Ernest Mtawali’s magic fails in Tanzania


Two first half goals from the Taifa Stars handed Malawi a 2-nil defeat in the 2018 preliminary first leg World Cup qualifier at Benjamin Mukapa National Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.

The Flames of Malawi made several changes to the squad which played to a 2-all draw away to Swaziland last month, with Chawanangwa Kaonga, Simplex Nthara and Miracle Gabeya all given their first start.

Their first chance came through Robin Ngalande in the 11th minute whose volley was well saved by the hosts’s shot-stopper for a corner.

Few minutes later, Kaonga was set through by Gerald Phiri Jnr but the former Silver Strikers forward’s shot was well blocked by the Taifa Stars’s solid defense for another corner.

Just when everybody thought that the Flames were starting to settle down, the home team got their lead in the 19th minute.


Flames lost in Tanzania. (Pictured before the match).

Foward Farid Mussa dribbled past Yamikani Fodya before releasing TP Mazembe talisman Mbwana Samatta, who made no mistake to beat the advanced Nthala in goals for the visitors.

Tanzania doubled their lead three minutes later in a dramatic fashion.

A low drive cross from the left flank of the field caught Nthala napping who instead of correcting the ball, played it over his right shoulder for Thomas Ulimwengu to slot home to make a cool finish, 2-0.

From there on wards, Mtawali’s boys tried their level best to reduce the arrears but the hosts’s goalkeeper was equal to the task.

John Banda had his shot well saved by the shot-stopper before denying Phiri Jnr another goal scoring opportunities.

Come into the second half, Malawi introduced Gabadinho Mhango, Manaseh Chiyesa and Isaac Kaliyati. Fewer chances were created, with Mhango coming close to scoring only to be denied by the magnificent goal custodian.

The hosts could have buried the game just before half hour mark but their effort came off the bar leaving all the home fans in total disbelief.

28 minutes into the half, Mhango combined well with Chiyesa but the latter shot wide from the close range.

Simplex Nthara

Nthala: Failed to parry the ball in the second goal.

At the other end, Nthala made a stunning save to deny the home team from increasing their lead. Mhango had another chance but his header was very weak, giving the hosts’s shot-stopper all the time in the World to clear the danger away and after 90 minutes, it ended 2-nil in favor of the Taifa Stars.

Speaking after the match, Mtawali bemoaned lack of concentration in defense as the main reason why his boys lost the game but was optimistic of turning the tables around when Tanzania will be hosted by the Flames on Sunday at Kamuzu Stadium.

Scoring more than two goals without conceding will be a must for Mtawali’s boys if they are to progress to the preliminary second leg qualifying round where the winner will face Algeria before progressing into the group stages.

Malawi will be hoping to welcome back Robert Ng’ambi who was ruled out of the first leg due to an injury.

Before departing for Tanzania, Mtawali’s squad was dominated by his under 20 national team players he once coached last year, dropping some senior players in the process.

Alot of soccer pundits never minced words as they questioned Mtawali’s squad selection but the mentor quashed all the criticism saying his youngsters were ready for the challenge.

However, Malawi failed to withstand the heat and qualifications chances are now in a major doubt.



  1. Kodi Kumalawi Kuli Mpira Wa Amuna? Ine Ndimadziwa Wa Azimaitu Basi,mungoononga Ndalama Basi Ngati Ndizambiri Gulani Chimanga Mukapatse Anthu Mmizi Akufa Ndinjala Zina Mupeleke Ku Team Ya Ntchembele Mbaya Ziziwathandiza pot Ndiyokhayo Yomwe Ikuchita Bwino

  2. team singawine chifukwa timayembekezara kuwina koma osaithandiza timu pa nthawi nyake koma tikundikira kuwina or mwana okhoza mayeso ndi amene amapita ku sukulu.

  3. Kodi vuto ndi coach, boma, players, ministry kapena anthu wambafe kuti mpira pa Malawi usayende bwino? Chonde, mwina papezeke munthu andiyankheko. Chifukwa chichokereni Kamuzu, sitikuchita bwino.

