Mugabe tells the UN: ‘we are not gay’ in Africa

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe, took a very bold position during his address to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) by deviating from his prepared speech to tell world leaders that the people of Africa ‘are not gay’.

Robert Mugabe UN Speech
Mugabe: We are not gay in Africa

The long-serving pan-African leader attacked the countries in the West on a campaign to impose gay rights in African countries where the practice is largely criminalised. Mugabe said this was against the United Nations charter as it does not stipulate the recognition of homosexuality.

“Nowhere does the United Nations’ charter abrogate the right to some [countries in the West] to sit in judgment over others! We reject attempts to prescribe new rights that are contrary to our values, norms, traditions, and beliefs. We are not gays!  Cooperation and respect for each other will advance the cause of human rights worldwide. Confrontation, vilification, and double-standards will not” Mugabe, who is also chair of the African Union, told the gathering of World leaders.

‘Africa is not looking for handouts’

Mugabe also urged a change to the approach adopted by Western countries in supporting Africa’s development through aid. The pan-Africanist said this approach only drives the accumulation of dependency syndrome. He suggested the West to work with Africa as partners in an effort to decolonise the continent from its underdevelopment bondage.

“Africa is not looking for handouts. Rather, it is looking for partners in massive infrastructural development in creating and exploiting the value chains of its God-given natural resources, and in improving the quality of life of the continent’s citizens.”

The Zimbabwe president emphasised that this will empower Africa to develop in its approach. He added that a developed Africa will be beneficial to the World.

“The entire world stands to benefit from an economically empowered African continent than from one emasculated by deprivation and with an over-dependence on others”

Support for Palestine: United Nations failing its duty

Unlike most African countries which side with Israel, the African Union chair also questioned the United Nations for adopting a lacklustre position on Israel which he said was terrorising Palestine. He sarcastically posed questions to the United States and President Obama with accusations for double standard as it continues to work with the far right government of Israel led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

“In the Middle East, the suffering of the Palestinian people continues unabated. What does Mr. Obama say about that? We reiterate our unwavering support to the just cause of the Palestinian people. Do we agree Mr. United States?” said Mugabe while calling for the United Nations to unanimously work towards implementing a two-way state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Mugabe then took a swipe at the United Nations’ failure to resolve the conflict which has resulted many innocent lives being lost in Palestine. He said failure by the UN to take action was evidence that the organisation is not only failing in its duty but is indication over the UN’s failure to evolve despite significant changes that have taken place since 1945, the year the organisation was formulated.

“We are concerned by the increase on tensions in that region, and urge the United Nations to assume its responsibility and bring an end to this senseless conflict…While the world has drastically changed since 1945, the United Nations, and indeed the global governance architecture, remains mired in a long bygone era. This archaic hierarchy among nations threatens to erode the confidence and support that the United Nations commands among the majority — but disadvantaged — of its membership”.

Europe’s migration crisis

Migration crisis Europe
Mugabe said migration crisis is man-made

Mugabe also blamed the West for the current European migration crisis, saying it has been caused by the interference of the West in other countries’ affairs.

“The growing list of phenomenon that neither respects nor knows any borders makes it imperative that we mobilise all mechanisms of co-operation to effectively overcome them…For some months now, we have watched heartbreaking and harrowing scenes of desperate refuges seeking to enter Europe in search of safety and shelter from the ravages of conflict in their own homelands.

“We have also read of the tragedy and loss of life in the Mediterranean. The majority of the affected people are from Syria or from other countries devastated by conflict and instability induced, in great part, by the destabilisation policies of external forces.

“This tragic situation could have been avoided through respect of the independence of other countries and non-interference in their internal affairs. In the case of Libya, we are witnessing the results of abusing the authority of the United Nations Security Council and ignoring the opinion of regional organisations, in this instance, the African Union (AU), which are supposed to be the United Nations’ partners in the maintenance of international peace and security”.

‘I will not tolerate interference from the West in Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs’

President Robert Mugabe who is undeniably elevated highly by many people in Malawi, then concluded his speech by urging an end to sanctions imposed on his country mostly by the United States.

“My country, Zimbabwe, is committed to a fair, just and effective United Nations, in which multilateralism, inclusivity and transparency replace unilateralism, exclusion and backroom deals.

