Mzuzu market fire sparks controversy

Mzuzu Market Fire

Arguments have emerged among vendors over the cause of fire that razed down Mzuzu market in the dusk hours of Wednesday in Malawi northern region city.

While some suggests it would be due to electricity fault some concludes that fellow traders had a hand in the same.

In a random interview with this publication on Thursday some vendors who have lost their properties to the fire doubted the possibility of an electric fault as a cause of the inferno. To them some vendors who have lost capital for their businesses deliberately set up the accident.

George Manda who has lost his electronics shop to the fire expressed anger at his fellow vendors he suspects to be behind the same. To him the behavior is a set back to development citing many people must not be suffering for the sin committed by one individual.

Mzuzu Market Fire
Remains after fire razed down the market.

“When they feel that they will not manage to settle their loans, they deliberately do this so that FINCA Malawi must forgive them, it’s not fair. Some of us do not depend on loans and we import things from South Africa, so we lose a lot in such scenarios,” complained Manda.

Ruben Lungu just like a certain group of traders echoed the same citing with such evil spirits in people, fire accidents may live on in the country. Lungu suspected that people behind such malpractices are Satanists who does not care about their colleagues.

“How can a Christian be such heartless? Why can’t they just ask for help if they feel that they will fail to settle their loans? It’s satanic to subject all of us to such losses,” fumed Lungu.

On the other hand some traders suspect that the cause may be due to an electronic fault that has been at the market for a month now. To them they have been reporting to ESCOM about the fault for some time but to no avail.

Merry Mkandawire who runs a restaurant inside the market claimed that the fire came from that fault thus ESCOM is to blame.

“Electrical fault has caused this accident. I remember days ago the report on the same was reported to ESCOM but they didn’t come to rectify the problem. They are behind the inferno and they must pay for it,” said Mkandawire.

Many varying views have been spoken by these seemingly desperate vendors who told our reporter that they do not have hope for their businesses.

However before publishing this article the actual fatalities which have been caused by the fire were yet to be established as the police promised to investigate on the same.



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    1. My Friend No Politics. Markets Accomodate Any Jim Or Jack. Its Igonorance, Among Traders Who Trade In Markets. Always Market Catches Fire After Working Hours.

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  10. Let’s learn to be realistic those who resides in Mzuzu may be my witnesses coz by the time the fire started, the whole area including Lubinga was experiencing loadshedding so take the blame out of Escom

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