Joyce Banda started Cashgate to fund PP campaign – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

…tells Kasambara there are no sacred cows

Former President Joyce Banda who has been implicated in the looting of state funds by none other than the chief cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo has been fingered in the scandal again by current Malawi President Peter Mutharika.

Peter Mutharika
No sacred cows in Cashgate

Malawi President speaking in the US where he is attending the United Nations General Assembly said that Joyce Banda was afraid of being in Malawi owing to her involvement in the scandal that saw donors suspend aid to the Malawi government forcing the government to start cutting down funding in important sectors such as education.

Speaking at the Council for Foreign Relations in the US, Mutharika was responding to a question on his relationship with his predecessor Joyce Banda.

“I will be very frank on this,” said Mutharika. “Cashgate happened under her watch. The purpose of this theft was to fund the campaign for her political party.”

Mutharika further said that he could not send security detail to Banda who has imposed exile on herself claiming that she will be persecuted in Malawi. He urged people to tell Banda to come back to Malawi and help in building the country, apparently from behind bars where Mutharika has said will send all people involved in the corruption.

In the same discussion, Mutharika indicated that his government is serious about clamping down on corruption. He said that there are no sacred cows in the way his government is striking down corruption.

To indicate that his government is serious about tackling corruption, Mutharika referred to the case of former attorney general Ralph Kasambara who is in custody over his alleged role in the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo.



  1. Km abwana president mulibe chifundo ndi ana anzanu kutenga ndalama zonsezo kupita nazo ku meeting yamasiku ochepa kusiya anthu akufa zipatala kamba kopanda mankhwala eeee ndakupasani ulemu, km dziko silamunthu mwiniwake ndi namalenga amene saoneka kwa munthu aliyense siku lina azamva kulira ana amasiye.

  2. Malawians we shud know that corruption is the worst infection across the global, since it mostly affect poor people whch consist large population number; it kills and enslaves innocent people everyday. PLZ SAY NO TO CORRUPTION IF U DONT WANA BE A MURDERER.

  3. I think some one should Explain CASHGATE (JOICE BANDA) and AN AUDIT QUIRE DPP. 1, are the two words the same? Or not and why? 2, The stolen money seen live and the money stolen but not seen. Which one should b the first to b followed.

  4. when shall we learn to raise decisions that can help country get developed than thinking of castigating our leaders? all these happens because we Malawians don’t love our country. when you look at cashgate scandals it’s not the eaders but ppl . for let us love our country. the mindset we have towards our leaders will never see us developing than seeing us getting poor and poor and poor.

  5. Let me schooled who funds all these numerious parties during campaign period especially the UDF, DPP MCP chamasiteni you syd za cashgate

  6. Apm akuopa, mesa naye anapakula nawo ndalamazo. Dzikoli bola likanakhala lopanda olamula chifukwa zonse ndimbanva zokhazokha

  7. Send a thief to catch a thief. All politicians are in the same category. God Himself will raise up an unexpected leader to lead this God fearing nation with meekness manner. Lets wait and see God’s plan in Malawi.

  8. They stole 577bn MK for wht?Evry right-minded person knws tht APM is failing t INSTITUTE an investigation into th 577bn MK bcs he had a SHARE of th PLUNDERED money.He is afraid of JEOPARDISING his politcal career.Hence APM must b th last person t ACCUSE JB of startng th cashgate.SHAME on hm.

  9. Malawi lets learn 2sae de facts&tym inakwana we av 2b open.we all know all these pple nd atambwali nevr trust anybod!It Started alrd intyms ov Muluzi,Bingu,joyce make cashgate Banda&evn nw these thievs r stl wastn taxes ov old pple,dissabled pple&evn students in xuls.Lets Jst wet 4de God’s Kingdom whch wl rule fairly wthout corruption.anthuwa r one and thy wl nevr change,lets kip on feedn their mimbaz

