‘Forget Shire-Zambezi waterway,’ Mozambique tells Malawi

Shire-Zambezi Waterway

…Mutharika seething with anger at the decision

Former President, late Bingu wa Mutharika’s wet dream has to come to an end, Mozambique government has told the Malawi government.

Shire-Zambezi Waterway
Shire-Zambezi waterway Nsanje port

According to media reports, the neighbouring government has once again snubbed the Malawi government in their request to have Zambezi opened so that Malawi can have access to the sea and dispel the fact that the country is landlocked.

According to the report, the Mozambican government has turned down the request by Malawi government on the grounds that it would be expensive to make the Shire and Zambezi rivers navigable so that Malawi can have access to the Indian Ocean.

Transport minister for Mozambique who met with the Malawian and Zambian transport ministers in Lilongwe went back to his country to tell the media that Malawi was being emotional on the issue.

“To make the two rivers navigable, we will need about $18 million (about K10 billion) and the river will only be used for five months,” said Carlos Mesquita, the transport minister for Mozambique.

Meanwhile the decision by Mozambique to send the truth home to President Peter Mutharika is most likely to have irked the President.

In his campaign promise, Mutharika had said the next day after assuming power he would take a helicopter and go to Nsanje where he would have the port opened. However, the communication from Mozambique which is realistic than Mutharika’s emotional rant is a check on the speed of the President whose all campaign promises have fallen apart.

An engineer who spoke with Malawi24 on condition of anonymity sided with the Mozambican government on the waterway.

“The waterway is not feasible, it is impractical,” said the engineer faulting Malawi leadership of popular politics at the expense of achievable realistic goals.



  1. This engineer is not professional i dnt see where he/she got his Qualification how can Zambezi and Shire cant be navigatable? Its obvious that these two are navigatable in other ways it can be travelled along thts why tht time the ship tht carred bags of fertlisers arrived at the port safely despite been detained by th cruel mozambican gvnmnt only tht Mozambique wants Malawi to be a landlocked . I thnk malawi shld seek for legal action or terminate birateral relations bcz thz ppo r not friendly, period.

  2. Money cash-gated by JB is more than K10 billion to make the water way viable. Likewise money being misappropriated by DPP is far much more than the K10 billion kwacha required here. let all political parties in Malawi contribute K10 billion kwacha that Moshco wants so that we spend less on our imported cars from Japan.

  3. I the mozambican are jerus of us.choncho ndiye tiziti kuli sadc wat for.koma mukanaawauza kuti ma sitimawo azinyamula zipolopolo kusiya mziko mwanumu akanavomera amenewo

  4. Amalawi amafuna kuba osati chitukuko Bingu anabwela ndimtima ofuna kutukula Malawi koma ena osafuna kuti osauka asapenye koma aziwabera adamupha izi zomwe satana amafuna

  5. We have alot of resources useful for our economy if used wisely and to the maximum.Vuto ndi atsogoleri athunu mumaganiza ngati nkhumba,kuzikonda kwambiri.Mozambiqueans are right.That water is their resource.Dont we have our own waters right in the country? Lets use it in intensive irrigation.Imagine our taps are dry yet we have the Shire,Lake Malawi! BRAVO MPWITIKIZI

  6. Mozambique is not happy with the leadership of Peter Mutharika; They are afraid of loosing bessiness to Malawi when its fully connected to the lndian Ocean:We have never been in terms with Mozambique, in those Days it was Kumuzu vs Samora Mashearo ( what ever tne spelling of his name ) He was so cunning thats why his plane was forced to land in the forests of South AFrica; Mozambique was colonised by the Portugues and dont expect them to be friendly most of them never intered a class room, Ambiri ndimabulutu asiyeni azatifuna even local people are not friendly they always smell bullet utsi wa zimpolopolol;

    1. you are right.. only that ndife opusa sitimaona akamatchiitira zoipa… l tell u kuti ku mozambique kuyambe nkhondo onse abwera konkuno azakhala ndiufulu

    2. you are right.. only that ndife opusa sitimaona akamatchiitira zoipa… l tell u kuti ku mozambique kuyambe nkhondo onse abwera konkuno azakhala ndiufulu

  7. The dreamer is dead and you think his dream still lives. If you drink too much wine you also oftenly dream unrealistically.
    It is unfortunate that his brother follows what his brother flopped.

  8. anthu akumozambique akuziwa kut akangovomereza iwe adzaluza zambiri ndiye ndizovuta kut iwo avomereze

  9. There were no proper cmnctns on that issue btwn Bingu & Gebuzza due to panjandrums frm Malawi leadership during that tym, Bingu was a single minded person who devlpd despotism, so Mozambic kpt on watching and had all the means of blocn malawi frm using that water way ,,,,,, so this is not strange cz pipo alredy knew that Mozambic wud react in that way ,,,,,,, Nkhuyu Zodya wamkulu zinapota mwana ,,,,,,,

  10. Zangovuta koma waterway ikanatithandiza kwambiri.however when one door closes our father in heaven is going to open many that not even one thought could be doors.

  11. this is so mean,mozambique could understand us,if people r taking billions on cashgate wat iz 10billion there cn b a way out of ths,some of u pple r talkng az if ur not malawianz do u no hw we cud hv benefited 4rm it?

