Fire guts down Malawi Post Office in Mchinji

Fire Malawi

Fire gutted down Nkanda post office in  Malawi’s Mchinji  districtin the early hours of today.

Publicist for the Malawi Police in Mchinji District Moses Nyirenda confirmed the development. He said the entire building housing the post office has been burnt.

He said investigations about the fire have started as police officers are already on the ground.

Fire accidents in the country have been the order of the day for the past weeks and they have destroyed property worth millions of Kwacha.



  1. All parts of #MALAWI have caught Fire ,Ndirande Mrkt sourthen region,Area 18 central region,Mzuzu mrkt Northen region,Mkanda post ofice,lot of places jst 2metion afew,This starts in #DPP goverment its part of reforms of the PARTY,nxt time ihope this fire will caught @ #NDATA”ngakhale kuli chitetezo chokwanira,its very painfull when a Mrkt caught fire Bcz citizen loose there possesion bt Goverment Never Compersate,if we cn see all the places who 2blame..?#malawi=#flames indeed !

  2. Y r u ppo surprised with all these never ending stories of fire in our country when the name Malawi already tells it all!Malawi the Flames of fire thats it.

  3. Since we entered the multiparty regimes, we have been experiencing the fire gutting, why? The amazing thing is that, all the buildings which are burning today were built in the Kamuzu’s regime. Why not in Kamuzu’s time?

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