Business community championing debates on unemployment

Peter Yakobe

The Centre for Free Market Enterprise (CFME) has organised inter-university debates for Malawi universities in a bid to champion unemployment issues in the country.

According to CFME, the debate will give an opportunity to students in universities to help the country in reducing unemployment rate.

Peter Yakobe
Yakobe confirmed the development.

In an interview with Malawi24, CFME Executive Director Peter Yakobe said students in colleges can help on what should be done through sharing ideas to reduce unemployment rate in the country.

“We believe that Knowledge is power. Bearing that in mind, we hope that if students in our colleges can think of being entrepreneurs, the unemployment rate can be reduced,” Yakobe said.

“After graduation, most of them move around searching for jobs while the world of entrepreneurs needs them. So, we want to give them power to help the country reduce unemployment rate through being entrepreneurs,” Yakobe added.

CFME has since disclosed that the debate will be held in two rounds with winners going home with MK150, 000 and the runners up getting MK100, 000 while the others will be receiving consolation prizes of MK20, 000 each.

In the first round, Catholic University will meet Blantyre International University at Catholic University campus on 17th October, 2015.

Chancellor College is expected to meet The Malawi Polytechnic at Polytechnic campus on 14th November, 2015.



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