Consumer rights body wants NBS Bank to compensate customers

NBS Bank

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA ) has demanded a compensation from New Building Society (NBS) Bank following a system crash that has led suspension of bank transactions.

Information that Malawi24 has, indicates that NBS Bank has been failing to serve its customers across the country since last month.

In reaction, CAMA executive director John Kapito described the development as an ‘insult’ to customers therefore the bank needs to consider compensating customers.

NBS Bank
Being pushed to compensate its customers: NBS Bank

“People are supposed to be compensated not just a mere apology through the media” said Kapito

Kapito further condemned the bank for not having alternative systems to serve its customers.

“This is rubbish and it is an insult to customers,the bank was supposed to have alternative systems to serve its customers” added Kapito.

NBS chief executive director Bernadette Mandoloma said the bank has been using the system since it was established.

“For the past years, we have been using the system we were just updating and it was working. Our technical team are to insure that we will not have same problem in future” said Mandoloma.

The bank has issued an apology for the inconvenience the problem has caused.



  1. Vuto ndi atsogoleli athu,mavuto onsewa nthawi ya Kamuzu zikanawathera bwa?Ufulu uja tinagura ndi ma T shirt ujatu ndizimenezi,atsogoleri athu ali mturo tidikire kaye akadzadzidzimuka!

  2. I agree with kapito. Yes we have bn frustrated with ESCOM/waterboard but what we have to know is that supply is in their mandate, of course they have duty to ensure quality service to clients but that doesn’t mean that when u are connected with them then u hv the right to claim in case of power or water interruptions, thats not part of agreement, unlike the banks where when u deposit money, u have the right to have it back on demand, so banks are aware of this duty, and that any delays to release moneys demanded by clients must be reasonable, so reasonable to such an xtent that prolonged delays, say full day, 2 days and beyond will be unreasonable and obviously greatly affect clients in their programs, so calls for compensations are in order. Problem in Malawi is that when one calls for action on pertinent issues we call them a loudmouth, and when they tire up and shut their mouths we say ‘adyetsedwa banzi’, mmayiko anzathu citizens take active participation on issues affecting their affairs

  3. Kuvutika popeza makobidi, kuvutikaso pokatenga Ku bank, ndiye Malawi ameneyo. Bola kukwilira pasi

  4. Mwina nawo ali ndi account ku NBS ko. He wants to be compensated. Koma ngati akungolankhulira ngati executive director wa CAMA ndiye, he is talking zinthu zopanda mutu. Escom & Waterboard why are they not compesating their clients. Just because it is a bank ndiye it should compesate it’s clients??? Oooh!!!!!

  5. aCAMA aCAMA y are u against this bank. maybe they didn’t employee ur sons n daughters???? .water hz never compensated it’s customers. Esocm hz a lot of customers to compensate .so chilungamu chichitike and Nbs shud b de last to do so to it’s customers.

  6. I quite agree with paul,since its money ur now asking fo compesation!y didn’t u ask waterboard,escom for compesation,Malawians be wise wen making such suggestions this is why we r stll poor,ed blieve me u dea will be no other malawian if we will continue living like this!!

  7. Itotally Support That Motion But Mr C A M A It Must Work In All Sectors Like Escom. Waterboard And Other Service Providers. Trully We Are Suffering Without Bitternes,

  8. Zopusa, hw bout the water boards, escom, anthu tikukhala opanda madzi ndi magetsi for days, have u ever made such noise kut akupangeni compesate, think with your little brain b4 making such bullshit here…

  9. The solution is obvious. Those who are making such noises will be compensated to shut up while customers will be compensated by being ignored. Look at the Mayayas,Mtambos wth their CSOs. Where are they now? Anaaika zimabazi nkamwa pano kuli ziiii ndi zimaphokoso zawo zija. Amalawi koma tili pamavuto.

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