Rebecca Malope to perform in Malawi

Rebecca Malope

South African gospel artist, Rebecca Malope is expected to be in the country for the Blantyre Art Festival – BAF scheduled to take place in Malawi’s commercial City of Blantyre from 2nd to 4th October.

Executive Director for BAF, Tomas Chibambo confirmed about the coming of the gospel musical icon in an interview with Malawi24.

Chirambo said all is set for the event and scores of artists both local and international confirmed of their attendance.

Rebecca Malope
Malope to light Malawi up.

“We are almost completed all preparations we had and we are looking forward to have our festival kick started”, said Chibambo.

He added that, apart from Malope, other artists from seven abroad countries like Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Tanzania, Kenya and others will be in attendance and the festival will be spiced up by local talented artists and groups like Giddes Chalamanda, Black Missionary Band, Solomonic, Kwathu Drama Group, Agorosso, Ethel Kamwendo, Waliko Makhala, Thoko Katimba, and many others including upcoming artists.

According to Chibambo, the festival will among others help in creating a platform where local and international artists can showcase and develop their aptitudes culturally.

“Malawi like any other country in the world we have to celebrate our arts and culture and we have to make sure that our culture needs to be developed.”

“For us, it is therefore BAF to provide platform where arts and culture can be exhibited on high profile level and that bring development to our artists and economic infrastructure in Malawi”, he explained.



  1. I can imagine hw she cries by her self in tv, nt bcoz she hd a fyt wth somebody but its bcoz she cn fl the power of God through her song. Mama siyakwamukela ekhayalakho, wsh u all da best.

  2. She’s broke singer right here in s.Africa i think her vist to Malawi is going to uplift herself Finatial starndered and other international conserts

    1. and what about u,have u repented?bcoz the hate of the rich is a sin also!they were reading books themselves and u were not there,how come today u hate them that much?

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