Ministry of Unity is important for Malawi – Mwakasungula


Social commentator Undule Mwakasungula has faulted President Lazarus Chakwera for merging Ministry  of National Unity with Local Government, saying the Ministry of National Unity is important because Malawi needs genuine peace and reconciliation as well as civic education.

Mwakasungula released a statement yesterday following the reshuffle of cabinet by Chakwera.

The president fired Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo and disbanded the ministry. Unity is now part of the Ministry of Local Government, Unity and Culture. However, Civic Education has not been assigned to any ministry.  

Mwakasungula said the merging of Ministry of Local Government with Unity and Culture is a misplaced option.

“Local government was supposed to have a standalone Ministry looking at the huge responsibilities upon the ministry. The responsible Minister having additional responsibilities of unity and culture will bring confusion and retrogression in the operations of the whole ministry.

“The Ministry of Peace and Unity is very important for our country, looking at the polarization of our country,” said Mwakasungula.

He added that efforts which were made by Mtambo as a Minister in facilitating peace and unity in the country must not be ignored because Malawi needs genuine peace, unity and reconciliation.

The activist also faulted the scrapping of Civic Education saying it is very worrisome as  Malawi cannot move forward without continued civic education.

“You cannot talk about anything in this country without civic education. For example, to deal with our political differences, we need civic education. The cholera challenges and need for improved sanitation we need civic education, with our illiteracy rate standing at 35% we need continued and uncased civic education. therefore, removing civic education as a Ministry is a big mistake by the President or those who advised him,” said Mwakasungula.

Mwakasungula further observed that the cabinet in the first place is still too large for Malawi’s struggling economy as  Malawians were looking for a 20-member professional cabinet since the President promised a lean cabinet.

He added that Malawi needs more a professional cabinet than a cabinet full of politicians in order for delivery.

Mwakasungula, however, commended Chakwera for entrusting women to manage important ministries such as Health, Foreign Affairs and Mining.

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