Revealed: Magistrates want Mutharika to step down


…cite poor salaries and housing as draw backs

Tension has hit Association of Magistrates as to who might have leaked the documented intended to petition Malawi President Peter Mutharika over salary increments and poor condition of services.

According to the groupings, top officials who include Viva Nyimba, Innocent Nebi and Kondani Chinangwa described the leakage as shocking considering that every discussion were made in closed doors.

AMA suspects National Intelligence Bureau Service (NIB) to have played a role to leak the document which was being prepared secretly.

Peter-Mutharika (2)

Mutharika: Has already known contents of the petition.

Speaking to local press Kondani Chinangwa expressed shock as to who might have leaked the information for something that was done by three people.

He said if not among them, then some people hacked computers which contained the document. He further added that he is leaving in fear after he received calls warning him.

Chinangwa added that the document was leaked before getting signatures of all magistrates across the country when he received another call from Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda.

He cited, “Everything was done among the three us and there was no way anyone could get such information unless they hacked into personal computers.”

“We were in the course of getting signatures of all magistrates across the country, and we had just remained with the North when I received a call from the Chief Justice [Andrew Nyirenda] asking me what I and colleagues were up to, alleging that our petition was out and we wanted to topple government,” explained Chinangwa.

The document highlights poor conditions of service which includes low wages among Magistrates and calls immediate action from President Mutharika. And lack of official security and transport and poor Housing.

Malawi24 has also been tipped by insiders that the magistrates want Mutharika to be toppled.



  1. Its true.He MUST step down.Munthuyu ndinamudziwa kale kuti anabwera kudzatibera aMalawife.Munthu woti wakulira kwina angadziwe bwanji mavuto amene aMalawi tikukumana nawo.Zopusa basi! Osanama president ameneyu ndiye wandikwana.Ndikanakhala Nyerere ineeee!!

  2. pple shuld understand cashgate it’s the main point that makes peter to struggle recall Mrs Banda to ans cash gate case then talk about peter after

  3. Asiyeni a malawi24 azibwebweta asakutayiseni nthawi,azilemba zopanda umboni zopanda kumva mbali ya anthu amene akuwachula munkhani yo. ndimayesa a dambula ndi kaswiri wolemba nkhani,koma apa ndiye kaya mwina nzelu zinatha.

  4. Za chamba basi. Kodi a kukhotiwa sangangisiya ntchitoyo nkukasaka imene amalipira bwino?akumangiliraniko? Mwatani kodi? President wanzeru ngati uyu azikunyengelerani chani? Gwirani ntchito molimbika basi salary yomweyo yakwana. Komanso simupanga phindu Lirilonse kumeneko. U r the consuming category so we respect the producing ones. Enjoy your day.

  5. musadandaule tinanena kuti munthuyu zelu zake ndizakalasi koma inu simunamvele,u presdent sitimàsakhila chisoni ayi, ena alindiphaso ya usogoleli ena ayi chofunika 2019 tizasakhe bwino. e

  6. Yes please Mr President step down honourably. Otherwise there will be an uprising. You have failed big time. Joyce Banda was better than you. Please go back to where you came from. Useless mtchona.

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  9. Aaaaaa Mr George dont lie to us,we are not the kids,your so called the President has failed us one year is enough time,alot of things are not working the country is going down eeeeee Bakili was uneducated but was betta than this pig so yes indeed its betta for him to step down amicably than to face blood shed.

  10. Malawians are too jealous kungoxikundikira chuma nokha osathandiza anzanu minima Mwanu mwazaza nkhalamo zizatenga nthawi kuti titukuke

  11. Salary increament ndiye kuti chani? Ndimilandu ingati mmaisova bwino bwino. Tiuzeni salary yanuyo Kaye tione ngati ndiyochepa. Ife a business. Amene tikupanga masalary any tikupwetekeka kumanso sitilukhutira ndi ntchito yomwe mukugwira. Ngati salary yachepa pitani kumsika kapena kumunda.

