UN pushing Malawi to abolish death penalty


The United Nations (UN) has asked Malawi to abolish the death penalty saying it abuses human rights especially the right to life.

Since 1992 no execution has been carried out and the UN says this will put Malawi in good stead to abolish the death penalty.

Death hanging
Death penalty in Malawi wanted out.

UN representatives to Malawi say there is an alternative to death penalty which is life imprisonment.

The reps further said UN believes that the abolishment of the death penalty will help to harness the right to life everyone is entitled to.

Commenting on the issue Malawi Law Society general secretary Khumbo Soko stressed that there is a need for Malawi to decide whether to maintain or abolish the death penalty.

In 2007 the high court of Malawi abolished the mandatory death penalty but it was brought back following rampant incidences of killings in the country.



  1. Bvuto a Malawi fe timawayamba anzathu achumawa kulephela kupanga zathu kuno koma kupanga hayala ndege wa kunja kuwatokotsola dala azunguwa.

  2. to accept that we mean that we r still under colony systim

  3. I actually don’t know who benefits when they take away our people to war torn areas! UN is a dead donkey being riden by an Anti-Christ

  4. Chonde tisamvere ndikusatiza za angelezi ayi chifukwa ife ndife aMalawi, tipange zathu osatilamula nthawi imeneyo idapita kale mwamva -UN.

  5. United nations, is a source of satanism.Why do they want malawi to abolish the law that is protecting its citizens?.Do they want malawians to be vulnarable?.Do not brain storm us, you better leave us with our strong and tough laws that is providing a condusive environment in malawi in the sense that,people are scared to kill each other for fear of such laws.However,this organisation is been fooling many countries in Africa in the name of human rights to get rid of the dealth penalty as a result people are killing each other like goats in those countries without any law protecting them.Tell Botswana and China to abolish dealth penalty before Malawi.

  6. amalawi angoyesera kuvomereza aone…tidzilanga tokha,,kungomufaka moto wa petrol.

  7. Ndichifukwa chake Bingu adawathangisa. In our traditional we believe that if a son or daughter once are out of their parents, they do everything on their own. Malawi get it’s independent in 1964.Why do you want to tell Malawi what to do? Whether is a secretary general or whoever has said this, him is a fool, stupid, chitsiru chosaneneka.

  8. Nosense UN,those who have been murdered they don’t deserve freedom to life? And You’re talking Your nosense at the time when the number of murder cases is very high in Malawi.first UN You must fight for freedom to life of people who are being murdered .

  9. Fuck UN, Murderers do not deserv life, why dont they think for others, Stupid! Let ’em kno dat they’re bulsh*t. lets kill you UN b4 it kills us.

  10. Death sentence mst be abolished coz GOD forbids it ..Not under influence of UN en USA.. Why did the kill Gadaffi .. Why dd the kills Sadam Hussein en his siblings..?

  11. Death sentence mst be abolished coz GOD forbids it ..Not under influence of UN en USA.. Why did the kill Gadaffi .. Why dd the kills Sadam Hussein en his siblings..?

  12. Mavutowa akadzangotha Africa udzayimba lokoma kusowa ntendere kwako Africa ndi chuma ndi chimwemwe chawo sakondwera ana ako Africa akamakhala mu mtendere Africa dzuka

  13. USA by last year it had excuted almost 8 peaople and the UN offices are there in the USA why not just tell them to abolish death pernalty there why always AFRICA

  14. tell them we have flood victims to feed than to give these stupid murderers food, let them die, do they know how much to feed a stomach cost in malawi per day and suppose he is 25 and he will die at 75,how much will we lose, go to hell

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    Lets open our eyes!

  16. #deathpenalty………..what’s it got to do with #MYMALAWI being stead……since 1992 no body has been excuted what is this human rights bullsh** you keep enforcing on #MYAFRICA people Go Home #mzungu :@ :@ :@

  17. #UN,remind U,our LAWS never change & Our CONSTITUTION Still same, We cnt change #DEAT PELNATY,Okhupa nzake ayenera anyongedwe/even Life imprisonment thats why our citizen r’Friendly n’ are Scared 2commit big crimes UN/#WHITES Pipo wy u alwayz force us 2do things which can infringe our future generation?same people Usay we mst legalize Gay,we say big No”if u can look @#SOUTH AFRICA,police are murderd everywhere & its Citizen r’facing big crimes and all jail r’Overcrowded jst bcz there is no DEATH PERNATY “now people r’requesting 2regalise this law,> #MARK MY WORD!

  18. “it abuses the right to Life” so mean the One who have been killed Don’t have Right to Life?? Eeish this World Is Full Of shit If the World Was the Girl i could have stink ma Dick in the Ground Fuck the World

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