Kasambara condemned to prison

Ralph Kasambara

The Malawi High Court in Lilongwe has revoked bail for attempted-murder suspect, Mr. Ralph Kasambara.

Ralph Kasambara
Kasambara (in orange tie)

Kasambara joins MacDonald Kumwembe, his co-accused in the Paul Mphwiyo shooting. Kumwembe was condemned to prison for 4 months for contempt having blasted Judge Michael Mtambo as ‘modern day Robin-hood’.

Kumwembe, a former Malawi Defence Force (MDF) officer  and businessman Pika Manondo are accused together with Ralph Kasambara of conspiring to murder the then National Budget Director, Mr. Paul Mphwiyo.

Justice Michael Mtambo revoked the bail after establishing that Kasambara, who had failed in his bid to force the judge to recuse himself from presiding over the case, was using the backdoor to have his wish come to pass by using Kumwembe to force Mtambo out of the case.

Director of Public Prosecution also stated that judges and state witnesses were being threatened and followed by the accused hence the need to have all their bail revoked on security grounds. It was alleged that Paul Mphwiyo saw the former Justice Minister at his home late in the trial.

The judge said it was without doubt that Ralph Kasambara was involved in some activities that ought to be investigated.

While presiding over the case, Judge Mtambo observed that respective applications by Kumwembe and Kasambara to have the judge recuse himself were attempts to derail the case.

Mtambo ruled Kasambara should be remanded immediately. But Kasambara applied for stay order to have his confinement start on Friday, claiming there are “some personal issues” he needs to sort out, an application Judge Mtambo described as “strange”.

Hearing on the stay order continues this afternoon.



  1. You have to understand judicial matters. First they were in court to establish whether he had a case to answer or not which Kasambala failed to defend himself and now he is answering the case.

  2. Kkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,,,, Bro Esau Kanyenda, i was jst expressing my surprise cz wheneva that guy has been dragged to court, Lawyers always dance to his tune and most of his cases do not last longer, he is alwys acquitted and there is alwys fireweks in a court during prosecution of that guy unlike other jurists ones ,,,,

  3. Hahaha Lawyer wa a prophet wamangidwa! A Prophet nawonso sakudziwa kuti dziko linasintha eti? Bvuto lokhalitsa kunja! Zoti anthu a Cash gate onse akuyimilirilidwa ndi Kasambara palibe a kupulumuka? He used to shop judges to win cases to make his name and now its his down fall.

  4. Here the judge wants to make history. But if he takes it too personal Kasambara will be acquitted. He need to trade this matter with sobber mind. Not to be influenced with some few individuals…

  5. Kasambara anapanga xpire..ayenera alowe basi nthawi yake inatha tatopa nazo izi evry day kasambala this kasambara thats. Kuti chani yeyo????

  6. Who is Dead Kasambala?? Big No Here …He is .Lawyer .Of .Strong .Cariber ….And .Wont .Be .Tossed .By .Any .Fella .Or Dimminished .In .His ….Own .Laws …No .Way ..

  7. Ndipo apanga bwino. That boy thinks he invented the law. We have so many lawyers in malawi but they dont behave the way kasambala does. He is always connected with crime

  8. Malawi24 Kasambara Isnt A Suspect Bt An Accused Person,aperson Becomes A Suspect Whn H Hs Jst Been Arrestd Bt Whn H Took Plea In Court H Automaticaly Becomes An Accsd Person.

  9. Kkkkk mwina ine ndekha ndikumva udyotu coz it sims kasambara is going to prison kapena ndine mdzimwale? Kkkk coz ma comment enawo ndikuona ngat akusemphana ndi zomwe alemba a Malawi24

  10. Bro Kennie Bunny Osman dont worry Every fruit has its time to ripe Or Everyting Has its own time This is the time for the guy to dance a little bit TSika………………….??????

  11. Law is so wicked and vry complexed one to understnd cz whether the offendant really comited the offence, but if the facts that are being presented in a court are strong enough then the offendant emerge a winner, thats Kasambala always ptesents those facts that alwys causes sm headache to his fellow lawyers ,,,,,, But apart frm being intelligent in law, he is also vry clever in his field thats wy there are always dribbles in the court whenever that gentleman has been netted ,,,, Lots of adjournmnts are alwys there and his cases alwys ends up in vain ,,,,,,,, kkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,

  12. Zitsiru za anthu enanso ndi awo atenga anthu 115 kupita ku new yuk si cashgate inanso imeneyo? akamabwera kumeneko angomujoina kasambara

  13. Kodi osaikako pic ya mmene amumangira panopa bwanji Ralph yo??nanga akuvalabe za Peoples Party pano???…mxiiiiew Rubbish!!


  15. Kasambara ndi onse a Hinya adamulakwitsa JB. When Bingu died, they ate, danced at LL Golf Club. So it’s payback time before God fishes off Kasambara. Amayesa ndi dolo pano waona kuti Peter ndi Peter.

  16. But why is Ralph Kasambara always becomes tough to be prosecuted whenever he is found guilty in every of his case ,??? Kkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,, Does it mean that he is the most and ever qualified in as far as Law is concerned in Malawi than those Gvt lawyers ?? Why is it that Lawyers fail to pass a verdict to that guy, is he poweful or he is the most intelligent in as far as judicial matters are concerned in Malawi ? Why is that guy always causes sm headache to his fellow lawyers whenever he is accused of commiting any particular offence ?? Everytime when Ralph is in the court, the judges fail to handle the cases incisively, hence making Kasambara enjoy the accusations and eventually he end up being acquitted as if he did not commit the offence ,,,,,,,,, Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,,,, Wat type of buks did he studied ,,,,, ?

    1. Kkkkkkkkk ,,,,,,,. So many views abt this guy, but shud we conclude that he is the only Jurist in Malawi ? Wat abt the Kaphales, the Wakinas, the Mwakhwawas, the Noels, the Mbenderas and the like ,,,, Does he hold a high Jurisprudencial skills than his fellow lawyers ? Kkkkkkkkkkkk ,,,,,,, But lets wait & see if he has really been punched in the Ring ,,,,,,,

  17. Ose ndi ndiamodzi amangotitseka mmaso agalu amenewa.

  18. Bushiri ali kuti? Sanakuthandizeni? Wadya ndalama zanu, mwamupangilanso campaign. Do you still think he is man of god?

  19. Nobody is above the law,surely,he can be justified b4 the court of law, but, Above will be stupid &speechless coz there is One who is more sperial

  20. onse amene anatenga mbali pandalama zaboma asapite kumdende chifukwa iwo siwoyamba wonse akutsongolo amaba koma samagwidwa choncho osamuona kwawo kutalika lutepo ndiazake apatseni pata

  21. Uchitsiru watchimo umatere, a Ralph mwayamba kukwera kumbuyo kwa pick up kusiya ma vx anu ofewa. Kutereko wokagona popanda bedi.

  22. Without attempted murder no one could have noticed that GOVT PULSE NO. 1 was being heavily siphoned so on other other he must be praised!

    1. hahahaha komatu ife we use revoke word other way round,you all know that these people of the law ali ndi chingelezi chawochawo,like been
      #sentenced,ndiye musafunse kuti revoke ndalemba bwanji ndinawonera

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