Trending: Skies change in Zambia

Zambia changed skies

Trending reports from Malawi’s neighboring country, Zambia say that there are notable changes in the skies as there are national prayers meant to chip the country out of economic woes that have befallen it.

The prayers which are being held and are a novelty of President Edgar Lungu are aimed at among other things seeking God’s intervention for the stabilization of the currency of the country.

The prayers are also meant to help the nation prosper in all aspects of development.

But reports that Malawi24 has been following on various social platforms indicate that in the midst of the prayers, there were notable mysterious changes in the skies in the capital Lusaka.

Zambia changed skies
Power of prayer?

” I saw the skies change. That’s the power of prayer”, one Zambian replied to a tweet about the reported change.

Ironically, the Zambians believe that their prayers have since been answered by God and that it was now time for change.

Among other notable things, there were what looked like rainbow shadows with a circular looking shadow that bestowed the area of prayer in Lusaka.

According to a report by the Lusaka Times the prayers started around 13hrs the break of the fast at 18:00 hours and that drinking joints and other places of entertainment got instructions to close with the Football Association also canceling all domestic games.

The kwacha fell 0.3 percent to 11.715 against the dollar as of 1:10 p.m. in Lusaka on Friday. Yields on the Eurobond due 2027 have climbed 236 basis points to 11.73 percent since it was sold in July.

Copper prices have dropped more than 20 percent in the past year, prompting companies such as Glencore Plc to consider shutting mines and fire thousands of workers.

Zambia is Africa’s second-largest producer of the metal, which accounts for 70 percent of export income. The slump in the industry will curb economic growth to a 17-year low of 3.4 percent in 2015, according to estimates from Barclays Plc.

Zambians have been forced to endure power cuts of as long as 14 hours a day in Lusaka as drought caused water levels to drop at Lake Kariba hydropower plants, which supply the nation with almost half of its electricity. Dry weather has also caused a 22 percent slump in production this year of corn, the staple food, boosting inflation.

18th October 2015  was declared a national day of prayer and fasting in Zambia by the nation’s  Lungu.

Zambia is officially and constitutionally a Christian nation according to the 1996 constitution.



  1. Proverbs Says Fearing God Is The Beggining Of Wisdom.Africa Need such leaders who act wisely like that from nineveh.hold that faith and he will provide abundantly.

  2. The Bad Devil always wants to destroy and bring fear but the humble Zambian President with his powers and wise decision has shown that the nation without GOD is a disaster. And God has answered the President and the nation. If you don’t have God in your life, THINK TWICE. God I love you and thank you. AMEN.

  3. HAVE U FORGET THAT OUR LATE BINGU ANATI SATANA WATIFUNGATIRA MAVUTO ATATI KHWIZINGA….. and he seek GOD’s intervation.,, want it is needed is not to sack the presindent but 2 chronicle 2vs 14 If my people who are called by name shall humbly pray and turn away frm their wicked way I WILL ANSWER THEIR PRAYERS AND HEAL THEIR LAND. WHAT MATTERS MOST MORE NOW IT GOD MERCY UPON OUR COUNTRY

  4. Congratulation to Zambia, for God accepting their prayers.This is also the needest thing to b done in Malawi.God help Malawi in troubles we r facing.

  5. Anthu Anga Otchedwa Dzina Langa Akadzichepetsa Nalapa Nafuna Nkhope Yanga Pamenepo Ndidzava Mwamba Ndikuchiritsa Dziko Lawo, 2mbiri 7v14(God has heard their prayers)

  6. Ndamupasa ulemu musogoleli ameneyu.Tiyeni tiphunzilepo amalawi kuti mavuto enawa tizingo wowozana ,kufunika kugwada kwamulungu.zichepeseni asogoleli anthu tengani chisanzo chabwino ichi.