  12. Anthu akumusiku kuvotera dera lomwe mukuchokera,mutchona sangalamulire dziko tsopano the r wat we r seeing them now.A country led by a leader who doesnt know the basic needs of Malawians.Am behind the decision made by the judiciary pple go ahed Peter shud step dwn.

  13. They are all politricians, dem thieves, workers of babylon system(downpressors) none of them is good. Mosthigh will judge them all with HELLFIRE!

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  15. marijuana eti? how much does it cost for someone to become a president? how many resources hv bn vandalised for someone to become the president? so ur saying magistrates want president to step down how many magistrates are here in Malawi? musandilankhulise pambali ndakwiya nanu

  16. Idesapointed wth this government,things now r going up that people in villages cnt manage 2reach bt our learders stil receiving uggie amount of money,should we sy these pipo r there 2 handle our problems?only grid leardes ,they forcasing only 2bost there pocket

  17. Idesapointed wth this government,things now s going up that people in villages cnt manage 2reach bt our learders stil receiving uggie amount of money,should we sy these pipo r there 2 handle our problems?only grid leardes ,they forcas 2bost there pocket

  18. Selfishness u so called Magistrates,Low wages,poor housing eeh this & that,go 2 Eductn,c hw tchers ar strgling,low & lat sarris,poor or,no hses,jst luk where MW is going towards,sheeeh!,i beg 2 move.

  19. Selfishness u so called Magistrates,Low wages,poor housing eeh this & that,go 2 Eductn,c hw tchers ar strgling,low & lat sarris,poor or,no hses,jst luk where MW is going towards,sheeeh!,i beg 2 move.

  20. i will not comment this post becoz what the magestrate did wil make my trade union to want an increment.i wil not tell you that this nigger who is ruling us doesnt kno that we are praying 4 a cadiac arrest to finish him .but i wil not say that.

  21. Gvt z spending more money feeding prisoners. If u want salary increment sentence murderers to death by hanging not life imprisonment. Money saved would be enough for your salary hike

    • This is very true Sir!!!!!!!!!!! This so called President of ours, has distorted everything…. I wish if Joyce Banda had continued with the governance or Chakwera woild have done something great. It really pains me when I see eligible students failing to access education because of fees.Just imagine, a College of Medicine Student failing to access education because of fees which not a problem during Bakali’s regime, a person who in one way or the other would actually assist in developing this country but here comes the fat pig saying everyone should be paying fees on their own. As if he don’t know that this is Malawi of penury. mha, will that help us? He must humbly step down indeed and surrender the government to those who have the leadership skills not just having knowledge without its actual practice.

  22. Gvt Is In Shambles.Let Me Say This,try 2 Change Gvt In 2019.BUT Dont Choose These Parties:MCP,DPP,AFORD,NARC etc Nkhope Sonse Za Anthu Awa Musazasanke.Choose New Faces.Tatopa Nawotu Anthuwa.Look Magestrate, Teachers, Nurses I Shld Say All Sector Of Gvt There Are Problems.Zipani Zonse Kwango Zaza Mbava,angoti Siine Ndi Uyo.Noone Z Good @ All.Mu Zonse Timpempe Mulungu Atithandize.

  23. Oposition parties are behind this nonsens so called petiot.Why should a president step down within a year?why should the people espect someone to change everything within a year?.Everybody knows that,all the money was been stolen by joice banda,why do you espect Peter Mutharika to do developments without money in the governiment?.Why not pushing the cash gate scandle cases?Why not arresting joice banda as a big fish in the cashgate scandle?.The malawi defence force is ready to protect Peter Mutharika till he finish his term will otherwise use weapons.For the sake of peace,these judges must just shut up!!!.

