Malawi Police in fear of ‘evil spirits’

Malawi Police riot vehicle

Malawi police in Mzimba district have admitted that evil spirits that are currently suspected to be reproducing in the district are heavily affecting their operations.

Police publicist in the district constable Gabriel Chiona told Malawi24 that the said spirits are behind the increase in cases of suicide which are characterizing the district at the moment.

He long-established that only this year about 15 cases of suicide have been reported while those of rape remain numerous.

“For a person to commit suicide, it means he has evil spirits because a normal person cannot think that way. Evil spirits are behind all this,” confessed Chiona.

Malawi Police riot vehicle
Police haunted by evil spirits. (File)

Recently police urged religious leaders to pray for the district with the primary aim exorcising the said spirits that are believed to be behind the rising cases of suicide, ritualism and incest.

They (religious leaders) prayed for that but still more a lot of people seem to be clinging to their evil ways.

Recently this publication has been publishing articles that have been picturing Mzimba as one of the districts where immoralities are the order of the day.

At a time a primary school pupil committed suicide; two men were busy planning to sell an a child living with albinism.

It is in the same district where a teacher proposed love to a girl with albinism with the aim of selling her later.

Cases are many but the police have pleaded with such evil spirits to relocate to hell and leave Mzimba people.

Meanwhile this paper understands that some church authorities from a number of churches are planning of scheduling another day of prayers to seek Gods power and protection for the people of Mzimba.



  1. Yap, ndizoona guys, bambo anga even nyumba yomwe amakhala kuma officerz ku mzimba police akudandaula nkhani yomweyo, nyumba mukumachitika zinthu zodabwisa kwambiri, nde ndimkawona ngati akunama akamanena, then panopa anachokapo and amene akuyang’anira nyumba yo nayeso akudandaula akuti akuwona dzinthu zodabwisa zokuti sanaziwonepo, and zinthu zikumachiti mnyumba mo ndizinthu zakuti sakuzimvesa kuti zikukhala bwanji, ths is serious guys!

  2. zikufunika zizichitika mwina apolici wa angasithe makhalidwe kuba komaso kulanda za anthu osalakwa,kikikukikimukachigwila chiwandacho zaka 7 kondendekikikukukikiki

  3. Police afraid of evil spirits? Lazy police men, how do evil spirits look like? Go & meet local chiefs & the villagers, senseties them a how they can solve their problems without using a rope; Police working in rural areas spend most of their time drinking beer & forcing villagers to buy them beer or they will be arrested, they end up hanging themselves; These young police men are just after a whiff of money- akakumanga anvekele zipulumutse; Za ziiiii mwakumana nazo ku Mzimba:

  4. Eeee iiiii basi chikhoswe chija sindikapangaso ndikakwatira kwanthu…aa ku mzimba ziwanda pakana anthu asakhulupira ayamba ku khulupirira eee first mirako two reveration 1:1………

  5. The difference is”evilspirits are demons which behinds all bad things we do.Whereas witchcraft is the craft of witches or what witches do,like bringing an omen of bad luck,death etc.

  6. Where is these evil spirit came from? Coz ur the once said that there is no witchcraft and once we say so he or her will face the low charge, zithileni teargas zithawa

    1. Ufiti kumalawi kulibe mesa joji thindwa amatelo?Mwina mutanenako satanic coz pala thindwa wapulika waka kuti mukuyowoya za ufwiti eee,mwakakika the way,ajoji thindwa mba dokotalatu so bakumanya vyose.

  7. The only way to break that spirits is dealing with water or marine spirit contaminated the territories, district and nation was done by three thinks: ancestral worship of water spirit, immorality done as a covenant and the killing of the innocent blood that opened the door to that spirit in the area.

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