  10. Peter knows the truth and we know he is involved, Lazarus will also send you to maula come 2019

  11. Sizoti tikayikapo ma coment muzituma agalu anu wosakawo ndi cashgate ukukambayo muzako sukulu fizi sizinafike zilipo mayeso astd8 fomu2 analipo macoupon anali5 nanga iwe galu wamunthu ukutenga anthu oposa 100 kupita nawo kuamerica wawononga ndalama zathu zingati bwana usamakambe timaspeach ndicholinga choti utipezele tizifukwa totumila agalo akowo kuti azitimanga chitetezo chingokhala chomanga anthu wozuzula boma lanu mukufuna muzingopha anthu ngati mnene munaphela chasowa tatopa nawe ufa ngati mkulu wako bwana ukatuma agalo wosaka akowo azandipeza, ndikuyenela kutelo ndikulilira mtundu komaso ana anga ndimabeleka sindine gey komaso chumba ngati iwe ayi wokwara kamba kaupulezidet.jb anthu amamutukwana how many were arested uzandipeze pa mtakataka khuma mako

  12. Anthu amene amatha sazichemelera …..mudawonjezà chimwene kuzikundikila apatu nde bola wamañdazi uja . kodi chitukuko basi chikhale chokweza mitengo ya zinthu?

  13. I totally disagree with this lie, these are words that comes from frustrated Prophets, Bishops, pastors, and husbands who have failed to achieve in life. They tell their congregation and their families that they are failing because they don’t want to join satanism and etc as other people who are doing well are doing. It’s high time that Malawians pastors should come out and admit that women have finished them instead of going around biting the bush.they were thinking that they can combine God and women, Malawians pastors knows how to pray but they can’t stand a body of a woman. We have strong men of God in Malawi, but they have been affected by the love of women and adultery, I have walked the journey I have seen what has been the problem in my country and around the world. You ether choose God and get the glory or women and be frustrated for the rest of your life. Stop deceiving people that those who are achieving is because of satanism.

  14. Kunena za ena poti chala sichiloza mwini,ndalama zonse zija zidabedwa mu ulamuliro wa Bingu zija,,,Peter must shut up,its just a matter of time when he is gonna be implicated too.Popeza wakuba ndi amene wagwidwa,,ngati ukutenga mudzi kupitanawo uliliko ndiye uziti chimenecho chilungamo ngati ndalama zake ndizamthumba mwana…Fokolo mbava zokhazokha,,,send a thief to catch a thief.

  15. Kodi ndalama zonse peter waononga paulendowo amakaipitsa mbiri ya mzake? Mr bwana mukadanganizira madandaulo ena osati kubedwa kwa ndalama chifukwa minister of education adalandira kale ndalama zamaphunzi a 2015/2016 ndiye ndalamazo zibwezedwa? Amene mudawamanga katundu ndi ndalama akubwezerani nanga bwanji zithu sizikusithabe? Inu mukadakhala anzeru simukadatenga mpingo onse paulendo wanu. kodi mafumu akukapanga chani ku USA kapena akakumana ndimafumu anzawo?

  16. U r all thugs. Mr ibbu so he has 4gotten hw DPP squandered tax payers money during their tym? 92billion & 577billion why not probing those reports?

    1. Even nthaw ya MCP inalipo,kalekale lija sitinkazixata,take a look Mama Kadzamila ma masion ake aja amapaxidwanso kangachepe,fans ya kale ya MCP got Hotels amene aja outside this country,where do u thnk amatenga ndalama zonsezo.Ubwino wake Kamuzu nd Bingu amaba kma amayexexanso kupempha infrastructure. Bakili anali wa ma Bridge, JB wa Ziweto,Uyu nde wa ma Technical Colleges-wa2 bas.Mukudzwa kale

  17. Cashgate started when Bingu was in power about 500billion went unaccountable during his tenure why just blame Joyce Banda only?missing the target!!

    1. Where was aka Jumbo ya Bonya during Bingu’s rule? The K500B you are talking about was not accounted for from 2004 to 2014; PP and JB failed to account for about K300B just within 2 years! These are facts!


  19. what about what he stole with his brother he did not explain? because donors are stuck with him now, he has arrested pp members what about his own people and him K550billion cash gate? he thinks donors are fools azadya mkazi wake galu wakuba

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