Tanzania chases Malawi out of 2018 World Cup qualifier

Malawi National Football Team

Two goals which were conceded in the preliminary first leg of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Tanzania on Wednesday proved too costly as Malawi were dumped out of the competition after failing to score three goals past the Taifa Stars in the second leg tie at Kamuzu Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Blue Eagles’s John Banda had given the Flames a lead in the 42nd minute but Ernest Mtawali’s boys failed to find the much needed goal in the entire second half to exit the competition in a painful way.

Mtawali made two changes to the squad that lost on Wednesday, bringing in Chiukepo Msowoya and Shumaker Kuwali upfront.

Two minutes into the game, Mbwana Samata had his first shot at goal but Simplex Nthala was equal to the task.

Malawi National Football Team
Flames out the race.

At the other end, Banda tested Alli Mustafa in goals for the visitors who made a fantastic save to deny the Blue Eagles play maker from giving his side a lead.

Few minutes later, Banda released another thunderbolt but Mustafa once again proved too difficult to beat as he cleared the danger for a corner.

Kuwali then caused havoc with the Tanzanian defence on the edge of the box only to shoot straight into the hands of Mustafa.

However, the visitors almost scored when Flames keeper Nthala left his line of duty, allowing Samata to shoot at goal but the TP Mazembe winger was very unfortunate as his effort missed the goal mouth with an inch.

With 3 minutes to go before the interval, Malawi got their lead.

Msowoya dribbled past the visitors defence to find Banda who shot high past Mustafa in the Tanzanian goal, 1-0.

Few minutes later, Msowoya header went straight into the hands of Mustafa from a corner which was played by Gerald Phiri Jnr.

Coming into the second half, the Flames failed to play their normal game as the midfield which was better in the first half failed to keep possession.

Isaac Kaliyati and Gabadinho Mhango were introduced mid-way into the half but it was Kaliyati who made an impact.

It took more than 20 minutes for the home team to have their first shot at goal into the half. Banda’s volley just outside the penalty box was saved by Mustafa who was very outstanding between the two sticks.

Tempers were flying high as Flames captain Limbikani Mzava and Kuwali were cautioned together with Mudathir Yahya and Farid Musa.

Malawi had another chance from a free kick but Mzava, who was on course to put the ball into the back of the net, was denied by Haji Mingwali for a corner.

Ernest Mtawali
Mtawali (in white) his efforts in the World Cup race get shuttered.

The Flames failed to put the ball into the back of the net from a close range when Kaliyati’s brilliant corner was missed by Msowoya and Kuwali who were unmarked in the box.

Malawi had their final chance from another set piece but there was nobody in the penalty box to put the ball into the back of the net and after 90 minutes of play, it ended 1-0 nil in favor of Malawi but not enough to send them through as they went down 2-1 on goal aggregate.

The result sees Tanzania progressing through to the second preliminary round where they will play Algeria and the winner from that stage will progress into the group stages of the final qualifying phase.

This was the final match for Malawi at Kamuzu Stadium following reports that the newly built Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe will be completed before the end of this year.



  1. Mtawali Ndi Kape Chitsiru Weniweni. Ndili Ku Tz Kokuno Nawoso Sasewela Mafrendly Koma Zikuyenda Nanga Flames Vuto Ndicha ? Kuyesa Team Timayesa Pa Tounament Koma Coach Uyu Ndiye Kaya!!!!

  2. Mtawali is good!!! we tried to feature our so called professional players mu game ya zimbambwe anzathu atakwera bus koma aaahhh! look now we have beaten Tanzania national team which crobbered Nigeria 1-3 in Nigeria. those who follow soccer can understand what is happening and what the zimbabwe game pained malawians who watched the game

  3. leave mtawali alone,can’t u see that he is doing the right thing,investing for the future,there is no shortcut to success,most of the anti mtawali pundits are either ignorant or jeolous

  4. Crisis yanji man. Or mukunenawo kuti asiyidwa nawo akufunika ma games kuti awonedwe mmene akumenyera pano. Ndalama mukuonongera zopanda ntchito

  5. Anthu mukudziwa kutukana. Mutukana. Boma ndi fam. amelephera ku pekeka ndalama ku team. Muone maiko azanu mmene amakozekera mwake. Muona olakwa ndi amene akupha team. Ma coach ali bwino adziwa bwanji maplayer asakusewera game.

    1. Boma ndi fam sakupeleka ndalama for friendly games it means we(flames) r in crisis, not so? So why are’nt we using already xperienced niggaz like those he (mtawali) have left?

  6. Vuto akuwaphunzitsa ana kusuta chamba, angasewere bwanji mpira?Ma friendly a chani? Time table samaiona, bwanji sanakakamize boma kuti awapatse more friendly games? Kukhuta kanundu.