  7. it is written on Ecclesiastes 8:4 “Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?”. Edgar Lungu analamula kuti malo sonse omwela mowa kuti asekedwenso kupeleka ulemu kwa Mulungu and Zambia was quite yesterday everyone observing this important day in the history of Mankind to this generation. It takes a King to speak with authority so don’t condemn Malawian church leaders ask your President to use rightfully his powers or you still be ruled by satan

  8. The prayers were set to ask God for economic change,environmental change and so on.not changes in the happy with their move of choosing prayers

  9. Vuto la amalawi sitiwerenga malemba zinaloseledwa kale ndi anthu odziwa malemba kuti kumapeto kwa nthawi kudzakhala mavuto ankhondo,njala kusayenda bwino kwa chuma.monga simukuona kuti tiri kumapeto??zonse zimene kukudzimva panozi nkale lonse munadzimvapo?ukwati wa amuna/akazi okhaokha,manda kufukulidwa,mikangano yosatha mabomba angophulitsidwa paliponse tikufuna tione chani kuti Yesu ali pafupi kubwera?or atalitenga dzikoli omwe mukuwaganizirawo sadzakwanitsa zonse zomwe tikufunazo tiyeni tingokonza mitima yathuyo kuti Yesu adzatitenge kupita kumwamba kumene kulibe mavuto onsewa kulibe zoti voti yanga ikundipweteka ndimavoteranji kumeneko ndi mtendere wamuyaya.

  10. I hope its because their church leaders did not call their president (chindere chakufikapo) and they do understand the Bible when it says (matsiku otsiridza, zizafika nthawi zowawisa.oops ndinaiwala kuti paja chipangano chakale munati chatha ntchito.there for you don’t know mapangano amulungu.all we need is miracles leaders speaking like anthu andale,,ndimangozizwa.

  11. Why can’t we do the same as the Zambians did!!?God is able and can intervene instantly!!Koma busy tipange referendum on gay rights!!Cash gate mkati!!Mxiiiiii!!Dziko lokanikaili!!

  12. We are in period where if yu around in the cities and towns yu would see beautiful and magnificent churches being built but the truth is getting thinner and thinner, why?…… John 8v31.

  13. We are in period where if yu around in the cities and towns yu would see beautiful and magnificent churches being built but the truth is getting thinner and thinner, why?…… John 8v31.

  14. For sure waiting President Lungu to pray for Malawi it is a shame this shows our leaders are not God fearing. Thank you President Lungu. Zambia is very helpful to Malawi but Malawi do opposite why? ( Kachi panda katerere Kakoma kuyenderana) let us learn something from Zambia

  15. Apeter Angapangise Mapemphero Ngati Awa? Takumbukani Njuchi Zinabwera Paja anjavota paja. masenga basi!! i want to tell u my fellow malawians, Lungu is a God fearing president & he knows how to preach. athu angakwanise? oh God Plz also remember my nation malawi.

  16. This Is Very True because I witnesd with my own eyes because i was there at the showground. in lusaua zambia.

  17. If my people who are called by my name if they humbled themself and turn away from their wickedness,God said i will came and heal there counry and supernatura blessing upon them.

  18. good move Zambia, if those prayers were conducted here in Malawi, they would have given an opportunity to church leaders to tear the president apart.

  19. This is good news indeed. May God bless a nation whose God is Jehovah! A christian nation; everyone sought God’s intervention. Drinking joints closed, football matches cancelled! Oh! God was moved to act! Gory to God the most High! I love you Zambia people. Can Malawi do the same please. I mean prayers for Christians who know their God! Can we seek God’s intervention as one people – young, old, male, female, short and tall – name it. They sought God’s intervention and God has answered! Its amazing what God can do for his people.

  20. Hey plz dont embrasing the presdent on ur self wat is ur duty as citizen of malawi ur bizy talking ur nocense here how day a u that problem its not for APM if u want blem these people the call them selve that man of god its there duty end u as well together with a presdent to join hands to gether pray for the nation good example for the republic of zambia plz god bless malawi, bless zambia and the nerbouring countries amen

    1. In malawi everybody wants to be a politician and ndizimene zimatibwezeletsa mbuyo, timangolimbana ndi azitsogoleri athu

    2. eyad instead of aliyense thinkin of what we can do on our own we put our whole focus on the govt..especially these CSOs and church leaders..