  4. even mbiri yao ya mpira a coach athuwa siyambino,, tell me enest anayamba wachinyapo chigoli liti? now how can he coach to colorfu things? achoke basi

  5. We shall never have any magic 4rm our boys as compared to 1978 en 88…..kukula mitima akamauxidwa so mmm a doubt indeed…we may pray but nothing shall be given to us till we repent…

  6. malawi yokanika iyi gabeya nde ndikachani kumangoti bb bb tengani wosewela woti athandize wosati zamanyaka ngati izi zakuthabwalabwinyasi basi

  7. I can’t blame earnest mtawali. His ingredients come from the super league. Somebody show me quality players in out local League and I will show naming’omba united quality of players in BB and Manoma who form the majority of national team players

  8. Dzikoli lili pa mavuto guyz apa ma guyz awa zampira zawakanika let us train ma qeens athuwa mwina ayambe mpira wa miyendo

  9. vuto ndi atolankhani athu.. kupopa ka club ngat kut katithandiza…. every tym mumva eee Bullets this Bullets that.. bwanji kodi amalawi…. nenaniso zakatimu kanuko…. miracle gabeya nde ndaniso..?

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  11. Naturally Kinnah zamusangalatsa, zili ngati okhoma ma coffin, pakachitika maliro iye amakhala okondwa osati chifukwa chakufuna kutero komano basi one mans food is another mans poison.

  12. Ndimanena nthawi zonse kuti Malawi Football National Team ili ngati Bambo omenya Akazi ndi ana ake, koma akayenda kubwela akulira, atamenyedwa. Amalawi m’mene mumasokosela muja mpira wamakalabu nkumati ife ndiye madolo ampila. MADOLO anuwo anali kuti? Bwanji sanachinye kuonesa udolo wawo zulo? Kungotiipisira mbiri basi aMalawi amangochinyidwa pamene sitonse timasapota mpira enafe tinasiya kale. National FTM ithesedwe ikutiipsila mbiri komanso kutha ndalama anthu azingosewera MPIRA WA MAKALABU.

  13. On 11 october flames fans should carry anti ernest, anti nyamilandu & anti peter mutharika placards to show their anger or else refrain from watching game in the stadium

  14. Passing the interview & excel @ work are two different things. We were told the two did very well during the interview. But look now, are they also doing well? Experience is the best teacher. Never judge a book by its cover.

  15. no one accepts to repeat the same mistake,therefore this persistent act of changing players for a single mistake will lead to this,,,what now?its like you are giving 30 players a chance to make a mistake in the national team instead of buildng the ones who already had made tht mistake and its unlikely for them to repeat…a coach pliz build the team by puttng one brick on top of the other and not continously replacing various brix on one spot


  17. To make a gud team it takes fo hau lng thy play togethr undr one coach.koma izi zomasintha ma players /ma coach sitingapange gud team neva.i knw supportr amafuna immediate result koma titamupatsa timu ija kochi mmodz ndkumpatsa period mwna 3yrs en frm thn zpatso tikhoza kuzipeza zabwino.ku Malawi kuno kukhoza kuzakhala timu ya mpira wa miyendo osati izi tikuona lerozi….

  18. congrats flams you have defended very well 2-0 away game is not ajoke,TZ could have scored more than 20 goals,flams woyeee!!!! kkkkkk

  19. kkkkkkkk, this is laughable. Sorry to say this my fellow malawians bt that’s the fact. We expect our team to do well when we r nt well equiped. Guys, 4 any National team to do well wether its netball, football, cricket whatever u hav to b well equiped specifically financially. Well done our gyz for that loss, I salute and those who blame u just tell them to fuck-off

    • Y always the Queens…answer me pliz is it financially equipped 4dem 2rank #2 in africa n 6 in d whole world….or Btwn Flames n Queens which team Pump more of our taxes?? waiting for your answer pliz #Mauwa

    • Boss, we can’t compare the netball and the football. Lets b honest, our prayers r nt motivated. U expect our team to do well when most ov its prayers r suffering. They r even failing to buy bread and butter in their homes bcz of less suport. There r pple who r eating those money nt our prayers. There’s no motivation bcz kuti mufufuze mupeza kuti akulu akulu akumipando ndiomwe akudya ndalama zomwe mukuti ndimisonkho yathu

  20. kod ngat ikudandaula iwe? no!! koma anasiya kalekale kuzitsata kkkkkkk bola ma queens,umaona bwanji akamafika pa KIA/CHILEKA? moralo yokhayo,,,,,,,,wamkaka man osat ma braz aaaa mbola man kkkkk

  21. Even nzungu sangathandize,we shud nt blam de coach nor players,lets aim @ tim buldng mtawali z jst fyn hopfuly wth these players Malawi wl hv better tim coz i can c changes in these youths.

