Mutharika accused of sugar-coating Malawi situation

Peter Mutharika

Critics have accused Malawi President Peter Mutharika of undermining the crisis that the country is experiencing by painting a wrong picture in his speeches at the just ended United Nations General Assembly.

Mutharika joined several other world leaders at the Assembly in the Unites States of America where they reported on the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) which they had agreed 15 years ago while also endorse new sustainable development goals that countries will have to focus on for the same period of time.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika’s speech at UNGA, never reflected Malawi real situation.

But in its no-hold-barred editorial comment on Monday, The Nation Newspaper wondered why the Malawi leader who has also been accused of picking up to 115 delegates when only 6 were invited briefed the gathering about the country’s education stance which is not the one on the ground.

The paper questioned the wits in the Mutharika by citing that what was said is by  far contrary to the situation at hand.

“Your address contributing to the genera debate offered rare peep into your world view and your speech about education was equally inspiring although we could spot some mismatches between your rhetoric and your administration’s recent policies on higher education.” Wrote a depict of the comment.

In the same vein, the comment also tips Mutharika about the anger Malawians have over the bloated entourage he picked, though state house press officers have been denying lately.

“Malawians are angry that so much money could be spent on more than 100 people. How did the other hangers on find their way there? Was public money involved in any way? Malawians cannot wait to hear directly from you on this matter”.

The paper went ahead to ‘remind’ the Malawi leader that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) just declared his government’ novelty economic programme the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) off track.

“We now that some insecure people at the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Ministry of Finance, Economic Development as well as your personal advisors  will try to downplay the significance of  this by claiming the IMF diagnosis is of no consequence; that the country has survived without donor aid for a long time”.

“Our question is: do you have a plan or saving the economy and helping Malawians? Or will you jus sit and listen to half-baked advice and assurances that things are not as bad as the media portrays?” concluded the comment.

Mutharika returned from the US on Monday and is yet to brief the media of issues o the same sort.

However, state house says that it is not true that the Air Craft that the President used to travel to Dubai en-route to New York is a Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express registration Number OE-IGS owned by UK Private Jet Charter as reported.

It however did not explain  how much government had spent on the jet despite urging the media to verify with the palace on the real cost of chartering the jet.

“State House is appealing to the People of Malawi to ignore any media reports on this matter, because they are wrong, untrue and which the architects of these reports, are aiming at inciting resentment of peaceful Malawians against the President and his DPP led government”, emphasized the statement.



    1. He is not going anywhere get used you were all dancing ? for him that’s what you get no one talk about the plane your mother Banda sold to hire a plane is not cheap wake up malawians

  1. Ife ndife ndani kod? Ife ndife a malawi,. Mnthu aliyese akakhala pa pando amakhala ndi zitoko toko zake kunyinyilika kudelera lekani chofunika ndi kuvela bomaa . Ife ndife a malawi

  2. Amene akuona kuti pali mavuto ndipo iye akhonza kuwakwanisa akhoza kuima poyela ngati non ongans mkuthandiza not kulimbana ndi usogoleli inuso mungodikila nthawi yanu iyi ndi ya a MUTHALIKA basi.

  3. Malawi 24 ndi mdzakoyo Nation News komanso ena odzolowera kubwebweta, nthawi zonse mupedze nkhani yoyipitsa Mutharika basi. Mabodza too much….

  4. I dont think amalawi pali president atazasangalare naye coz aliyense nthawi yomwe akulamulira amakhala oyipa then wina akabwera mpamene timati bola wina uja plz just wrk hard to help ur families

  5. Boma apa likuzemba udindo othandiza osawa.Inunso bwana ndi Chilima mpofunika muchitidwe reform,mutengeko ana five muwaphunzitse tiwone ngati simva kupweteka.JB anapititsa ana ambiri kunja.Bwanji osatengerapo phunziro?Osalimbana ndizomwe anthu akumva kuwawa kuti mudane nawo pakulakwa kwanu koma tiwuzeni zomwe mwakatitengera ndi zomwe mwawauza za zanzeru ndimomwe layakira moto dziko lino.

