MDF bus in road accident, one soldier dies


Eight Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers were yesterday involved in an accident which claimed the life of one of the soldiers.

A Malawi Defence Force bus  registration number MDF 1455 was travelling from Lilongwe to Blantyre when the back tyre burst at Nkhande and the driver failed to control the bus.

Speaking to one of the local radio stations,  police confirmed the death of the soldier and identified him as Bruno Nkhaya aged 37 who was working at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe.

The other seven sustained different injuries and are currently receiving treatment.



  1. Akulu chemagwira ndipemphero langa kuti inuyo ngati muli ndi bale wanu omukonda amwalire posachedwapa olo inu amene mutamwalira, imfayake achiwembu akukhapeni kuti mumve kuwawa caz of your stupit comment

  2. Oh this is a very sad news may the almighty god do take care of them, but may you collect yr english we dont say back tyre but rear tyre. Sorry for this

  3. I passed by Nkhande on ma we to Boma….just 15 mins afta de accident…but was it back tyre that burst??? Not front driver’s side tyre????? Mmmmmm mwina nnalakwa kuona…but MALAWI24 mmmmmm kumafufuza bwinobwino…….

  4. tikukupemphani kuti mukalemba nkhanizi muziyesesa kuyika chithunzi chazinthu zachitikazo plz ngati mulibe ingolembani popanda chithunz plz

  5. Your posting police officers why not MDF?malawi 24 plz wakeup if dot not have full information dont post anything.we are in the world of techno now

  6. Ku Malawi tikugonabe picture mwaika apa siya bus yasilikali ayi ndi yapolice zakalekale izi please be updated dziko linasintha ili.

  7. So this is every day picture to show when u got news about police and mdf? You are lazy to go out there and capture real things huh?

    RIP to the soldier

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