwe is too old to be a finance minister he is taxing Malawians on anything; This is too much Bwana President, find a young energitic finance minister who can do better than this Old dude; Where is Nkwenzalamba, Ken Lipenga & Louis Chimango? I feel sorry for my count & myself things are not picking up; Has the country gone to the dogs?


  10. Boma ndi kumwera basi tingodikira 2019 Atupele basi agreement ndi 5yrs abwana musatule pansi achewa asakondana awa akutailani nthawi alibe ndi watch yomwe 100% UDF

  11. very good malawian for voting Avery intelligent president…. a professor thus why we see a good great change, politically, economically and socially. Bravor malawian

  12. Baba anzanu atha kukwanitsa zimenezi mmunkanthawi kochepa, monga muja anakwanilitsila amayi. Ndiye inu nyamukaniko kusanjikako zanthu sizinafike pobvuta kwambili.

  13. We are still crying ma fellow malawian devaluation of our currency also killing us we hv nothing to say but we wsh God to hear our prayer our poor country mn Malawi

  14. Guys we Malawias are not serious we are failing to run a country which is less than a province of Mozambique kkkkkkk we are not serious ,Malawi with fetile soil ,water plenty arable land kKkk so we are waiting for God to tell us what to do .we can irrigate and produce enough food to feed the nation only in chikwawa and nsanje

    1. abwana si mpira uwu ongosapota olo team zisakuyenda.u hav somethng koma ambiri even 100 mk sangaipeze.the whole mr of finance admiting and u think things are good.amalawife kupusa bwanji!!!!

  15. it was becoz of unity, hard work patriotism and the most special one staying away frm western countries and donations then you be like zimbabwe

  16. We will endure up to the end, Zambia n Zimbabwe have gone the same process, I just feel that something good is about to happen, n it may happen any day.

  17. I support the honourable minister Dr G Gondwe and other CSOs for taking a right step on PAYE (tax) bcz its painful and undemocratic and a sin for someone who is geting huge sums of money yet he/she dsnt pay tax while a person lyk myself am getting less than K66,000 BT am paying Tax of up to K15,000 pls pls pls treat us as human beings we are all civil servants others r even geting more than k700,000 bt they need an increament nanga ineyo, NKHAZATU IZI GUYS. My advise to some other CSOs asking the president to step down thts not a solution to our problem rather help him to solve this crisis

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