  22. FAM + coach nonse muchoke coz mwapezerapo polemererapo ziphuphu mwaonjeza ndimadziwa kuti anyamatawa amakuopatsani kangachepe kuti alowemukutionongera mpila

  23. You see now! Ernest amasuta kwambiri kanundu nchifukwa chake saamva. The worst national team coach Malawi has ever had in history. Wicked fool! marijuana addict! Marijuana induced arrogance.!

  24. Makani a Ernest ndi mponda chimodzimodzi,akafuna ma player omwe sanakhwime mmaganizo okhaokha,koma sizuwapindulila experience matters everywhere.

  25. Good work guyz keep on running! Tanzania took their chances and good goal keeping thats what shows them the winner. For me guyz you played very well.

  26. Palibe Chamzelu Ndimayembekezela Ndi Squad Imeneyi. Wina Akanatola Maplayers Otsalawo Kupanga Team Ina, Kusewela Ndi Ya Mtawaliyi Yowina Ingakhale Yosiidwayo. Eg Lanjesi,chipuwa,chapola,mwambene Etc.

  27. Ine ndimaona kuti asankhe maplayer abwino awalembe ntchito yomenya mpira muteam yadziko lino osatinso m’malocal club nooooooo! Koma kunja

  28. I jst like Mtawali,,he is ver gud coach,,he like children so much,,he must be given under 14 National Team to coach,,he can excell there,,thats his type,, not in this senior team.

  29. Team ya malawi sidzatheka,,Ma player angositha ngati akutsintha zovala,,,,,Kungoona player wayamba kutchuka amvekele National team,,,,Club ikati yikumenya bwino,,,,Mwati ma player kumeneko ali bwino,,,,,Mudziona zomwe akudziona a BafanaBafana,,,Game yili yonse kusintha ma Player 6,,,

  30. I supot ntawali coz he iz bringing up young players, ngakhale akadatenga a experience anu aja anawinako chikho chanj? Muziganiza, akadzachoka nyamilandu mudzaona tidzayamba kuwina

  31. Kutenga Ma Players chifukwa cha maina/ kudziwana si boo!, ndibwino kutenga omwe akumenya bwino panopa m’maclub mwawo. eg Anganga Hasan Chapola, Ntopicho Njewa, Mwambene,Lanjesi, Chipuwa ndi ena ambiri.

  32. Chi team chopangisa manyaz ngat ichi ine players plus e coachng panel ndiofunika azkwapulidwa akaluza meb mayb ey cn feel our grief.

  33. Coach achoke basi asatigwiritse manyi iye chimene amasiyira ma player odziwa ndichiyani? Nyanja atilande mpilanso atimenye ndiye double cramity.

  34. Boma likanaika chidwi pa mpila polembe mphuzitsi wa chizungu zachikudazi ndi izi zatikanikazi pompano timati kinnah achoke wa bwela chimodzi tili iiiiii bolaso kinah uja lelo ndi awa amtawali tikutiso bola chimodzi uja

