Mwayi Kumwenda barred from GO-TV Netball championship

mwayi kumwenda

Malawi’s number one netball star, Mwayi Kumwenda has been barred from taking part in this year’s Go-TV netball Championship which is underway in Mzuzu City.

Mwayi wanted to play for Kukoma Diamonds but other teams refused to go on with the competition claiming that she is not eligible to play since the player window transfer period is closed.

Kukoma Diamonds players refused to play Mzuzu based Lameck Queen after they were told that Mwayi could not feature since is she is ineligible.

After a few minutes of disagreements, the umpire blew the whistle declaring Lameck Queens the winners with 100 baskets to 0.

mwayi kumwenda
Kumwenda: Barred.

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) general secretary Carol Bapu, clarified that netball rules say that teams that refuses to enter the court without valid reasons will forfeit points

. However, Multichoice Malawi Marketing Manager Chimwemwe Nyirenda expressed happiness that the tournament has been launched.

“I am happy that the competition has been launched here in Mzuzu and it’s our hope that it will develop netball here in Malawi,” said Nyirenda.

Saturday games results are as follows:

Lameck Queens 100-0 Kukoma Diamonds

Civonets 28-44 Kukoma Diamonds L

ameck Queens 25-38 Thunder Queens

Tigresses 73-19 Mimosa Queens .

Malawi24 understands that article 37.1 of NAM constitution bars teams from signing players outside the transfer season.

“The netball season in Malawi shall commence in April and close in December same year. The Off season period shall be from January to March every year.”

“The off season shall also be the main player transfer window period. The mid-season player transfer period shall be from 1st-14th August of the same year,” reads the article.

Mwayi Kumwenda who plays in New Zealand is in the country for holiday and has been loaned to Kukoma Diamonds to maintain fitness.



  1. Can somebody tell me the results for gotv netball championship please.

  2. Mwayi ana achepa awa komabe,a mery chinunda ndi azan ku NAM tadabwa nanu mukukhomerera munthu oti ndinthaw yake yot azitolere fo nationa team ,mazobawa sadzadziwa mpira mukamakhomerera choncho araaaaa!

  3. Ndiye Kuganiza Mwachikale Kumeneku Do You Think That The Whole Malawi Palibeso Wina Angapose Mwai K, There Are So Many Hiden Tresure Out There,pachichewa Amati Kumbire Ananka Nawo,

  4. mmm,nsanje too much,mmm tokhatokha kukhomelerana,mwai adalakwanji?mmmm,kalipokalipo ku Nam,bt she needs game time to be fit for nation duties

    1. Sanalakwe ayi but netball kuli malamulo and mwai amawadziwa bwino,palibepo nsanje bwana,offcourse she is astar in netball,but malamulonso ayenera kutsatidwa

    1. Sichoncho ayi,koma ku netball kuli malamulo,iyeyonso mwai akuwadziwa,offcourse she is astar ku netball,koma malamulonso akuyenera kugwira ntchito

  5. I second that…. She really needs to assist in International Games coz she’s gone international…. Let di Locals deal with di fellow Locals…. Proud of u Mwai…. U represent

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