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Sleeping Chakwera not good for Malawi

There is a unison outcry over the failure of DPP leadership to deliver or at least to inspire hope for a prosperous future for our Nation.

Not an alternative

Many that are objective enough are already confessing that the failure of DPP is a prophecy enough that MCP will form another government come 2019 Elections.

Now, I totally agree with this prophecy, but what bothers me is that should it come to pass, how safe will Malawi be in the hands of MCP and Lazarus Chakwera? I mean how good is Chakwera?

Personally, I do not think Chakwera would be a better leader than Mutharika, because he is already failing as leader of Opposition.

What has Chakwera done as a leading opposing figure to prove to us that he is the Messiah we should look forward to?

I think it is high time Chakwera gets to work and show us something. Otherwise, we have more reason to be concerned, because neither Mutharika nor Chakwera seem really fit for that office, and our future is getting darker.

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