  21. Africa needs more leaders of Lungu’s calibre. May the good Lord bless Africa

  22. Idont want to head dat but results of TNM super League which played today.with an article called Airborn Rangers 2-1 Bata bullets kkkkkk.

  23. a malawi learn how to love our country..Plz zinazi ndiziwanda anthu osakonda dziko lawo bt kukamwa bwetu bwetu criticising the president instead of joining hands with him to develop this poor nation.

    1. U are right Rian! And sometyms we hav to be patient. No govt shall be perfect and we all belong to malawi not a political party. Its ourselves also who can develop the country

  24. God loves everyone. You don’t go to church because you have seen your neighbour going!!,, everything happens in God’s time,, i hope Malawi shall sing a new song in when time to rejoice comes!

  25. Nawoso a peter anakamatero osati kupysamtima mkumalalata satero munthu ukadzudzulidwa…ndemwati malo omwera mowa anatsekedwa?moto olo toti sinamwedweko?

  26. our President is busy bragging his wealth instead of bridging the gap btwin the poor and the riches ..this guy cant think of praying for this country ,he thinks for himself only

  27. This is the right example of you the stupid Malawi people to copy at. Instead of gathering and share ideas, you are busy pulling down your friend’s jacket telling him to step down. Foolish politicians. May God answer the Zambian people please.

  28. Xtianity is not a one day thing no. Its an everyday way of life. Give us a day or two and hear what will be coming out of the mouths of our leaders? That thing has nothing to do with prayers. Its rainy season pls. Its called the Halo Sun Dog please google it?

  29. So whats the connection here; Rainbow and Economy.
    Inu ana a satana, why do you always look for signs instead of believing that Jehovah God is real and is the hearer of prayers. Were the Zambians asking praying for a rainbow or good economy?
    Who of you when asked by youe child to give him/her bread would give him/her a stone?
    Wise up Malawi, Jehovah our God will always answer your prayers accordingly but on his appropriate time. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BCOZ WE ARE IN THE VERY LAST DAYS!!!!

  30. peter ndi munthu okanika chifukwa munthu akufusa fuso iwe mumalo monyakha iweyo kukripa ukuthadauza chani umunthu ulimbe coco sayenera kukhala mtsogoleri.

    1. nonsenu ndi ngulu la peter ndaonera kutuwana apa koma kunja kuno kuli mulungu akuziwa zimene mkuchita mulungu amalanga munthu opulupuza msiyeni mai satukwana ngti inuyo dpp.mulungu akukhulukireni simuziwa cimene mkuchita .mzna la yesu utichokere satana iwe oipa wati ononge dziko lathu la mw.

  31. Bambo Nawena mukakamba za 666 ndiye inabwera kale kuti muone fb yanuyo munaika 6digital numbers as apassword ku bank pa ATM izafunika 6dgtal #s whats dat the meaning

  32. This wat strong nation do when they are in crisis ..Not what we are doing here pointing fingers to each other forgetting that the Almighty the creator of the universe controls every situation we are going through.



  35. Yes! Brethern in Zambia have done a great job to seek the intervetion of God’s hands in their tribulations! this is a welcome and recomended move for their national salvation, haleluya!! but the common and big question is ; whose God is my Uncle Edigar Lungu taking my fellow black people of the black nation of Zambia?

  36. Who told you people haven’t turned against lungu there even songs dissing him. All I know is God helps those who help themselves.

  37. God Bless Zambia…. Wish for dat here in Malawi….. Tired of these so called Pompous Prophets…. We really need reality of the Heavenly Blessed Doves as in Picture Above..

