Introducing: HAEZ lifestyle fashion designers

Edward Kankhomba

You are in Malawi, love fashion and you by extension want to look the smartest in town, well the answer is here: HAEZ.

Malawi’s newly established urban lifestyle with fashion designers displaying their work called HAEZ will be officially launched on 16th October 2015 at Blantyre Cultural Centre from 6pm-10pm with exhibitions of latest designs.

According to one member of the publicity committee, Edward Kankhomba ,at the meantime everything is set for the launch as the performers are preparing for it.

Edward Kankhomba
Kankhomba: HAEZ here to stay.

” Venue has been booked and performers are at it rehearsing, designers and models getting their game on,”said Kankhomba.

The lifestyle designers whose name is abbreviated as Have and Enjoy Zoe (HAEZ) is redeemed for a Purpose Ministries programmes that have three objectives.

Its main objectives are to display the Wisdom of God through different talents and to discover,nurture and expose various talents.

Some of the designs for  exhibition during the event in the classy men’s wear are Kliff Culture with Gio Wear and Distinct Neck Wear with Oak.

On the ladies there will be Maur Designs, Doris Flora with Du’s Glam among others.

Chairperson, Jonathan Zuze has since urged people to grace the event saying the event will showcase latest fashions needed highly in town.

There will also be a fashion show later on with other activities for the night including, music performances, Game show and poetry.

Entry for the event is free, according to the organizers and that free tickets can be sought online here.

HAEZ is an event which will regularly happen at well timed spaces through out the year in different places across Malawi.


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