Malawi business community baffled with insecurity

Malawi Police riot vehicle

Small scale business players in Blantyre have expressed dissatisfaction over the way Police in the city handles security matters.

Malawi Police riot vehicleThis comes amidst concerns that the Police respond very late whenever they are informed of robberies underway in the city.

Despite that Police reports indicating that Blantyre has registered a decrease in crime rate, residents and shop owners are worried with the continued spade of robberies.

“We are not safe, we feel like we are mainly the target because we do business in the city and whenever there is a robbery police take long to act. That makes us feel unsafe,” said one of the business owners in the city.

Commenting on the matter, Deputy Officer In-charge of Blantyre Police Elobiam Banda said everything is under control as Police officers are deployed on the ground 24/7. Banda further said that it is very unfortunate that Police officers take long to react whenever there is a robbery, was quick to say that currently they are addressing that problem.

In Malawi crimes are usually conducted in towns and cities.



  1. Kuli malo ovuta ngati malo otchedwa zikwanje where people are being attacked every now and then koma siumadzawapeza alonda a bomawa malo ngati amenewa patroling eish…instead kumangoti zunguli zunguli mtaunimu, its a shame

  2. Abale. How will they reach your position? No syreet names or nothing. People just explain where they are in there own way. Hahahahaha what do you expect??????

    1. Plus no cars…You tell them the thieves are over the fence and in the yard and they ask you to come and get them at the police station…?…not a laughing matter anyway

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