  7. Amene mukutukwananu manyazi akugwileni zingoonetsa umbuli wanu pa mpila coz our current flames players will form an unbeatable flames in the coming near future,mark my words

  8. Abwere kinnah,we r building a team,Young,we r building a team,nawenxo wth ur vice u r building a team? Whn wil dis project cme to an end?

  9. Yachita bwino coz the next match will be Algeria,so do u think we can match with those Europeans hu stays in Africa?

  10. apa akamati akukonza team nditha kumavomeleza nawo coz team imeneyi ikuoneka ili ndi tsogolo lowala osati tikukonza team muli ndi achina fisher. kanyenda. team yake yoti izikasewera golf kapena chani? big up Ntawali masophenya alipo tichita bwino team mwakonzayi ikagwilana bho bho.

  11. Let’s invest in football. Players need more friendly games, good salary, enough time to train, etc. Coaches should have time to go into village clubs, secondary xools to select players on their own.

  12. sindikutsana nanu nonse mukuti team yaMalawi yamenya bwino ndizoona bt sikut ilibwino kwamBiri coz team yomw timamenya nayo ija sizampira aiiii chodabwitsa ndiichi kod imasewera chonchija kwaoko? en amalawi chinativuta ndichan kuichinya coz team ya Tanzania ija siillibwino atah….malawi ntchi2 ilipo makamaka mafrndly games afunika….malipiro abwino kwama player….coach alibho tisamunamizire

  13. we r behind you it’s about work hand we know u try ur best but it wasn’t ur day to make us happy anyway get freesh aire and see what tomorrow cames

  14. Hi Reporter we r not cheased but TZ has just give us a resoan that next time we musen’t used to play a defending game soon as we never even score

  15. hy a coach don’t get discouradged about what has happened but look what cames next keep on coaching the way u caoch plus i’m sure u note the probles of todays game plz jus work on that u r caming alright Rome never build one day

  16. Iwe coach sunasankhidwe kt upange za in the future kma upange zot mchere wako usathere panjira otherwise atakudomolepotu ndamaliwitu amenewo ohhoo

  17. building, a team, until when,,,? there was, already, a team that, take a plate, in cosafa, tournament, in south africa, where is it,,? build dat, team, not, dis team,,

  18. mtawali ndiwamisala…building the team amapangira mu tournament…? Misala ayiii…udani wake has costed malawi an opportunity wokakumana ndi algeria…

  19. Ma suit ake amenewo tingawine, u niggaz dont nid to test players pa ma important games, national team sikopezera xperience abro, we nid to use experienced niggaz only. Dziphunzitsana mpirawo anzanu akupita ku world cup

  20. amene mpila timautsa bwino, tikutha kuona masophenya a team yathu kuchta bwino!even manchester united inali pa mavto akuulu atabwera kumene van gal!bt pano yayamba kupanga perfom bwino!same to our flames any time things may change we wu hav good team coz our players are also in mind of change!pakufunika ma freindly games kt ma player alumikizane bwino

    1. u r right aname,indeed our team is being built.we jst rush to insult.2 or 3 games are nt enough.imagine new manager 4 liverpool said the team will be fine i 4 yrs.

  21. Tactical training. Mwawi Kumwenda makes 500 shots a day. You find such a training practice among basketball players but not netball players. Professional Players train like that too.

  22. Report,,, :, sorry, to my, team, flames,,, it z a very team, and players, but de problem, its, our, coach,, mtawali,, he z lucking experience of, coaching,,,!

    1. No the players are the most becoz its not there first game plus they don’t use there experience as a used team some of them they start playing in 2008 plz see dat

  23. nkhani ili yapa mvuto si coach kapena maplayer. Mvuto ndi. Fam ndi boma saluwapatsa time yabwino yopanga training and team yanthu simenya mafreindly game. Ndalama sikunthera kunononga zopusa. Apatseni mpata ma coach zinthu omwe akufuna

  24. Mtawali ndi kape,zoba othera2,kapwayi,golong’ondo,guve-guve okuba mchere pamaliro watipwetekesa kunena chilungamo building de team ndekut chan kupanga build team nde mpaka kuchosa maplayer akale kubweresa anyuwan a under twenty

  25. But for how long are we going to build the National team,does it mean that each and every coach who comes in will be building his own team?

  26. Mr Mtawali musaidandaule Taem ya Malawi,anyamatawa ndiodzitsata akuwona mene zinthu zikuyendera malawi muno,atiika bwanji pa Map ngati tikupanga zinthu zolongosoka,mukuitha anyamata.

    1. kkkkk amwale alinazo siliasi ngati ndi amene akupanga sponsor flamz,kapena inu ndi acoach munayambanapo ndie mwafuna kutukwanira pagulu kkk amwale masewera awa paidze basi osamadzitengera zomwezi mpaka wina akhale galu?