“The Charter of the United Nations is built on the bedrock of the sovereign equality and independence of its members, without distinction as to their geographical size, economic might, or any other endowments or qualifications”.

He then stressed that as a sovereign state, Zimbabwe will not tolerate the interference of other countries in domestic affairs under his watch.

“We are deeply attached to these UN principles and call on other members of the United Nations to be similarly disposed. The United Nations was set up, among other purposes, to ‘develop friendly relations amongst millions’. Zimbabwe desires, and is committed to nurturing friendly relations with other nations but we cannot tolerate interference in its domestic affairs” said Mugabe to wide appraisal

“We invite other countries with which we may have differences including the United States and the NATO powers. We invite them if they have differences of whatever nature with us to eschew threats, pressures and punitive actions; in favour of reconciliation, friendship and dialogue.

“I therefore denounce, in the strongest terms, the illegal sanctions that are imposed on my country by the European Union and the USA and call for their immediate and unconditional removal. We don’t know what wrong we have done to the United States and can it leave us free and independent to do our own things”

“Once more, I put it on record that my country is desirous to live in harmony with all countries, big and small. We have peace in Zimbabwe just now. We don’t want war, we don’t want interference, We don’t want to hear of regime change at all” concluded the 91 year old leader, hinting that he is not yet ready to call it quit.



  1. Big up Robert Mugabe,U hav shown respect 2 de will of God Lord of Israel.Bit by bit wit ur endurance u will engulf de entire Africa thereby keepin’ us free from these evil idiologies from stupid whites.

  2. I love him,,,he is a very strong Man….he dznt lyk stupid….no any president will fit his position when he will go……….i will b lyk him n i try ma best to be lyk him

  3. Wt or wthout, wt an ordinary african getn at de end of de dai?Lets put hanz 2gther and fit 4hunger,hiv,and envy.950pple hv comntd on dis Wy not on cashgate coz yapangtsa kut tiambe kulpila ma servce aboma.No postin 4 odl,ipite,nurses and midwifery just 2mention afew.Wy not on dat?Ndangodutsa sindidathyole mnkhwan.Aster lovster mmmmaaaa!!!!

  4. Long live #babamugabe the true african son.had it been we have more than 3 like you,our God fearing africa could’v been very well and descent continent,by the way God bless Mugabe

  5. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds, have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look!! Ooooh Some say its just apart of it we got to fulfill the book – Goes REDEMPTION SONG by BOB MARLEY.

  6. Age matters.Does he know that life is dynamic? This is 21st century.He Should not speak for Africa,let him speak for silly Zimbabweans.At that age how can somebody still be ruling?

  7. Age matters.Does he know that life is dynamic? This 21st century.Should not speak for Africa speak for silly Zimbabweans.At that age how can somebody still be ruling?

  8. Thank you Mugabe let God give a long life we need courageous President, and those that never allow nonsense like You here in Africa. You are really good leader.

  9. There is nothing for god to bless mogabe for. To criminalise gay practice mrans t ha t it does exists. If you are not gay you will nevet be. What is all the fear about? Let gay people enjoy their rights like you do.

  10. God blss dis man calld Mugabe.Gv him along life so dat he can keep on deffencing dis Africa.Long lyf Nungabe we lov u,we proud u MalawiZimbadwe

  11. Malawi tikulira bingu basi , Mwana wake peter amakonda mathanyula, amakonda potulukila manyi. bravo comrade, asatipusise mathanyula Obama, amakwata Michel pa nyini osati pa mukholo. viva brother Bob

  12. please almighty God keep mughabe for us….for he speaks the poor….please protect him from the evil one….mu africa muno mulibeso mtsogoleri ngati mughabe…he stands for the truth…

  13. I wish Africa had many self confidence leaders like #mugabe.I salute you mr presdent for your bravery heart in defending the rights our beloved continent #Africa.May the lord keep on blessing you,,,,,,long live!!!

  14. African Leaders Lets Join Hands And Support Our Mouth Who Is Speaking On Our Behalf to the UN and western that we dont want trash in our Nations.
    Mugabe Thumbs Up! You Are Atrue Son Of Africa

  15. waoh!! Thus My president Mugabe! He doesnt fear any man even the white man. He is a good leader & God has choosen him to stand for us.