    • Hope U R Not In Mw Fri,r U In America May B?Wat About 92 Billion?Frankly Speaking Palibe Wabwino Pa anthu Wonse Amene Ankalamu,akulamula Adzalamule.Ingokhalani Chete Muone.Wankulu Tiye Iwe Ndiine Kuyambila Lero Lero Tidzingopemphela Anthu Akuvutika Kunja Kuno.

      • Iwe ngati ndalamazo ukudyanawo, pita kagone usatichimwitsepo apa. Go in the villages, and see with your own eyes there how people are contending with life there, you wouldn’t have come and waste your energy writing your stinking, enraging and a very nasty comment on this website. Do you think ,you yourself can be good and the whole of this country be wrong in their viewing on how this regime has destroyed “everything”.
        Fertiliser which was subsidized, has now been removed from the system because I can’t ratify that the system is still there while it has been removed indirectly. Poor people in the typical villages of this country can hardly afford that K 8, 500.00. Think before you speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hahaha which current affairs do you follow? That of Tanzia or Congo only? Do you know how much money out of 92bn gote syphoned the time this called president was minister of education? Akuti anagula ma pencils kkkkkk. You’re lacking solid info to make you a Malawian ndithu! Izi nde mbava zenizeni. Wake up!!!

  24. Magistrates amalandira ndalama zokwera over 400,000 aphunzitsi ambiri akulandira 50 pin.Kuzenga milandu simutha eg oba mankhwala ku central medical stores kupadwa mwayi okhala kundende or apereke 5pin.Musova.

  25. Muthalika should step down. Nothing good has come with him. He just made mp’s richer and thats it. Raising there salarys while they dnt have enough money for medicine. Disgraceful

  26. Zachamba basi,how much are u pocketing and how many teachers can your salary serve?Inu anthu odzikonda ndiwodzikundikira.Milandunso mkamazenga ziphuphu mmazitsogoza.I ENCOURAGE THEM TO KEEP ON PRESSING U DAY LIGHT THIEVES UNTIL YOU GO INTO HIDDING (3 OF U).THIS ISNT MALAWI WHICH U KNEW DURING KAMUZU AND CHAIR,THINGS HAVE COMPLETELY CHANGED FROM ZERO TO WHERE THEY ARE NOW.#MWANA akubadw computer atayidziwa kale.MUTHAWE NDITHU.#URE_2_SELFISH…….

  27. why r they living in fear if the documents intention was to be released?either way the public was going to see it n there is alwqyz a back up for each plan,jst go to ur bakup plan

  28. point of older mr speaker sir.the sited petition contains no treason attempts as mentioned in the speaker sir we disagree with the editor as we had the chance to see the leaked document.however mr speaker sir we hereby congraturate the spymaster himsels, dausi for a job wel done.

  29. God rescue Malawians. Things are not good at all. Everything is stagnant. Imagine the kind of lengthy blackout we are experiencing ,as if there is war in our country.Does it mean that we don’t have educated people in this country who can bring solutions to the problems we r facing?

  30. if they continue,then i suggest you Just dismiss all of them..there are alot of ppo struggling fo jobs out there…who among them(so çalled magistrates)..has ever bn a state president?

  31. Tathamangisani milandu ya cashgateyo kuti ma donors kapena angakhuluruke komaso tinene kuti NIB ndiyokwana ndithu, so kip it up Dausi ndiye ndibwino ma leaders onse lamulo ligwirepo nchito as no one is above the law

  32. Zofunazo, kodi munthu akulephera kunyamula mtolo wankhuni ndiye mmalo moti upungulidwe ndikumuwonjezera, mumati atani? ? ? Siuja ankalephera unduna uja uyu kodi?

  33. noting the problem is one thing. addressing the problem is another. if there is a government to topple it does not seem this one. there is a government that sold away institutional houses. this is not the one.

    way forward: purchase back the sold institutional houses or construct new ones.

  34. Get the copy of their petition first before writing your personal hatred article. There is nothing of that nature in the petition, they are only asking for improved working conditions so where did you got these lies.