Poly, Chanco to become separate Universities

Peter Mutharika

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Saturday said his government will support any decision Chancellor College and the Polytechnic officials will come up with in making the two Universities become separate.

Speaking during University of Malawi Golden Jubilee held at College of Medicine Sports Complex, Mutharika said the University cannot continue to be the same way as it has been. He said it is logical to redefine and rebrand Unima in order to be relevant.

Mutharika also said he is aware of the debate for the autonomy of the colleges to become separate universities.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Will support any decision to make the two universities separate.

“To be a federal system or not to be– that is the question. Decide, manage the decision and take responsibility of the destiny you aspire for. Government cannot interfere in that debate because we respect your academic integrity and autonomy to make your decisions. The choice is yours,” said the president while assuring that his government is open minded and receptive to informed change.

According to Mutharika, if the University is not devised, there will always be problems in any country.

He said: “Our Government is not afraid of bringing change to Malawi. You called for a transformation government, and here it is. We are ready to brave the decisions this country has always shelved and deferred. Because that is the only way to make a different Malawi, a better Malawi for all. That is the only way to change and improve education.”

“Likewise, I believe the University has a bright future. What matters for us is to make brave choices in deciding our new direction.”

In 1967, the Malawi government merged the Institution of Public Administration at Mpemba, the Soche Hills College of Education, The Polytechnic in Blantyre and Bunda College of Agriculture in Lilongwe to form a federal University.




  1. by saying he(mr peter) will not interfere with the decisions poly and chanco officials will make only sprout a certain mindset in many of us, thus he ain’t here for management, and that he isn’t ready for himself to research, survey and summon wisdom of which can be the best way to improve the university standards, 2019 mr president if you don’t change and continue to mistreat us,you are going down the ladder

  2. misala imeneyo ayiii…anamanga unima ndi kamuzu ankadziwa zomwe ankachita popanga ma varsity amenewo kukhala under one management…akufuna ma vc onse akhale alomwe, ayike azibale ake mu ma senate ama college amenewo, misala ayii peter tikuuziretu

  3. To seperate means nothing, we want Government to build to more university and Colleges so that We don’t need to stay in foreign countries. This is not good as amen to leave ur home.

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