AXA buses shift blame on Govt over their poor services


AXA bus services says Malawi government’s poor governance which has led to the devaluation of Kwacha has affected their usually trusted bus service.

AXA general manager Cuthbert Chinguwo told Malawi24 that the current state of the economy is making it hard for them to procure spare parts to repair their buses hence the frequent breakdowns.

Axa buses’ poor service due to poor governance.

“The devaluation of our currency is a cause of our poor service delivery. We are finding it hard to procure spare parts from abroad,” said Chinguwo.

This comes in the midst of complaints from customers who say they have lost trust in the bus company.

Some customers recently told Malawi24 that AXA buses are now a mockery of their motto, “Reliable, Punctual and affordable” saying that  boarding the buses means spending nights on the road and being harassed by their conductors.

“I should board AXA these days? Do you want me to sleep at Jenda? They have lost their good service delivery. Unless they change I will never travel using their buses,” said a traveller at Mzuzu bus depot.

Meanwhile Chinguwo said that they have procured about five buses which will be launched soon in the country.



  1. Ngat sadziwa business mavuto awo amenewo. Dont blame gvt over that. Had devaluation only affected ur business? Why r other businesses thriving? Dont politicise everything.

  2. I have been loyal to AXA and have used them every week for the past 6 months……and that is a stupid excuse and it is managers like these that are bringing down companies. What has spare parts got to do with a bus not leaving on time or pitching up at all and no one to update the poor customers when such situations arise…?…a breakdown on the road maybe understandable but delays because the bus is ‘coming’ when YOU the Manager knows that it is being worked on in the workshop and eventually leaves straight from the workshops without being road tested and breaks down is your poor management not forex or government.
    However we shall see…..we’ve been told a new fleet is coming. The drivers and stewardess’s are good and pleasant…..ndi inuyo maManager simukuyendetsa bwino company.

  3. You cannot save two masters at one time. Its either you concentrate on politics and forget the business or be serious with business. Bwanawa through out he has been a very succesful enterpreneur. In every business venture he takes he is always succesful, but vuto ndi ndale. He gambles a lot in politics.


  5. Michael Usi wayankhula kale dzulo pa MIJ fm kut amalawi amatchuka ndi mtendere koma ukawaputa akangoti anyanyuke amasintha mawanga,so zimene likuchita bomali ndikuwaputa a Malawi

  6. Chinguwo what a bad guy you r economy apo motivate your mechanics nkhaza usiye si stagecoach kapena shire bus co ayi ichi ndi cha a katsonga ,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. Chinguwo what a bad guy you r economy apo motivate your mechanics nkhaza usiye si stagecoach kapena shire bus co ayi ichi ndi cha a katsonga ,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. Chinguwo na lie. Some of these buses are not even appealing to commuters. You find most of them with dilapidated body work. Chinguwo, you want to tell us that you also do import bodies of buses. The truth is these buses have outlived their life span. Replace them all before we find ourselves travelling outside the bus.

  9. That’s total nosense!ur just failing as a company,employ new graduates who are just siting!gulitsani kwa Mulli holdings,he is hard worker!

    1. This is a caring government,that’s why we are receiving money from USA over 9 billion MK,so u see it is just u who are failing to control ur own family economy.This is clear indication that this President is a performer,DPP woyee!Mutharika woyee!those who don’t like this will never be in Government,sorry kkkkk!

  10. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk boma la anthu ophunzila limenelo? Nde bolanso tinkati mbuli zija koma zinali zozindikila…. Utsogoleri ndi masomphenya not xul.

  11. even myself ,am very very affected by this economic crisis,the prices of goods are not settled therefore u go to the shop without knowing how much u wanna exactly spend

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