Gender activists worried over Muthalika’s insensitivity

Peter Mutharika
Emma Kaliya
Kaliya says Gender inequality still haunting Malawi.

The Gender Coordination Network in Malawi has expressed great worry over the continued trend of low women representation in public institutions.

This comes following President Peter Mutharika’s announcement of the new commissioners to serve in the Competition and Fair Trading Commission where out of seven members there is only one woman.

The Gender Coordination Network National Coordinator, Emma Kaliya, said it is very disappointing to note that a lot of women are not being considered for appointment in public institutions.

“It is very sad that we are heading towards a direction that does not clearly recognize the involvement of women and also the importance of women in development,” Kaliya said, adding that “It has become more less like a fashion and it is all right as everybody is endorsing that in each and every institution where people get positions by appointing it is fine to choose one female and nobody seems to care.”

A few weeks ago, Mutharika also appointed commissions to serve in the Malawi Human Rights Commission and of the appointed only one woman made it into the team of the commissioners.



  1. The bible said,’ a woman must not stand before men’.Furthermore, the bible said,’ a woman must remain quite in the church’.However,the memories of Joyce Mtila Banda,has made all Malawian men including Peter Mutharika to look down upon ladies.(when one fish gets rotten, all the fish are rotten).

  2. To all of you people saying women cant be good leaders. Remember that we live in a world with men on top. And where are we now? Malawi is anything but good. The middle east, where they oppress women, there have been wars there for ages now. Africa isn’t any better. We have had one a lot of male leaders and one woman in Malawi. None of them where any good. Showing that in our case until now, women aren’t any different from men. And if men are so much better than men. Why is it so hard for peter to solve our problems. Malawi would be better if we used all our manpower. Remember. Malawians are lazy. Just saying

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  7. ‘Women can’t be good leaders’, according to a great philosopher, Aristotle. I totally share his views. Too much emotional!!!

  8. Kodi inu a gender network, ntchito yanu ndikudikira president akapanga decision? Sitinamveko kuti muli mmasukulu olo NGOs doing ur activities, the only time we hear u its when the presdnt choose pipo

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