  16. auze amve muga…fire matanyula obama.God iz one.ndiye timilungu timeneti tisatipepelese.Rasterfal jah bles stonebuild’n and mugabe!!

  17. auze amve muga…fire matanyula obama.God iz one.ndiye timilungu timeneti tisatipepelese.Rasterfal jah bles stonebuild’n and mugabe!!

  18. auze amve muga…fire matanyula obama.God iz one.ndiye timilungu timeneti tisatipepelese.Rasterfal jah bles stonebuild’n and mugabe!!

  19. On many occasions, I have failed to agree with Mugabe. Now I understand that the old man is the braviest of African leaders who can stand firm and tell the west that gay is not part of the African culture. The west is taking advantage of our poverty that they can twist us the way they want. Keep it up, Mugabe and put some reasons in those cowards so that our Africa should not be westernised.

  20. lndeed,no man iz an island dat iz why Big Man stand simultaniusly without looking forward,thanks alot mr president of Zimbabwe may God bles u and gv u internal life.

  21. Yes ,Africans we are God fearing nation,let us not go against God’s commandments.Think of what happened to Soddom and Gomorrah do you want it in Africa?If you think it cannot happen here you are cheating yourself.

  22. womu hati ovu afilika, noti in fulishi si ngizi (Mugabe ongela sana) keep it up my grandfather (tunajuvunia)#proud of your, #AFRICA OYeeeeeeeeeeee!!! to a this just writte yes Mugabe.

    1. We are not gay, meaning the practice
      We are not gays, meaning we are not the people

      So its correct we are not gay,

  23. Gay practices are evil barbaric act even Apes would not resort to it, why is that because they know their boundaries. We are humans and we can not be influenced by European heritage let’s reject it.

  24. Its Along Time Ishould Realy Believe That, Mugabe Is The Real Son Of Africa Ofcoz The Real COMRADE. Iwonder Why Most African Leaders Are Afraid Of Telling The Truth? ?

    TELL THOSE WESTERN DEVILS BODLY, That We Dont Want To Turn Africa Into Sodom & Gomorah.

    1. All the contributions I have read all from Malawi or some other country except for one Makumbirofa. They all give thumbs up to Mugabe.It is understandable for they dont live in ZIM and they do not know what Mugabe does to us his subjects, I Say subjects because he takes the country as his personal property.YOU have never seen how cruel Mugabe can be. We have gone for almost 6 months without any knowledge where the young journalist turned activist is being kept.He was abducted in broad daylight.His crime?HE had pertitioned MUGABE to step down for he has fail.We live in suffering here in ZIM.Hospitals have no drugs.patients are asked to bring medicines to hospitals and I hear some body saying they wished they were born in ZIM.Isay shame for you are ignorant. Mugabe is BRUTAL. We live in fear. He brooks no criticism.Lastly why do you want to work with the if the GAYS are devils. Just leave them alone and forge ahead with the type of democracy or rule you think is RIGHT. LEAVE SODOM AND GOMORAH ALONE. SIMPLE.

  25. Mugabe is a man and a half… Africa needs more leaders of his caliber.

  26. The whites are regreting having brought the ‘word of God’ in the fist place where it was stated that a man wil only mary a woman,that tells us God forced them to spread the word arnd the world coz this is pure madnes

  27. Death of Mugabe (God forbid) will be the decline of West African States especially France colonies. They’ll be sucked more than what we can imagine.

  28. Africa will be africa for good will never change MUGABE woyeeeee keep on saying ‘NO’ these stupid practises which will destroy africa.Big up and see further thanks for representing us.MUGABE being example to be brave, africa unite.

  29. Africa will be africa for good will never change MUGABE woyeeeee keep on saying ‘NO’ these stupid practises which will destroy africa.Big up and see further thanks for representing us.MUGABE being example to be brave, africa unite.

  30. And that makes him any better than a despotic loser who systematically has run down his country. what wld u go for? a gay sensible president or a brainless despot whose vision is to die clinging to power?

  31. Now I Can Understand Why God Is Keeping Him Long, Mugabe Is A God Fearing Man And May The Lord Bless Your Soul Mugabe Longlive Proud Of You Reguardless.

