Artist Sir Patricks goes solo

Sir Patricks

Malawian Afro – R&B musician Sir Patricks real name Patrick Mambulu of Trap Squad has come out in the open to reveal that he is working on a personal project, an album titled ‘Broken radio’.

Sir Patricks who was born on 4th February , 1992 in Blantyre, came to limelight in 2014 after he signed for Trap Squad Entertainment with rebels founder Ronald Ron  Zeleza in August.

Sir Patricks
Sir Patricks working on his album.

The Chilobwe based singer who has won the hearts of many girls with his Golden voice revealed to Malawi24 that his first album is at an advanced stage and is likely to be released next year.

“Music is inborn. I started way back at the age of six. I was inspired by my dad who is also a singer. Obviously, I used to sing at church where we have an acappella group when I was 16.”

” Right now am working on my 1st album. Am not rushing to release it soon but it will be out when am fully satisfied possibly next year,” He said.

He further said that his latest album will accumulate 10 tracks with romantic songs snatching a lions share.

” When am composing a song what comes in my mind is love. No wonder, I have recorded more that 10 tracks but all carry love messages. But in the album I will also include evangelical songs and other issues to do with HIV/AIDS, ” said Sir Patricks.

The 24 year old disclosed that he is destined to do more music that will see him end up being an international artist.

Some of his tracks that he has already recorded at D&T Records include Ndine Otengedwa whose video is out; At the river; Mkazi akakonda;Mmene ndimamvera; Zilipo mutazisowe, mmaloto timauluka and many more.

He concluded that his album will also feature other renowned artists but was coy to mention them.


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