  35. ….. Fodya, ….Nthala and …. Gabeya? Who is to summon?
    uch as many of our streets and cities are flocked with beggars: most of which claim to be crippled, that should ring a bell in your cerebrum and opt for something logical and reasonable. Yes, you tend to wonder what’s up.
    Before I unleash my point of view, who/ what do you blame for your misfortune (s). Another man or thing or yourself is/ are behind your misshapen (s)? Well, is your answer logically correct and can mathematically be proven?
    Let us begin with beggars in our streets: do they blame someone/ thing for their misfortune (s) or they just accept and enjoy being beggars or crippled? Do those crippled blame their parents/ guardians or themselves for being whom they are today? If they blame themselves; do they blame their head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, nose, hands, legs, foot or brain for not functioning accordingly?
    I have a friend in my hood, crippled one arm. He doesn’t beg at all. He lives a happy and normal life. He was born crippled. He once worked as machine operator at Candlex Malawi Limited. Now, if you go, for example, in Blantyre at around Nandos- robots as you are going to flea market; you will find a certain gentleman who has all body parts except for one amputated hand, I repeat, amputated hand. Thus, this fellah was born normal, but his hand was cut off for some other reasons known to himself; however, he is begging. I do wonder, and it puzzles me much.
    Most of our primary to secondary school works here in Malawi are in most cases personalised, i.e. individual work. However, for those who had a chance to visit the corridors of Malawi’s universities and colleges can agree with me that some sort of group/ teamwork is required for one to excel; group assignments are the order of the day.
    I am bringing all these cases for a sole reason: today the Malawi’s flames were playing against the Taifa stars of Tanzania where the flames have lost by two goals to nil. A lot of comments (which I call inhumane and unreasonable) have been flushed out. Parts and bits of the comments are rebuking the works of Yamikani ‘ahedi’ Fodya, Miracle Gabeya, and partly the goal keeper- Simplex Nthala. Mmmmmhhhh! Are your arguments and comments reasonable and above all, logic?
    In the football play pitch, each team has eleven players. If a team flops/ loses, is it logic/ fair to single out players? If you have answered ‘yes’ to this question (am sorry to say) you are a big fool I have ever seen. I said a ‘team!’ what is a team? Is yamikani Fodya a team? What about Miracle Gabeya or Simplex Nthala? The eleven players work all together. A ball was passed from Tanzanias’ defenders, to the midfielders and to the strikers who in the end scored? Is the goal keeper, defenders, midfielders or the strikers of the flames worth the blame? They are one, hence a team. If one flops, all flops. No wonder I do love this “ ikawola imodzi, zawola zonse.” If you cannot agree to this proverb, mmmmmmm, I doubt your reasoning.
    It pains me when the flames is playing a tough match, some people / organisations ( who I call fools of the fools) they ditch out huge sums of cash stating that the one who scores for the flames will receive so~so~so amount of money! What’s this/ that? So in the play field, the strikers are superior? What about the midfielders, defenders and the goalkeeper? Do you know what this offer has been doing/ or affecting? To me, which is the fact, sportsmanship, teamwork and oneness is eliminated. Everyone wants to score. A player can have the ball, but he knowingly that he cannot score, he cannot pass in to a colleague either because if other player scores, he will not enjoy the money.
    If the flames losses, who do you blame? Have some sense of humanity, reason before you act! If you blame Fodya or Gabeya or Nthala for today’s loss, then chop one of your body parts for your misfortune (s).

  36. Ndinaziwa Chifukwa Chati MaClub Tathuti Kukulilanatima Kunyozana Kugamelana Pa FB Ena Ndikumanena Motubwa Ndife Nationaltime Ife Pitani Kunja 0 Pa 100 Ndinaziwa Kuti Ndi TAIFASTARS imeneija Nigeria Inapumira Khapwa Ngati Khululu

  37. fodya70%,gabeya 60%,gaba50%,chimango 70%,sanudi50%the rest including coaching panel ,fam20%, submissions nyamilandu should stand down mtawali apologise to ng’ambi and forfit 3months bonuses to suppoters

  38. Timakalamba msanga ku malawi chifkwa chakukhumudwa mpaka 2,pa 11 TZ izamenya ndi Dwangwa united Flames taithesa kkkkk.Next tym try ur best.

  39. Beta mane zake tigwilisile jobs pa volebo ndi basketbo development coz kumeneko nkomwe kukusowa mane yet players tili nawo.lets change frm fam to vam olo bam.tatopanazo beta tizingokhumudwa ndi manoma athu ife flames yatilaka.

  40. Tili pa top , tili pa top….. Fwenye fwenye ife kusowa mtendere nanu ngati zinthu zinthu… Koma umfiti , Mafo adaonadi ayayaya, nanga osaichinya Tanzania bwanji?? Manyi anu…. Sunday mukaluzanso technical panel yonse mukwapulidwa

  41. supeq league of Malawi teams ar led by unprofesional coaches thats y Nyamirandu z askin sulom coaches 2 ‘v required documents.

