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Man of Beer challenges Prophet Bushiri: Captures two crates of Carlsberg

Bushiri (left) accused of satanism

A video circulating on Facebook showing ‘a Man of Beer’ giving a spectacular reenactment of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s controversial iPad prophecy has gone viral.

The 43 seconds video, a hot cake on the social media, opens a can of worms into the authenticity of the iPad Prophecy which Bushiri performed in April this year.

In the video, the middle-aged man being referred to as the Man of Beer, a parody of Bushiri’s self-anointed title as ‘the man of god’, captures two crates of Carlsberg beer to the amusement of his colleagues in the parked car.

Despite many people reenacting the act which Bushiri refers to as ‘capturing in the spirit’, the self anointed prophet maintains that his was an authentic prophecy.

Questions into the authenticity of the ipad prophecy started when another video emerged on the social media showing how Bushiri faked the prophecy by opening the iPad roll (image galley).

Another man has performed the ‘walking-in-the-air’ trick just like the Bushiri levitation trick commonly performed by renowned magicians like Dynamo and Criss Angel. Watch the video below of the man walking in the air.

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