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    1. People dont know politics. Simungakane that economy was getting beter wth JB. She was in power and uncovered cashgate and ndale zapangisa Kuti aoneke oipa but she was Malawi’s only Messiah

    2. Ambuyanu ABingu ndi dyera lawo ndilimene likukuzuzisana panopa. AMALAWI ndife zitsilu kwambiri. 1 thing u dnt know abt JB, Ndiamene anapangitsa kut mudziwe anthu amene amadya ndalama zanu zamusonkho. Koma inuyo uchitsilu wake mwamutenga naye kukhala mgulu la mbamva chonsecho ma dollars ankhaninkhani anakapezeka ku ndata ambuyanu atamwalira. Simungaganize iyayi?

  7. chikakhala kwanzako chinthu chimapepuka enanu kut tikusankhen palibe chanzer mungachte so leav Mr presdnt alone till 2019 muzaime tizaone kut muzapanga chan kumangoziwa kunyoza basi kulani!!!!!!!!

  8. kodi kuyambira nthawi ya asamunda comin kamuzu zinthu zimayenda bwino? why always talk about president’s negatives instead of moving forward we’ll be like this forever!… think people n f*ck u!

    1. Yes zimayenda time yasamunda coz our great late grannies were tryn to len 4m asamundaz ways.nw kem kamuzu,our grannies became MUTE,time ya muluzi ndi Bingu our parents become deaf,and nw its Pitaz time and our time,he wants us to be mute,blind and deaf.

    2. pheshaj msukwa u r right but one thin u got to know z dat when u a sowing seeds u neva know how much u a goin to harvest u jst pray to god 4 blessings to got more yield so tis de same wit our country, we never know our leaders wen we r electing em we jst hv hope on them dat dey gonna develop our lives so lets us jst pray to God to continue blessing our country our peaceful malawi…

    3. Palibe yemwe anayamikilidwa kuyambira nthawi ya atsamunda ,ndingoti sory kwa nonse odalira andale coz ineyo sindidya ndale ndimagwira ntchito kaya yososa mmunda mwa munthu koma at the end ndimakhala shasha .My bible says u will eat ur sweat alesi ma verse amenewa mumadana nawo

    1. Man hide your ignorance to the public!
      People are suffering not because of JB but poor mindset of our first leaders.
      She came in ndalama zitabedwa kale zambiri and thats why zikuvuta kuti achite dig around her coz they know they started it way back with the 92billion
      How can you pretend to be fine yet the wounds are still plump b swollen?
      We are on positive thinking towards good and patriotic governance not personal affiliated

  9. If you got food on table u don’t mind about those who got plates with empty food, and very easy to say rude words those who are doing businesses out of Malawi they are suffering due to crisis why poor administration.even calling late to Malawi is higher than any other african countries it when you believe that oooooooo my home to those who are tabling together they don’t see crisis,,
    Just saying byee

  10. ndi chisilu,munthu ovutika koma kumabisa mavutowo samapeza assistance,amangovutikabe mpaka kufika pa zero,then amayamba kupangila nsanje omwe akupanga advance mapeto nsanje yake yomweyo ndiyomwe imamupha,its good to say who u are n what u are 2 de right pipo ofcoz,those who can help,kukhalira kunama la 40 limakwana umayalukabe basi coz u raise curiosity mwa anthu so ukamawanamiza iwo amanka nakufufuza,nde tachitan mwa nzeru man,yo not a toddler who hide pamtengo wa rose flower nkumat wabisala nobody wu see

    1. Ngati pali zina zoposa apa yambisani.ife ufulu we have wandemanga olo our if u fil by doinin tht tikukuswelani ufulu bola musamawelengeko izi ndi za anafe ofunika kukula.

    1. Rather him should leave us alone coz he didn’t choose the pple; People chose him that he should lead them and not to spray tortures against them…

  11. Does reason like a human being or like a wild beast only to feed and terrorise

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