  12. agogo athu aja anafika nazo pa matama mmalo mokamba bwino bwino ndi anzawo,anachitira mphamvu ngati kuti kwinakonso ndi kwao.Mapeto ake amalotowo analota nazo mulamba.

  13. worry not my fellow country men, even landlocked cpuntries are also doing fine economically lets just work hard.Together we can move forward

  14. the secret is that Mozambique is jealous more over she made secret deal with Tanzania not officially allowing Malawi to access Zambezi river so that Tanzania will no get tax through its port

  15. Grow up guys,,,,, asaaaaaaaaah… Tidzingomva mabodza bax with your soft stories from the internet… Tadziyendani m’maderamu mudzipeza hard news mwamva?

  16. ndimene mmalawi anabadwila maboza okha okha mumaiwala kuti lino ndi dziko lathu kuti tonse titha kutukula dzikoli pogwilana manja koma ma sanje zimene zimatimangisa kut tikhalebe chimozimozi ndipo zathu akalephera moti timulimbikise koma timamuseka kumugwesa kumukhumudwisa cholinga asankhale ndi chidwixo tiyeni tikondane ndipo chikondi chitisogolore mulungu atisogolere

  17. Maybe we shouldn’t have been too quick to let them build a railway line that cuts right across Malawi and we can’t even sail on their water.

  18. Amalawi tinadzolwera kunamidzidwa. Bridge mwaliwonali linamangidwa ku khaya ku Mozambique, ndi Bridge la.ma Billion lalitali zoti muziti zitheka za dooko lanulo ndi bodza lankunkhuniza.

    Inu khalani ndi nzeru mudzifunse amene munapitako ku monkey-bay. Kodi ILLALA ingayende mu shire? Ngati siingayende ndiye ndi sitima yanji yomwe ingayende. Ndikunyamula katundu woti Malawi nkuthandidzika.

    Mtsinje wa Shire ukatuluka mmalawi usanakumane ndi zambeze Pali kangi ka Falls. Adzakatani?

    Tiyeni tidzibeledwa ndalama ponena za Shire Zambezi waterway.

    Boma la Mozambique likanaunika kuti ndi zotheka kupanga zimenezo akapanga pa Tete dooka osalimbana ndi Njanje yochoka ku moatiz kudutsa mu Malawi kupita ku Nacala podzera ku nkwamba.

    Zikomo admi poudza anthu zoona, olo utukwanidwe Koma ukunenacho ntchilungamo

    Zinamidzidwani Ine ayi….

    1. Awuze i say, a Malawi avesese, paja a Malawi ambiri tidakali kugonatu kkkkk

  19. The issue ll be resolved very soon,we both have economic interest in number of areas,we can’t speculate ,one day it ll come to pass,the fact that Zambia is also interested makes the issue a very delicate to decide!

  20. Ofcourse Malawi24 cheats sometimes but this story is somehow true I even heard the Deputy Mocambican Transport Minister doubting highly about this project

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  22. Malawi24 I thought of you as my friends, you are bad people that never mind of the national development. Get out of my mind. Thanks!

    1. kaya ndnayipangiranji like, zomwe ndngawerenge nd peter walakwa, boma lalephera …………zandkwana I think page iyyi ndi ya against peter osati news konse, zikapitilira ndpanga liv

  23. Nchifukwa chake chauta amawalanga nkachetechete ndipo nchifukwa chake nkhondo siimatha kwaoko kudzikonda too much asqmathawilenso kwathu kuno akamatibulana kumeneko a pusi amenewa

    1. Zija amayankhula dept minister of trasp wa kumozambique sunave..osamangot bodza pomwe inu mulibe umbon …mosambique is loosing more money poyendetsa doko la beira and nakala and they will benefit less from zambez water way

  24. Zimandikhuza penapake Why makin Fool of our late Legend’s Vision? Ngwazi Bingu was a visionary Leader ngakhale zimavuta pena ndi pena

  25. thats good news for diphiphi who vomit everywhere that anamanga doko…!!! Mocambique is waiting for MCP to take over govt, thats when dokolizagwire ntchito…

    1. Maganizo ngati awa ndi amene akupangitsa Malawi kukhala osauka pa dziko lonse. We align political ambitions to national development. People in opposition do nt give their views on developmental issues to govt for fear of pre-emptying their opinions before they get ushered to state house. We should be worried that the dream of accessing the sea is shut. Basi nafenso njanji yawo ija tigulule or else ma train awo asamadutse.

    2. Zoona munthu wabwinobwino ungasangalalire zimenezi? As matter of fact, Chakwerayo akadzawina mu 2019, sadzakukumbukira kuti Paligolo tsiku lina lake anasangalala Mozambique itakana kuti a Malawi asadusitse njira ya ku doko mdziko lawo kudikira ine Chakwera ndiye ndidzimudyetsera ana ake ayi. Tiyeni tiziganiza mofunira zabwino dziko lathu.

    3. vuto diphiphi ndi phuma..kuyamba zinthu opanda dongosolo, kungodzuka basi kupanga chakuti..nde izoo…dikirani dokolo mpaka 2019 mcp ikazalowa mubomaaa…!! mozambique woyeeee….moshuko woyeee…tamvana zimenezo etiii…chala mumwamba, moshuko woyeeee…!!


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