  32. God created a man & a woman to share their sweetest & most senstive moments. Oh yes. But where is this (SAMESEX) stupid abominable transgressive sexial stacato coming from? How can a man be a husband of another man? What are you doing? Satanics or what? Mugabe, know that I will follow your foot steps. I will help you to stone samesexists to death.#Mugabe Rebert.

  33. God bless you Mugabe the only remaining true father of our dear beloved continent AFRICA.sharing the same name with you of[Robert]delights me more…

  34. Uncle Mugabe ndi Number one Ameneyo he is a true son of God ife tinakwera ya mugabe kuyambira kare mugabe woyeeeeee. say No Gay in Africa the beautiful land of jah people kip mugabe fire burning

  35. Hahahahahaha African terrible leader promising our future yaaa…..WE DNT WANT DIS BAD ACT IN MOTHER AFRICA….united we stand bt divided we fall….get out of our minds u white pipo….our gone fathers en mums av neva done this y then u????? Alas go to hero…..

  36. Wise people talk of development and security issue shame gogo useless it’s time for you to use your walking stick and go for a rest .

  37. Everything has got a beginning so if you want kill them but remember you gonna rot in hell instead them rotting in hell. Open your eyes people gays are not criminals, we are the criminals remember this is 21s century we will/ shall see different thi

  38. God be magnified you are so good you gave us boldness father of Africa (Eden ) Dr beloved Robert Mugabe ! I decree long live !

  39. Wakaramba Robs gays are human beings as well, everybody has got a choice in this modern world so he mustn’t make choices for young people .

  40. Tel them!!,what a wise nd brave leader we have in africa and you are the only great leader we have now and trust,tel them!!

  41. Mugabe u were 3 with Bingu and Gadaf fighting for one Africa, and the big 2 are gone and i thought u would put ur face down but u have proved that ur the father of Africa! God bless AFRICA!

  42. Thats true Chigoli the only thing that Mugabi was spos to do was to gave chance the small boys and teach them how to be strong like him

  43. Tell the West Comrade Mugabe we Need Leaders Like U you who can talk the truth & fear not whether white , yellow, brown:-D:-)B-)

  44. While South Africa slowly continues its march forward, seems Zimbabwe would rather walk backwards then stick its head in the sand.

  45. One of the reasons why Robert Mugabe is still living is what we have just heard.The Lord is still keeping him for some reasons,Lets keep Praying him&other African Leaders even outside Africa.All is well

  46. Thats a true leader, fearless and always standing for the truth!!! God bless him with more years of life…

    1. Well my friend l think when some says something that makes sense and true it does not stop making sense and being truebecause that person has failed on something.
      These people are just saluting a speech that is well said because it’s the truth also other people are afraid to say it.

  47. God will never live africa alone.We needs learders lyk Mugabe who can stand and tell de truth.No to homosexuallity.

  48. Africa needs strong and wise leaders,not the ones who r shaken by a mare breeze,but those who’ll sail through a strong storm.

  49. I salute u his excellny for your open criticism against gay marriages..this is is the caragious presidents we want…straight to the point osamangovomereza chilichonse ayi ngati ena aja..we have our good cultures lets follow them and be abit by them…

  50. These crazy westerners need to be told without mincing words that they are not right. After all they only impose their demonic to Africa only and they can’t do that to our oriental brother and sisters. They need to be told that SEXUALITY is a gift from God; it is pre-determined at conception. No one, not even the Americans chose to be male or female. Those who believe otherwise need to be delivered from the devil. CONGRATS COMRADE MUGABE!

  51. Mugabe has really shown that he fears God and loves Africa, so for this we need to apreciet him. “Thank you Mugabe for telling them reality.”

  52. back point of pepho baulen yaa its u mugabe whom u can speek in be half of african pipo gadalf has gone, bingu muthalika too.sow u are only one who stand for us

  53. Examplary true father of africa,,,pamene enanu dyera ndizina zotero mpaka kugulisa nazo umunthu,,,y???,,,,,,we r africans & we hav 2 5t 4 a change,,,,,if we can kip on listenng wat eva told ba uSA,,,,dat miz we r stl muulamuliro wa asamunda,,,,,wek up

  54. if Afrika is to Lose tata #MUGABE then africa will also lost n it will never be carryd again. He is a Blessed man with Wise he tell the truth. I Like him. I wsh Mutharika atakhala ng@ ieu.