  38. someone posted about 18th of October that one of papa’s visit to USA was to execute the begining of 666 and they signed the deal and declare on18 of oct countries shud observe the fast…i dont know, i just read it so people osamangotengeka ndizina zilizonse pali njira zambiri zopitira kwa mulungu not chifukwa choti anzathu apanga chonchi ndiye kuti ife tizinyoze, u shud’ve just typed amen kuti nafeso mulungu atiunikire the way muzatengera anzanu akupanga …………

  39. Its a symbol that Gods is real and has answered their prayers,not in Malawi where wine is the order of the day.I admire Lungu

  40. What does a rainball in the sky have to do with prayers? Is the rainball the answer to Zambia problems? If so, how? It will start distributing wealth? Come on, thats weather patterns, if u want an answer to the prayers just wait and see whether the kwacha will rise or not. Humans! Always hungry for meaningless miracles! Or you think it’s that Rainball after the Noah floods? That was something else!

  41. What does a rainball in the sky have to do with prayers? Is the rainball the answer to Zambia problems? If so, how? It will start distributing wealth? Come on, thats weather patterns, if u want an answer to the prayers just wait and see whether the kwacha will rise or not. Humans! Always hungry for meaningless miracles! Or you think it’s that Rainball after the Noah floods? That was something else!

    1. you can say that again my brother but to God aaaa no one is wise if you follow this page accurately you wil see the photos how people were rounding with a prayers lets give thanks and praise to God,its a miracle that you are still alive today thats a testimony Amen

    2. inu nde anzeru?? Do u think zambian pple they dnt kno wat whether patterns are?? Godly stuff needs to be appriciated dnt be like u know everything those pple they cry 4 change in their country to their living God & God shows he heard them and promise 4 the change…let’s wait u wil see wat God does to his Children wen they humble themselves b4 Him.

    3. I give you all my credit #Alarmson. Pray to God but don’t expect miracles. Especially in these last days. Zambians are not the first people to pray to God for their tribulations. People also pray in Malawi and in all the different parts of the world where mankind exists. And if God is to be intervening like this in man’s suffering, we are not going to see the long prophesied end of this old system of things as the Bible says, ’cause one of the manifestals of God’s Kingdom is to wipe out all suffering unto earth. How can this happen when people are already finding devine salvation? No ways. What happened in ZA is so something not to do with God, please.

    4. akulu,aku zambia omwewo amadabwa nawo kuti zatheka a round circle to cover the sun!its not weather pattern but somethng symbolic in relation to the day they had.osamangotsusa zili zonse inu!

    5. People of God, let us not cheat ourselves here. The prayers will be answered, if God wants to, just wait. Do not be cheated by a mere weather experience. Thats nature! Next time an eclipse occurs, you will go running saying: God is angry!

  42. Amnzanu zinthu zikavuta amapita kwa Mulungu pamene inu muti president achoke,ana anjoka inu.Nanga ngati yemwe abwereyo akalepheranso mudzamuuzanso kuti achoke?

  43. Lets borrow a leaf from our beloved neighbor. Malawi also needs these prayers our economy has been bad for a long time. God bless malawi

  44. This is rain seasorn, nde tisadabwe ndizomwe mukutiwonetsazi, pachizungu paja ndi Lenibo, ndinthawi yake ino zimenezi.

    1. mukuwelenga chichewa, ndiye mukukawatanthawuzilanso anzanu Lenibo wamchizungu ( Rainbow ) aphunzitsi ake akuti amkakuphunzitsani mkalasiwo ??

    2. october kumabwera rainbow?? imabwera in rain season iweyo sungadabwe wekha kt dis is dry season.u satanic wa aximanu ndi agogo anu kwani komko wamva

  45. And God also has a Zambian citizenship!!! And loves Zambia than any other country!! Tehe tehe … Kwi kwi kwi am just laughing !!!!

    1. I dearly love & respect Zambians as my neighbour,@list yu gys look united,yu all willing to work for da future of yur nation unlike in Malawi where everyone turns against da president in times like these…

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