  42. Chilapondwa and Dambula keep on doing the good report,so we’re giving away all what we have to these Taifas?shame shame to my beloved Flames!!!!!!”

  43. Dont blame the coach or players. Blame futbal administraters. How many coaches have been tried? How many players have disappointed us. Futbal needs to be developed from grassroot (acadamy & primary xool)

  44. Osanday guyz paja coach wanthuyu akukonza team,mnanen ine, tiyeni tirembe mzungu, chamba chomwe ankasuta mtawari popeza chayamb kugwirat tchito

  45. That reminds of flames of fews yrs ago,before Kinnah took over;kumangoluza zili zonse,even TZ.Tikapanda kusamala tifika mpaka nambala chitseka khomo pa dziko lonse

  46. I don’t want to hear the coach sayin we played well bt lucky was not on our side, what we want iz a win even if they don’t play well, iyaa tatopa ndikuluza kwa chi team chimenechi!!!!

  47. enz amatinena tikukamba za ma Queens kuti sasuntha amangokhala 5 kapena 6. Amati bola ma Flames. Koma ife tikuti bola ma Queens. Amagonjetsako kapena kowupysedzako ma team ena.

  48. Lets fight for Kinna Phiri when he was there we were somewhere sunday ikhale game yomaliza akangoluza basi amange wina waku RSA wina ku Burundi takwiya basi

    • Kuyambila ku fam akulu akulu achoke because honestly when thy made a decision of appointing mtawali they were quite aware who was right for the job but because of their own personal reasons they opten for mtawali,lets forget about going to the world cup instead lets shift our focus on restructuring our football administration, football is nt played in the pitch alone, win or lose is the end result of decision made off the pitch.something must be done now, there is nothing wrong with the coach but the one who employed him, if the boss (fam) cant see anything wrong with mtawali that means them, they’re the ones to be blamed.

  49. Whipping boys of Africa! A waste of resources! Lets just abolish the National Football Team. Use the funds to fund Netball. At least we can see better results there!

  50. I know anthu ambiri u will blame the coach for his selection but u must ask yourself kuti ndiplayer uti amene mungamutchulu yemwe sanapasidweko mpata kunational team? Richard Chipuwa was poor in Swaziland, Charles swini, owen chaima onsewa agwirirapo flames but they didnt perfom, ambiri mukumunena Gabeya but Taluza magame angati John Lanjesi alimo? Taluza magame angati Baggio ndi kamwendo alimo? Lets just accept that our players arent national team materials

    • tikufuna akhale ndi squad imodzi osat game iliyonse kusintha ma players nchifukwa chake tikumubulema coach wa phumayu ikakhala squad imodzi akhale fight hard kwa maplayers atawasankhewo

    • Komanso ma player athu adzisewera with passion!
      Kuifera game kudzikhalapo despite zoti kaya ma coach chanichani!
      Vuto ndaliona ndiloti ambiri ku National duty samadzifera kuopa ma injuries so end result amaopanso kuti satha kusewelera club yomwe ikuwapatitsa la mchere…
      No wonder kuti ku ma club competition is very hot between clubs and moral ili higher than with the National Team..

    • ndikugwilizana nawe #Ngwazi Malawi as anational team tayesayesa njira zosiyanasiyana with different Coaches koma zikuoneka ngati sitikuphulapo kanthu..Iwould suggest kut ngat kuli kotheka Malawi as afootball team ipemphe break frm FIFA kut mwina 3 to 5yrs whch shouldnt b involved in competitive matches just like Tanzania did in the past…we should jst b buildng ateam through friendlies..

    • Abwana, ndi ntchito ya coaching panel kuona mmene agapangire kuti awine. Are we saying tilibe ma player? Are we saying palibe chomwe angachite coach? Then what’s the use of having a national coach?

  51. Nde ma coach aziti we played well but lucky was not on our side.In game of football the xpected result is a win not playing well,u cnt move on in a tournament with play well results but a win

    • Kinna yemwe uja amalawi oziwa kwambili ankati amakondela ma players akumpoto mwina wina?msiyeni kinna wazipuma.maflames kulimbikila chabe pakamwa coz game imeneyi tinawina kale tisanamenye.