  55. Thank u mugabe for telling them. A monkey goes to a she monkey, the same done by a dog, donkey, cat, mouse and every kind of animal with long or short tail.

  56. guyz dont be extra-ordinary with this udid not read in the bible,in book of leviticus 20vs13 this is the end tym of the word dont wory it supose to happen.

  57. Enawa ntchito mkuwononga ndalama zamisonkho yanthu. 122 people for what while nigeria economically bettet than us took just a few people. Asaaaaa..

  58. Africans! Africans! Especially leaders learn to say NO where no is needed than alwaz YES for nothing. Be like Zimbabwean President pls.

  59. if it were at marking then u deserve to be a marking machine but since u speak the truth then you are a truth speaking machine!

  60. I this motive,and I Robert Gabriel Mugabe.This is the man whom we are looking for in Africa,keep it up, long live the true son Africa.we don’t like satanism in Africa so please lets support the king of Africa Robert Mugabe now,and Africa please! wake up fight for our holiness right now.those white people must go to hell.even if we suffer but we should not allow satanic here in Africa.

  61. Strong and powerful speech from a wise leader. Yes boss tendency has maximised donor aid dependence that is tied with nasty western culture values to be practised in Africa. Mugabe does not intertain nonsensicality. Bravo bigman.

  62. His Exllence Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe (Peace & Blessing be upon Him) Has never get weary carrying Jah’s Flag even to 2015 UN summit.

  63. President mugabe were proud ov u ur not only a president ov zm but ur a president ov Africa today when i lessen to ur speech am just proud to be African keep it up we love u dada mugabe ?

  64. Isn’t Mugabe, bt the Holy Angels through him 4 Afrika is the blessed Land.Let us put our hands in prayers that the work Mugabe has started should prosper.We don’t deserve such kind in our Beloved continent,May the good Lord Protect AFRIKA.

  65. Mugabe made an impressive speech seconded by Nigerian Muhammadu Buhari.But Mugabe is the mouth-piece of africa & there will be no one like him.During his speech i wanted him to continue speaking & i didn’t just stay idle rather i kept on clapping hands though i was watching on tv.Bravo Mugabe you represent africa not this ours,i sometimes wonder how many teeth does he have kkkk taking 115 people with him,shame!

  66. We need More Mugabes in Africa, poor my Country Malawi as it is under presure to sacumb to that babaric and immoral behaviour deu to doners presure!!

  67. remember we had our own bingu,another lion but ironicaly we denied him,we partied for his death,we hav to start thnkng like black people because these whites hav crazy balds

  68. remember we had our own bingu,another lion but ironicaly we denied him,we partied for his death,we hav to start thnkng like black people because these whites hav crazy balds


  70. You must be joking. Only stupid pple praise Mugabe
    .I’m Zimbabwean and I’m living in exile because persecution by Mugabe’s secret police. I had to flee the country without saying gudbye to my family coz my life was in danger. My only crime being a staunch supporter of the opposition party. There are thousands of pple with similar testimonies wjo are suffering in foreign ands,seperated from family and loved ones all coz their lives were in danger. If they decide that you shld die,they captire you in the dead of the night and dissolve you in acid. For example just google the abduction of Itai Dzamara and check for yourself. Mugabe is the most wicked leader the world has ever known.

  71. Bravo papa mugabe,pls speek for us ,,,,while sme of the organisation are bsy trying to woe people to legalise gay in malawi, ‘ what ashame to u pple,’,,,

  72. Long live Mungabel u are the only African leader who express Africans minds African leaders know that u ve responsibility to protect us from all sorts of nosense like gay marriages

  73. This is true if all of us we can marry our fellow men , how is the generation going to continue? Do you know that these World powers are abusing us. They are them who came with christianity to Africa. Telling us the Bible words and rules. Now they twist the same people that they should be marriages among people of same sex. Freinds, GOD is going 2 punish us of these foreign rules we are taking in. Lets follow BIBLE/KORAN

  74. bravo to mugabe. others then we will c where you stand. it takes the brave to say no to sin but if you favours wealth then ?????

