Fraudster arrested for duping Nkhatabay villagers


Malawi Police in Nkhatabay district have arrested a 21 year old man for swindling villagers of K8, 000 by impersonating an aide to the district commissioner for Nkhatabay.

Arrested.According to Nkhatabay Police publicist Ignatius Esau, the suspect Maxwell Manda went to Chavuka village in the district and told members of Mtukula Mudzi Association that the district commissioner will give them MK30, 000 but asked each member to first give him MK2, 000 as processing fees.

“The message convinced four members who paid the amount instantly while one member suspected foul play and went to ask the district commissioner who denied knowing Manda.

“The matter was reported to police who quickly arrested the suspect and recovered the money,” said Esau.

Manda has since been charged with obtaining money by false pretense contrary to section 318 of the penal code; an offence that attracts a minimum of five years in prison with hard labor.



  1. Koma ku Malawi ena kuba ndalama zankhaninkhani koma kuli ziii uyu waba 30,000 kukakamira kwakeko

  2. A Goodwinnie Paligolo, mwalembatu zopepelanapa, kani mlomwenso ndi munthu? Kkkkkkkkk I don’t think so! Better u compare mtonga to fellow munthu not to chinthu chosaziwika ngati ngati mlomwe wamva iwe?

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