    2. Amwale mukuwonetsa umbulitu.Awa ndi masewero.Mwapindulanji?Last week Man-U. inamenyedwa 4-0 ndi Arsenal,ndani adatukwana coach! #You need school#

  27. Ntawali achoke sanakhime maganizo apatseni timuyo akulu akulu kuluza tinatopa nako mpaka liti zimenezi nditanzaniya yomwe. Pepani tiganizileni sibwino kumangolila nthawi zonse mapuleya alipo koma line up ikuvuta bola bulets ine twaibu

  28. congrats to taifa stars. flames is used to losing. thanks at least some tax payers money will be saved. flames shud just giv up on the afcon otherwise ts yet another waste of resources.

  29. Kochi kusinthasintha ma players ngati ma used condom,wamenyedwa pang’ono Nyamilandu akanamukantha zenizeni,ndamene walowetsa mpira wadziko lino pansi

    1. aise chirwa ukunena zoona kwambir, coach wathu,,yi, sali bwino, bola young chimodzi uja, ndi jack, uja zinali be bwino, osati, izi, dis z worse,,,!

  30. To win for World cup qualify it’s fake coz we cannot go there yet on African level we have not recognized next time we gonna do better !

    1. No is not because its where the team get more exprience on top of there exprience as a personal and a team in genal

    1. No kaka Kila Game Ina Plan Yake Jamaa Walikuwa Wanatafuta Matokeo By any means Kitu ambacho Tulishakifanya nyumban Kwangu Me Naona Game Plan Imefanikiwa Tuangalie game ijayo

  31. It was great show for the Flames. Paja ku Malawi kuno aliyense amadziona ngati angamenye kapena ku kocha mpira. Our coach should be given all the support so that we can do better in AFCON.

    1. aise #praise,, penapake, coach wathu yu sali bwino, bola young chimodzi uja,,,,,,! utha kuona, ku south africa kuja,,timakaponya, Cosafa,,ija team imene ija inabwera ndi chimbale ija, inali bwanji,?

  32. They deserve to take lake malawi. Why waz john banda called up when he is building a new team? By the way nthala & chipuwa who is younger? Building a new should not be a scape goat. We know u will be fooling us throughout your contract

  33. Hard lucky guys we tried bt it was nt our day ithink jst lyk owez.coach u are wonderful malawi nids ur services more than ever before.

  34. We tried, but I did not expect the flames to lose that game today. But still we tried. On the other hand our midfield was not in good shape Mtawali needs to look into that…..

    1. Iwe soko, makamaka wazikho, tizingosewela ma frendries chabe mpaka tizayambenso kumapeza zigoli pafupifupi magame8 pa ma game 10 ali onse.

  35. Asadachire uyu,zingoowonetseratu kuti coach tsogolo palibe,chotengera player oti sakumenya ku club yaje ndichani?…Gaba wangoyamba kumene kumenya ku Reserve side ya club yake.Nthawi zonse game yathu imakhala predictable kuti tiluza.

  36. Musaiwaletu Paja Team Yathui Ndiyaku Agalatiya Imayamba Bwino Kumalizira Ndi Mavuto,tien Tidikire 90 Mins+added Time Zikatha Bwino Ndie Tithyole Dance!

  37. vuto lili ndi enerst mtawali : 1. Amasiya ma player abwino e.g fischer, green harawa or kamwendo chifukwa amadana nawo… 2. Alowetsa bwanji chiukepo msowoya oti ali ndi injury ya mwezi 3. goloboi #nthala ndiwama blunder koma akukamulowetsa game… 4. Gaba salimu form pano….game iyi ndiyoluza ndaona kale ineeee…!! Kungoluza game iyi, enerst achoke komanso abwenze ma allowance wakhala akulandirawo…misala tatopa nayo ifeee

  38. Team iyi ndimayikonda ndipo tipha ana amenewa ndi zigoli 4 kwatete keneko tikapha German tikudikira kufafatha Engaland tisanakumane ndi portugoe kudzikayikira bwaji

  39. Ndiine Mlendo pa Nkhani za Masewero Even Tsogoleri #PETER -#BWAPHWINI saziwapo kanthu koma kudya Ma-taxes a anthu osauka ‘so in this juncture where #mw we are jst wait & See !

    1. Mmmm amalawi nsanje siyabwino,mpaka nsanje ndi yamikani fodya yomwe? As of now he is considered as the best constant defender.l thnk u r blind and if not mwangodana naye.kambani za gaba kapena gabeya ndikuvomelezani koma osati fodya ayi.am a lady but l do follow soccer that much.haters!!!

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