  75. Brave leaders like him is need in Africa so that we can pay back the pain we were wounde by the Whites who coloniserd us in our continent!we stand up to be one pres mugabe one Africas..salute you Mr Bob.

  76. a gud lida wl alwez lead his ppl 2 the right path, sometymz wen u listern to ppl u can b mislead e.g Moses….. sii anzanu akufuna kuvomerezawa ayiii

  77. a gud lida wl alwez lead his ppl 2 the right path, sometymz wen u listern to ppl u can b mislead e.g Moses….. sii anzanu akufuna kuvomerezawa ayiii

  78. i wish he was a malawian president, Athuwa Ndiye ii.. Malawian Presidents R Allways Agreeing To Anythng That Usa Says, They Dont Even Have A Vision, Ooh Gush!!

  79. Viva Baba RG Mugabe you an African icon in fighting for our legitimacy ,rights and freedoms. You are shoulders above the rest, Bayete!

  80. Zimbabwean people dont eat that.The economy is in tatters and he goes to New York to talk about Gay rights.Zimbabweans need jobs, , electricity, clean water, food and a health delivery system that works not this Gay nonsense.

  81. Mugabe is the true son of Africa. What is good to westerners is not good for Africa. As an African I totally agree with the brother leader, don’t impose your satanic behaviors on us in the guise of human rights.

  82. Are Gays Still Existing? Being A Gay Is Just The Same As Being A witch, And I Have Never Heard That Witches Are Proclaiming Their Deeds And They Don’t Atract Any One On Public. Why Don’t They Do Likewise? But When Prophets Proclaim Good News They Do Say They Are Not True Prophets, So What The Befits Will Be, With Gays

  83. What an imbecile. No wonder people laughed at the senile old moron. There are no gay people in Africa? He’s a delusional old fool.

  84. Wow, Mr Mugabe deserves plenty of respect because these westerners want to corrupt us Africans with their ugly and disgusting ways. May God give Mr Mugabe long life!!! He is definitely the best of upfront leaders, I admire him a lot for this. We really need more like him not sell outs.

  85. Long Live Mugabe Keep On Expressing Our Thoughts Coz Africans Have Right To Expression.These WHITES Must Cease To Oppress African Countries.

  86. COMRADE MUGABE is like the three boyz in the HOLY BIBLE; SHADRACK, MESHACH and ABEDNEGO_ He can’t bow down to foreign human rights even in the presence of great kings!

  87. MUGABE, The president I support and like, He stands,speaks and loves the truth for his people,, I wish i meet this president before his time on earth,,,, LONG LIVE ROBERT,,,

  88. Osati watenga anthu 100 ,aaa chilombo chamunthu galu nde uyerekeze kuvomerez nde muzikanyengan nd alomwe azkowo omwe big up 2 mugabe u deserv 2 b a man

  89. Mugabe,a wisest person,i lyk wat mugabe has done,big up indid,,long lyf to u Mugabe…if people wea doing gay things @ first,wud we be there in the past becoz it is thru opposite sex people that we a all born?i cherish Mugabe 4 bng against of gay..once again big up Mugabe

  90. Pple who have the intirest of Africans at Heart speak like this.,when will Africans know that each and every society must defend its identity? We are called Africans because we are different from other continents…MUGABE I SALUTE YOU

  91. You always make me proud President Mugabe a man who stand 4 his country and Africa as a whole, U remain the Iron stone of Africa I respect u

  92. Africa is for Africans! If all African leaders were like my only remaining true African leader Comrade Mugabe, sibwenzi agalu azunguwa akutitola mkumatiseweretsa chonchi. Mugabe ndiye walankhula and I wish all African leaders could stand strong and support him so that we should continue to preserve our culture and values. Chonde atsogoleri athu limbani mtima musagulitse ukulu ndi ufulu wathu ngati Isaac chifukwa chanjala powopa kuti atimana chithandizo. Bravo Mugabe! Viva Africa!

  93. we want such President who have courage to speak if things r not oky.not those who listen to evelything which the white man say’s keep it up mr president i salute u……….

