Malawi police arrests drug dealer in Nkhatabay


Police in Nkhatabay district have arrested a 34 year old man identified as Jonathan Kamanga for being found in possession of cannabis sativa at Sambani lodge in the district.

Police publicist for the district sergeant Ignatius Esau has told this publication that the suspect was arrested when he was trying to coax police officers who were celebrating mother’s day at the lodge to buy cannabis from him.

Stolen. (Google images)

According to Esau the offender did not know he was marketing his illegal business to police officers since they were in civilian clothes.

“Constable Florida Kolomba together with other police officers were at Sambani lodge celebrating mothers day.”

“The offender offered canabbis sativa to them. Consequently they reported him to other police officers who were patrolling the lodge. They arrested him and seized two cobs and 20 twists of cannabis sativa,” said Esau.

He will appear in court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of cannabis sativa which is contrary to regulation 4A and section 19 of dangerous drugs act.



  1. Kodi anthu akutokota ali mukatero muziti mboma mulibe mankhwala cannabis ndi illegal drug gulu lachamba ndizinzake nde mchipatala azitaninawo mankhwala ozunguza bongowa

  2. Munthu akupanga zoti ana asatupe kunyumba ndi momwe ntchito zikuvutilamu, apange geni mukummanganso…nde anthu azitani? Mukuleka kumanga anthu akutidyera misonkho tikuonawa?

  3. malawi police arrest drug dealer kodi mukagwira zinthuzi mumapita nazo kuti? apolice misala siikuthayi ndi ma drug eti?

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