Malawian man burns woman’s house over ‘rejection’

Fire Malawi

A 32 year old Malawian man in Mzimba district identified as Martin Nkhata has been nabbed for burning up a house of a woman who some allege to have rejected his advances.

A villager who opted for anonymity said Nkhata has been proposing love to this woman for close to two years but his efforts have always been hitting a blank wall.

“He could follow her to the river, join her church and buy her some gifts but the woman was not interested,” said the source.

crime (2)It is assumed that after failing to win her love he just decided to kill her by setting her ablaze in her house.

“He thought it could be very painful to see her with another man. Consequently he resolved to set her ablaze together with her house,” said the source.

Fortunately, the woman was out of the house. Villagers said she went to fetch water by that time and she heard about the arson while there.

The issue was reported to police who later traced and arrested Nyirenda on arson charges which are contrary to section 337 of penal code. The maximum penalty for the charge is life imprisonment.



  1. Why don’t he leave her? if a woman refuses it means he did not suit her. this man deserve such panishment. love is not to force someone.

  2. Its not important to act like this whey girls say no rather lets us accept that she does not made for…

  3. Wachitabwino,,,akazi ena amapanga zauchitsilu,,,amakuendetsa kaye asanakuuze chilungamo,,kenako akaona sapato yako yatha ndikuwaendela nde avekele ine ayi

  4. i think the police hv just made a brave mistake coz the one hu comited the sin z mr nkhata bt they are ending up arresting nyirenda.. !!!! lol journalist of today

  5. Mmmmmm martin why why kkkkkkk ine ndikafunsila 10 ndima wina 7 kkkkkkkkkkk but guys hw does that Lady look like wapengesa Mr Khata kkkkkkkkkkk

  6. njira zotchukira nd zambr how iwsh it oz icud b o ova the media….isee true & real love in this guy….u dd a gud job bro…thumbs down#YOKOHAMA 4eva

  7. akazi ali bwelekete, eeh! mpaka kufunsila 2 years wosaloledwa?? iwe kumakakamilabe, ali ndichan mkazi ameneyu chomwe chapangitsa man wa kuzungulila mutu Mpaka kuyatsa den coz of kukanidwa. hahaha! koma mati nkhan ndiyokhai?? palibe zifukwa zina?? .. He deserve LIFE IMPRISONMENT with HLB. chifwamba chamunthu.

  8. Kodi mwati munthuyo dzina lake ndi Martin Nkhata kapena Nyirenda? Mwina ineyo poti ndine mulhomwe nde chizungu chandipita

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