Govt partners ESCOM to improve new traffic information system

Francis kasaila
Francis kasaila
Kasaila: Confirmed the move.

The Malawi government through the ministry of Transport and public works has signed a contract with Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM) to provide better connectivity and to improve the new Traffic Information system in the country.

This comes after government in May this year installed a new Traffic Information System to reduce corruption and to improve efficiency in documentation at the Road Traffic Directorate.

Commenting on the matter minister of Transport and Public works Francis Kasaila said the new system has reduced the time people spend when they want to process their documents from five hours to an hour.

“The new system is working very well and it is reducing the time people spend to get their documents,” said Kasaila.

He further said government will work on some of the problems put forward by the public like network problems and it is working hand in hand with ESCOM to provide back-up for the system.

The ministry has also employed more staff members at the traffic offices to boost human capacity and it is planning to open two new centres in Lilongwe and Blantyre.



  1. Combining two wrong bodies is total recipe for disaster. Now this means that the MALTIS Internet signals will travel in ESCOM powerline cables and the monkey will now be able to interrupt them at once…shame!

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