Government bursary to lessen school dropout

Malawi schools

Malawi Director of Secondary and Distance Education in the ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Chikondano Mussa, on Wednesday said that government plans to support needy students in all public secondary schools as a way of lessening school dropouts in the country.

Malawi schools
Bursary will be useful-Govt

Mussa’s remarks come amidst reports that head teachers in some government secondary schools are chasing needy students for their failure to pay school fees.

Mussa further advised heads of all government secondary schools to allow needy students who fail to pay for school fees to proceed with their studies while government facilitates processes of putting such students on bursary.

He also urged parents who cannot afford paying school fees for their wards in full to negotiate with school authorities so that they are allowed to pay by way of installments.

Mussa further called on parents who fail to pay for their wards to write Education Division Managers through head teachers to have the places of their wards reserved for one academic year while the parents look for means of raising fees for the students.



  1. Aphuzits ambirimbiri osalembedwa ntchito mmidzimu hence shortage of teachers in xool nde ndalama zothandizira much needy zikakhalapo awaphuzitse anawo ndani..nosense GVT.

  2. Kids need to be educated how is you going to be taught by Jehovah if you can’t read how can you teach if you can’t read

  3. akweza fees kwa ana a xul 1000, koma busary mwana mmodzi. thats dpp crew, they know how to play tricks. that busary is just an image

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