  94. We salute you comrade. Not these other puppets who just say yes bwana inorder to gain evil dollars. Gay isnt african and its not even human.

  95. This man mugabe has true focus, and he is true leader he tells whats true to whoever person or country that tries to turnish Africa. Pple tried heavily to sufocate his motive, even the whites tried all there best bribing other weak african leaders to fight Mugabe but he stood his ground, unshaken untl now pple realise how important ths guy is. We have hungry leaders in Africa they take a step 4 their own benefit yet thy stumble and fall let alone Mugabe stand 4 the truth of Africa. I like ths man of principle, he deserve more in Africam.

  96. akanakhalapo atsogeli 10 ngat baba #MUGABE africa tkanakhala safe!..zkomo baba posaopa khungu lawo kma kuwauza chomwe africa ali.

  97. Thus The Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe…The Best In Africa, Who Is Always Ready To Die For What He Believes To Be #Justice.Really The Gentleman Was Born To Live His Life And In That He Never Pleases A Man For An Aid…God Bless You!!!……..LONG LIVE MUGABE!!!

  98. how i wish mugabe was our malawi’s president…. what a character…a leader who never fear to rebuke..oooh God give us a leader who can be lyk mugabe….we r proud of u papa mugabe….

  99. If we had Mgabe here, no one would have dared say half of Lake Malawi belongs to them.After he is gone, Tanzania may one day even claim Lake Kariba is their’s.Never can tell these people.

  100. l salute u Mr Mugabe,may God give u many more years for your boldness in standingup for dear Africa!!!Long Live your excellency!!!God bless Africa!!!

  101. Is Malawi leader and his 111 members on board in attendance? or he is just sleeping? Blavo Mugabe go ahead telling them on our behalf.

  102. Lets stand on our own as #Africa to fight against bad western rules, they came with long dresses in past n now they say short ones, seriously whites are playing us

  103. This is the same old Africa not a new one. Thats a proper speech of a TRUE #BLACK MAN.. This is Africa we cant adopt laws which bring destruction to nations of ours.. Why dont the western adopt our values.. We are all people leave our continent alone. I wish Mugabe was a president of the whole African continent

  104. I thnk mugabe iz aman of his world. Inu azungu, dont come with ur stupid believes here in afrc. Welldn mugabe. Freedom fighter of afrc. Our father.

  105. The mouth piece of Africa has spoken, who is clever enough to say “NO? Even a dog knows it’s mate, & what is impossible with man to be blind in knowing the mate ” Vivaaa Comrade

  106. God keeps mugambe, the Great, for a purpose…our bwampini paja ndi gay, changoti zii ku un ati kumakamba za beam trust ku UN…ganja yekha yekhaa

  107. We need president like # Mugabe not mulupale, osanena znthu zofunika bwanj empower woman til when? Tmayamba chomwe chili poyamba pamene za azimaizo zlikumapeto. Maphunziro first…y apresdent? Timkakudaliran km aah! Mbola!

  108. Comrade Mugabe Is An African Hero.These Other Selfish Leaders, …Nkulunzi..,and Many Of Whom U & I Know,should Emulate The Calibre In SEKURU MUGABE.Bravo Sekuru Mugabe

  109. Some leaders are just mr i dont care but to Mugabe is a caring man. Thumb up sir, we thank God for giving you that courage to speak out what was inside of you. #Live

  110. It is just unfortunate that Mugabe is left alone behind.
    All his friends died long time ago. I hope they would be like Mugabe if we had them in life.
    Mugabe is the voice of the voiceless.
    He cannot be bought anyhow as other leaders.
    He is very concrete and independent to his decisions.
    We will see when Mugabe dies,,,,,Africa will be like the soil that has lost its fertility.
    Long live, Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

  111. speech by our bwampini @ UN ” your excellency madam Rute, my wife and a matron on beu trust, Dr saul chalimba and your wife, azimayi amu boma nonse, amayi a pingu , nkulu oyanganira ma cimmunity colleji”…obama anangoti “hu is this nigga with big oversized jackets its better to have mugabe on podium”….zomwe mumatumiza amalawi ku un…bravo mugabe..i salute yu fellow

  112. I wish he could go back to his youthful but it can’t be. Benvolio to my dear freind mugabe you are true son of africa.