  52. No need for consolidated report, it won’t change anything. The Big report is already known loud and clear…the Flames is a kindergarten team. so sad!

  53. Malawi should ask for one or two year sabbatical leave from all competetions,World Cup,AfricaCup of N and Cosafa. We just make other nations improve on us. Durring that time we should use the money for intensive talent searching and reconstrution in all sectors,otherwise it is just mere outings with no hopes w ou

  54. moti inu simumadziwa kuti akalooser? anayamba awinapo? kuti ? liti? tangokhani phe apa mukulalata chani? team yathu ikanawina sitikanaona maloza? ife maloza ayi

  55. this is why Malawi football will never go forward-CLUBLIZATION..why pointing a finger at only two individual players? are they only ones playing? what about the midfielders? don’t they have a stake to defend when the opponent team is attacking?? the one that has written this lacks basic knowledge on football,, it happens in any football match, defenders get beaten! and why putting a blame on them when they have not committed a blunder? We Malawians, have to learn to give total support to the flames! and I will not be wrong to tell you that you are very “STUPID” because you intellectuality is very low!.. even a primary school student can analyze better than you! you can’t even see that the blunder had come from the midfield? are you saying if we lose this game is because of the individual players mentioned above? izi zopngitsa ma player kufooka, at the moment the players are no longer based on their clubs, they are the flames, they are no longer Bullets players or Wanderers players!!

  56. I am not surprised this is what I was expecting in fact that’s just the beginning. Team full of kids including coach kkkkkk

  57. No innlet but outlet cash kuononga ndalama za boma for nothing ndie pita akat ndathesa national team for 2yers iwe uzizat fweeefweeee ukumva bwanj mumtimamo TZ 2 0MW

  58. Its now time for Malawi government to pump millions in other sporting activities such Netbo or boxing & futbo its expensive to run than boxing & young we hav very young talented boxers eho can bring Belts/medals to Malawi analephera Kinnar Mtawali ndi ndani?

  59. Evry team it need experiaced players yes or not, is not enough to leave ,Joseph K, A.Nyondo, F.kondowe, R.Ng’ambi and E. Kanyende yes or nt u must bring back in the nation team these players otherwise we will nt get good results until.

  60. Kdoi zingatheke maplyer ose kuchoka yeam imodzi,ndiye enanu mukuti chipua kuva kukoma kodi iyeyo sanamuchinye ziwiri nanga kodi ikuluza kumeneko mesa ndimalawi?

  61. We are not gonna do anything second half coz TZ is on fire thou sizikumveka boo pa radio zbs but we are following movutikila.

  62. the queens r the best here in Mw not this fool if shit national team put a stop to national tean tizingoaapota ma club n ma queens isati mbatatazi

  63. Koma abale ppanono tinamizila chani ku FAM kuli ka gulu kena kake kozikonda coach wabwino ku Malawi pakali pano ndi Kinna Phiri basi koma munangomuchosela phuzo basi tizamulira ameyu izi nndiye phada basi

  64. ma defender a BB wa atiluzisa kwabasii!!. Si TNM league tu iyi bwino nazo,sizotemela Ground apa mwayesa pa Juman eeti!!!.

  65. U drop shakira and mwaika ng`ambi , mhango panja koma mukufuna ku wina even in heaven angels knws its imposible thats why i support netball team

    • Choka idiot! Sanudi ndi wa bulles! Simplex ndi wa bulles! Chawanangwa akulephera ku golesayo ndi wa bulles! Mbuli umazisata iwe??? A bulles alimo awri okha fodya ndi Gabeya!! Ngati uli wa ayaaya zako izo ife bulles imatimwesa wa mkaka

    • Iwe ofoila kwa basi! Simplex m’kayesa anachokera ku Tahit komko! Kaliyati wakoyo suyo wa phonyayo???? Ufuna unene kuti chani?? Nambala 8 yakupengesa misala eti?? Osadanda ikamatha wk ino Ayaaya Ngoleka fc ikhala ili ku religation ku #12 kkkkkkkkkkkk